1903 Chronology

1903 Chronology

Position: Second (minor premiers)
Won 16, Lost 4, For 1015, Against 555.
Captain: Alec. Edmond
Vice Captain: Archie McNair
Leading Goal Kicker: Jack Main (34 - RFC records)
Revenue: L633 15s. 0d. Credit Balance: L152 9s. 11d.

Clubs: Preston enters the VFA competition this season.

Tue. 24 The football club discuss erecting a shelter for the ladies’ reserve.

Wed. 1
St. Ignatius, Metropolitan Junior FA wooden-spooners in 1902, decides to disband.

Mon. 13
Geelong 12-9 (81) defeats Richmond 1-5 (11) on Easter Monday at Geelong. It is the first game Richmond has played against a VFL team since 1898, and the first of three practice matches against League clubs this year.
500 Richmond supporters journeyed to the game on the steamer Edina.
Richmond's goal came in the last quarter. Just as the game was about to begin, heavy rain fell.

Sat 25
Richmond 5-15 (45) defeated Combined VJFA Juniors 1-3 (9).
Richmond's team included Davey (of Geelong), F. C Barring (of Williamstown), F.C.Brown (of Port Melbourne), Hutchinson (of Port Melbourne), Lyons (Prahran), Main, backhouse, Watson, Edmonds.
The ground was underwater in parts.

Sat. 18
Fitzroy is the first League team to play at the RCG, albeit in a practice match against Richmond.

Sat. 2
Preston are given a good reception at the RCG for their debut Association game. The Richmond team are given three cheers by Preston prior to the commencement of play. Of the five clubs admitted since 1896, Richmond has played three on their debut. Richmond has won all three games.

Sat. 9
Due to railway workers’ strike Richmond players had to hike and catch a tram to Williamstown.
They arrived late and play did not begin until 3.30pm
Williamstown 3-7-25 def Richmond 3-6-24

Sat. 16
Richmond’s president George H. Bennett hoists the 1902 premiership flag at the RCG.

Mon. 18
The Age announces that to discourage rough play Richmond decides not to defend players charged with such offences.

Sat. 6
Before the game at Port Melbourne, Port lines up and cheers Richmond as the winners of the 1902 premiership.

Sat. 13
Alec. Edmond is hit in the head by a stone after larrikins bombarded Richmond’s cabs at Brunswick

Sat. 20
A. Catlin’s five goals against West Melbourne equals Billy Brown’s, George Sparrow’s, Fred Alsop’s, and Ernest McDonald’s club record for the most goals kicked in a premiership game.

Sat. 27
Richmond defeats North Melbourne and in doing so gains top position on the ladder.
A RCG record crowd of 10,000-13,000 attends the match.
Ernie Rudd will be disqualified from mid July and for the remainder of the season (til October 10) for using “bad language” during this game and for striking D Noonan.

Mon. 6
Richmond write to the unemployment committee requesting that three of its members be employed to work on the RCG.

Sat. 18
“Ching” Harris of Footscray assaults Archie McNair as the final bell rang at Footscray. Spectators then rushed the ground and Richmond players were attacked in the melee.

Fri. 24 In an open letter Richmond thanks Footscray’s captain Joe Marmo for protecting Archie McNair.

Sat. 1
Richmond kicks a club record score of 15-18 (108) against Essendon Town at Essendon.

Sat. 22
By defeating West Melbourne at North Melbourne Richmond wins its fifteenth consecutive game.

Sat. 29
Richmond loses its last game of the regular season to North Melbourne at North, but it had done enough to secure the minor premiership.

Tue. 1
The football club’s committee enquiring into the advisability of erecting a grandstand decides to hold it over until the club is admitted to the VFL.

Sat. 5
Richmond plays and loses its first finals match against Footscray at North Melbourne.

Sat. 19
Grand Final: North Melbourne 7-6 (48) defeats Richmond 3-9 (27) before 18,000 spectators on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground. The game became rough shortly after it commenced and neither team scored against the strong wind.
Juniors: Richmond Juniors place last in the Victorian Junior FA.

Sun 18
Alexander Stevens is fined 20/ in court for 'assisting to conduct a sweep, called the Richmond Football Club consultation'