1884 Chronology

1884 Chronology

April 9
The Richmond Cricket Club decides to let their ground to the Melbourne Football Club for the 1884 season but Melbourne will evidently not agree to the terms.

April 30
The Richmond Cricket Club decides to let their ground to the Anglo-Australian Football Association (soccer). It comprised four teams, Carlton, Prahran, Richmond and South Melbourne. All George & George Challenge Cup games (the Anglo-Australian FA premiership) will be played on the RCG. Richmond win the competition ahead of South Melbourne.

May 9
King Mitchell, an old Richmond player, is one of eight men registered as an umpire by the VFA. It is the first time that the VFA had registered umpires.

June 14
MELBOURNE 2-4 4-12
East Melbourne (23) 3-0 5-5
Richmond Cricket Ground
During a break in the Anglo-Australian FA (soccer) premiership, the RCG hosts a Melbourne v. East Melbourne Australian Football game. East, a junior club playing with three extra men win five goals to four.

July 12
Star of Richmond did not show up before half past four for its game against Rose of Footscray. Only half an hour was played and neither side goaled.

Aug. 1
George Smith, Carlton’s vice captain, appears before the VFA committee. He was accused of assaulting and verbally abusing Melbourne’s goal umpire on July 12. The VFA finds Smith guilty but due to his “long services in the football field” lets him off with an admonition.

Aug. 9
The Richmond Guardian regards Cremorne as the premier football team in Richmond after they defeated Star of Richmond five goals to one in the Survey Paddock.

Aug. 16
Richmond defeats South Melbourne three goals to nil in the George & George Challenge Cup (soccer) final at the RCG.

In September the Richmond Cricket Club levels a portion of their ground to form a lawn-tennis court.