1880 Chronology

1880 Chronology

The South Richmond Football Club and the Cremorne Star Football Club are existent.

East Melbourne plays as a senior team in 1880.

April 14
The Richmond Cricket Club offers to lease the RCG to the East Melbourne Football Club from the second week in May until the second week in August for L15 and 50% of the profits. East Melbourne are to supply all materials to facilitate the football games but the cricket club will purchase the goal posts at cost if profits exceed 15 pounds

April 20
The Richmond Cricket Club first moots the idea of constructing a skittle alley.

May 2
Tom Wills who was the first secretary and captain of the first Richmond Football Club and a co-author of the 1859 set of rules that developed into Australian Football commits suicide at his Heidelberg home.

May 8
Toorak (23) 0
Richmond Cricket Ground
East Melbourne defeats Toorak (23 players) two goals to nil to win their first game of the season at the RCG. Richmond born Herbert Dunscombe Carr kicked both goals and is the first East Melbourne player to score on the RCG.

May 15
East Melbourne play their first game against a fellow senior club this season. Melbourne defeats East two goals to nil on the MCG.

May 19
The Richmond Cricket Club allows the Victorian Bicycle Club to use the RCG for the cost of building the bicycle rink in the first year and 10% thereof thereafter.

May 22
Carlton defeats East Melbourne six goals to nil at the Princes Oval.

May 29
The East Melbourne v. Essendon game scheduled for the RCG is shifted because the ground is waterlogged. Essendon defeats East 3 - 12 to 1 - 2 at Essendon.

June 12
Geelong defeats East Melbourne nine goals to one at the Geelong.

July 10
EAST MELB. 0- 0-
Richmond Cricket Ground
East Melbourne plays Hotham in the first senior VFA game at the RCG. Hotham with five goals (a ground record) defeats East nil.

July 17
South Yarra 2
Richmond Cricket Ground

July 24
Northcote (23) 1-8
Richmond Cricket Ground
East Melbourne kicks a ground record six goals against Northcote (23 players) at the RCG.

Aug. 7
Vaucluse 4
Richmond Cricket Ground
Vaucluse is the first Richmond side to play on the RCG since 1861. It defeats East Melbourne four goals to two.

Aug. 21
The East Melbourne v. South Melbourne game scheduled for the RCG is abandoned due to the state of the ground.

Sept. 1
The Richmond Cricket Club holds its annual meeting. The club’s annual report for the season 1879/80 states that although the club feared damage would be caused to the ground by football matches being played on it during the “very wet” winter a few days work with the roller has, “completely dissipated all fears in that respect.”

Sept. 13
The Yarra River breaks its banks and floods Richmond and South Yarra. The waters encroach on the edge of the RCG.

Sept. 22
The Richmond Cricket Club decides to establish lawn tennis at their ground.