1883 Chronology

1883 Chronology

1882-1883 Match scores

Jan. 26
A senior Richmond Football Club is founded at the Foresters’ Hall. James Charles is elected secretary; James George, the Richmond Cricket Club’s secretary, is elected treasurer; and John A. B. Koch, the Mayor of Richmond, is elected president.

March 3
Richmond’s (senior) uniform is decided. Although temporary, it is to consist of, “a dark blue guernsey with white band across the shoulder, also dark blue stockings with horizontal band.”

March 21
Richmond (senior) confirms its occupancy of the RCG for the winter of 1883.

March 30
The Anglo-Australian Football Club is formed and intends to play according to British Association (soccer) rules.
They have secured the Richmond Cricket Ground for the season, to play their matches.

In April it becomes evident that Richmond were unable to arrange a sufficient number of senior matches for the season. Therefore the participation of a senior Richmond Football Club in the VFA was postponed.

April 21
The second annual meeting of the Richmond (junior) Football Club is held. Tom Graham is elected captain and Charlie Stephens is elected his vice captain. John Asher acts as the club’s secretary and treasurer.
James Charles is thanked for his forlorn efforts regarding the formation of the senior club and is elected to the committee of the junior club.

April 26
The Victorian Junior Football Association is founded and Richmond (junior) is a foundation member. Robert Greig is Victorian Junior FA president, Henry Wookey a vice president. John Asher sits on its match committee.

May 9
The Anglo-Australian Football Club is to rent the RCG for the 1883 season.

May 12
The senior club South Melbourne defeats Richmond five goals to nil at South Melbourne. Richmond were permitted to field 23 players but, even after the addition of two substitutes, managed to field only 21.

The Anglo-Australian Football Club play on the Richmond Cricket Ground for the first time, in a scratch match.
Their opponents were listed in the press as 'Richmond'.

May 19
The Anglo-Australian Football Club has its first practice on the RCG.

May 24
Richmond defeats the country team Nagambie at Nagambie.

June 4
The Richmond (junior) Football Club probably folds.

Sept. 15
Richmond Union accepts Cremorne’s challenge, sent to all Richmond clubs, to playoff for the “local premiership”.
Cremorne 4 - 8 defeats Union 1 - 9.
Tom Graham, now with South Melbourne, umpired the game.

Nov. 3
The first intercolonial football conference is held in Melbourne. The game is now to be referred to as the “Australasian Game of Football”