1905 Chronology

1905 Chronology

Position: PREMIERS
Won 17, Lost 4, For 1313, Against 682.
Captain: Alec. Edmond
Vice Captain: Arthur Cleghorn
Leading Goal Kicker: Dick Knell (45)
Revenue: L616 3s. 2d. Credit Balance: L10 8s. 0d.
Membership: 600 (approx.)

Tue. 11
One ladies ticket is to be given with each member’s ticket. Additional ladies tickets are to be 6d. each.

Mon. 24
Richmond were leading League team Essendon at three quarter time but ultimately succumbed 11-7 (73) to 11-2 (68).

Fri. 14 At Richmond’s annual meeting the committee are applauded and given a vote of thanks for their stand in regards to refusing to play in a Grand Final under umpire C. Allen last year.

Wed. 3
W. Monagle is refused a clearance from South Ballarat to Richmond after a Port Melbourne delegate alleged Monagle had asked for 36 pounds to play with Port in 1904. Monagle denied the allegation.

Fri. 5 Because Richmond forfeited the 1904 Grand Final the Association amends Rule 1. increasing the VFA’s power over its constituent clubs.
Jack Stewart receives his VFA life membership badge.

Sat. 6
Jack Smith, the son of George, and the brother of Dave Smith, makes his debut for Richmond. He is possibly the first son of a former player to represent the club.
The Australasian’s “Markwell” suggests that at Richmond’s annual meeting the club’s members were demonstrably angry at their committee. Richmond’s committee are bewildered and outraged by the suggestion.

Tue. 23
After about seven years of animosity Richmond and Beverley officials parley.
Alec. Edmonds and Arte Brennan are to be waited on by Richmond officials for their undesirable rough play.

Thr. 25 Richmond’s first president John C. Winn dies.

Sat. 27
Richmond kicks a club record score of 16-22 (118) against Brunswick at the RCG.

Wed. 31
Richmond’s first captain George “Geordie” Smith dies.

Fri. 2
The VFA endorses the VFL’s disqualification of ex-Geelong and prospective Richmond player Bill Bennion, for striking Arthur Legge of Essendon on April 24, for the remainder of the 1905 season.
Because the VFL ruled on May 26 that a VFA player does not need a clearance from the VFA to play with a League club, the Association rules that VFL players do not need a clearance to play with a VFA team.

Sat. 3
Williamstown 10-13 (73) defeats Richmond 5-8 (38). It is the first time a VFA club had kicked ten or more goals against Richmond since August 19, 1899.

Sat. 10
Umpire O’Loughlin is mobbed by an angry Port Melbourne crowd at half time. Many believe the shaken umpire’s decisions in the second half were biased and instrumental in Port’s win over Richmond. He was escorted in the centre of the field, after the halftime interval, by Richmond officials.

Tue. 19
The Richmond Football Club is licensed to sell alcohol.

Sat. 24
The RCG hosts a VFA v. South Australia representative match and 10,000-12,000 spectators attend.
Charlie Ricketts and Ted Leach represent the VFA.
The football club rents the front bar from the cricket club.

Wed. 4
Athletic displays of boxing and wrestling are held in the football club’s rooms.

Fri. 14
The committee decides that William Carkeek be asked that his “lady friends” no longer attend Richmond games at the RCG.

Sat. 5
Charlie Ricketts and Dick Knell represent the VFA against South Australia in Adelaide. Knell kicks five goals.

Sat. 12
Williamstown reports Bill Lan Franchi for striking Alley on this day. The charge would be dismissed.

Tue. 15
George Beachcroft is to enquire into acquiring the Friendly Societies’ Gardens grandstand.

Saturday 19
Richmond 5.11.41 def Port Melbourne 6.2.38
The match is advertised as "The Match of the Season", and "Most Interesting Match of the Season". Richmond and Port were 4th and 5th on the ladder respectively.

Sat. 2
Richmond defeats Footscray at Footscray in a very spiteful game. The respective committees spoke to the players at three-quarter time and it had a beneficial effect.
In the last match of the season Beverley wins its first game. Beverley finishes last.

Sat. 9
For practice Arthur Cleghorn captained the team. The committee were concerned that Alec. Edmond might be disqualified from the finals series after an incident the week earlier at Footscray.

The VFA trials boundary umpires for the finals.

Sat. 23
Richmond defeats Port Melbourne in the semi final before a crowd of 15,000. It is Richmond’s first win at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground. Over the next fortnight Richmond will win a further two games there, its only wins at the ground during its Association career.
In the heated third quarter a melee formed after Ted Brown (Richmond) and Knox (Port) traded blows. Brown would receive a twelve month suspension and Knox nine matches.

Sat. 7
Richmond wins their 2nd Premiership
Richmond Premiers! The Grand Final, played at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground before 15,000 to 20,000 spectators, saw Richmond 9-7 (61) defeat North Melbourne 5-6 (36).
Dick Knell travelled 160 miles to play the game.

Sat. 16
Richmond (VFA Premiers) plays Collingwood (VFL Runners-up) in a charity game at Victoria Park, for the Epileptic Colony Fund.
2,000 people attend including the Governor, Sir Reginald Talbot, and John and Lady Madden. The gate takings were 53 pounds. Collingwood 12-9-81 def Richmond 10-11-77