1874 Chronology

1874 Chronology

Captains: Walter Compton, Robert Mitchell
Vice Captain: _
Leading Goal Kickers: Bloor (2), _Roach (2)

Players: Richmond has an influx of players from Richmond Union. Amongst the club’s new players is George Smith.

April 16
No business is transacted at a meeting of the Richmond Football Club at the Royal Hotel because the attendance of members is too small.

April 25
Richmond plays its first practice match this year.

May 12
The rules are revised. Goals had to be kicked and could no longer be forced through with a scrimmage.

May 16
Richmond claims a walk over win against Southern because they did not appear for the match at Richmond Paddock (Yarra Park).

May 30
Richmond 2
East Melbourne 1
Goals: R. Mitchell , G. Smith
Richmond Paddock
George Smith kicks a goal in his first match for Richmond. Bob Mitchell kicks the other in Richmond’s two goals to one victory over East Melbourne.

June 6 .
Hawthorn 0
Richmond 3
Goals: Roach (2), Harcourt
Grace Park
Roach kicks two goals in Richmond’s three goals to nil win over Hawthorn in Grace Park

June 13
Richmond 2
Local Forces 0
Goals: Bloor
Richmond Paddock
Bloor kicks both of Richmond’s goals against Local Forces in Richmond Paddock (Yarra Park).

June 20
Richmond 1
Goal: J. Osbourne
Albert Park
Richmond refuses to accept a handicap when playing against a senior club for the first time. Albert Park defeats Richmond three goals to one.
Bob Mitchell captains Richmond.

June 27
Richmond 0
Richmond was scheduled to play Northern but the club plays an impromptu match against Melbourne instead. North Melbourne had refused to play Melbourne so a match with Richmond was hastily arranged by the clubs.

July 4
CARLTON (18) 2 3
Richmond (18) 0 0
Royal Park
The umpire disallows a Carlton goal in the dying minutes against Richmond because spectators had removed one of the goal posts. Carton wins three goals to nil.
The clubs played 18 players per side.
Walter Compton captain’s Richmond.

July 11
Richmond’s match against Hawthorn at Richmond Paddock (Yarra Park) is cancelled. Hawthorn refuses to play against Richmond citing the behaviour of its larrikin supporters.

July 25
Richmond 0
Richmond Paddock attendance: 5,000
About 5,000 spectators watch Melbourne (16 players) defeat Richmond four goals to nil in Richmond Paddock (Yarra Park).

Aug. 8
Richmond 1
Goal: ????
Richmond Paddock
Richmond draw one goal a piece against the senior club Albert Park.

Aug. 15
ST. KILDA (17) 0
Richmond (17) 0
St. Kilda
Richmond draws against the senior club St. Kilda despite both sides playing 17 men.

Aug. 29
Richmond 0
Richmond Paddock
Carlton defeats Richmond four goals to nil at Richmond Paddock (Yarra Park).

Sept. 12
Richmond is scheduled to meet Carlton Imperial on the University Reserve.

Oct. 3
Richmond is scheduled to meet East Melbourne at Richmond Paddock (Yarra Park).

Oct. 10
Richmond is scheduled to meet Carlton Imperial at Richmond Paddock (Yarra Park).

Over the winter months the Richmond Cricket Club added lockers, lavatories and a bathroom to the pavilion, repaired the south fence, and laid new drains and new turf.

Club Office Bearers 1874
Captains Walter Compton, Robert Mitchell