1879 Chronology

1879 Chronology

Mar. 28
Richmond (late Richmond Standard) holds their last annual meeting. It will not play in 1879.

April 3
The Richmond Alma Football Club is founded at the Great Britain Hotel.

June 17
The Richmond Cricket Club agrees to let the RCG to the junior football club East Melbourne on June 21 for two guineas.

June 21
East Melbourne 0-5 0-10
WEST MELB. 1-6 1-13
Goal: Thompson (WM)
Richmond Cricket Ground
The senior football club West Melbourne defeats junior side East Melbourne one goal to nil on the RCG. East had hit the post twice in the first half. It is the first game played on the RCG since 1864.

July 1
The first inter-colonial football match is played. Victoria defeats South Australia 7 - 14 to 0 - 3 at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Aug. 18
Cremorne declares itself to be the premier football club of Richmond and issues a challenge to other clubs to contest its claim through The Richmond Guardian.

Sept. 13
Vaucluse who challenged Cremorne’s claim to the premiership of Richmond plays against Cremorne in the Oyster Bay Paddock.