1922 Reserves

1922 Reserves scores

Played: 18
Won: 11 (incl a win on Protest)
Lost: 8
Drew: 0
Position: 5th

Players: (games in bracker)
P Adams (9),G Adams (1), Bagley (3) Barnes (9), Barnett (14), Birtles (11), Crooks (9), Dixon (1), Donovan (2), Jim Doran capt (16), Frazer/Fraser (10), Hayes (13), Healy (1), C Hughes (4), J Hughes (18), Jobson (16), Jones (13), Karthaus (3), Kyte/Kight (16), Lynch (16), Martin (4), McCormack (1), Moffat (3), Nott (14), O'Halloran (4), Osmond (12), Page (6), Parker (5), Pollock (16), Scully (8), Smith (10), Spain (18), Stevens (maybe Stephens) (6), Sweeney (3), Thomas (3), Voight (2), Wishart (18), Wright (14),

Bagley (2) Barnes (8), Barnett (4), Birtles (1), Dixon (3), Doran (4), Frazer/Fraser (18), Hayes (7), Healy (1), C Hughes (4), J Hughes (4), Jobson (1), Jones (3), Karthaus (3), Kyte/Kight (1), Lynch (61), Martin (1), Moffat (1), Nott (1), Osmond (2), Page (1), Parker (4), Pollock (5), Scully (3), Smith (1), Spain (3), Stevens (maybe Stephens) (2), Thomas (2), Wishart (7), Wright (1),

Match by Match here. https://trove.nla.gov.au/search/category/newspapers?keyword=richmond%20juniors&l-decade=192&l-year=1922

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
PM . Prahran
PM April 29 Seniors 12.8.80 Juniors 12.10.82 Punt Road Barnes 3 or 4, Lynch 4 Cubs Team: Adams, Healy, Wishart, Wright, Smith, Jobson, Osmond, Doran, Karthaus, Spain, Barney Herbert, J Hughes, Parker, O'Halloran, Barnes, Pollock, Birtles, Hayes, Checker Hughes Snr Team: Barker, Nott, McCormack, McIntosh, J Smith, Moffatt, S Morris, M Morris, Gibb, T Bayliss, Minogue, R Weatherill, Bice, Lynch, Culhane, James, Richards, Hall, (after half time Rudolph, Taylor, Carew, Trend, Thorp replaced Richards, Barker, Hall, S Morris, McIntosh) Crowd ~5000. Minogue captains Seniors, Checker Hughes the Cubs. Last quarter lasted 32 minutes.
1 May 6 L19 9.6.60 Coll Jnrs 10.19.79 Collingwood Lynch (6), Team: Stevens, Smith, Wishart, Page, Wright, Jobson, Osmond, Doran (capt), Jones, McCormack, Spain, J Hughes, Barnes, Lynch, Parker, Voight, (Emerg: Birtles, Barnett, Adams, Sweeney) The Argus incorrectly lists 6.20.56. Best: Doran, Lynch, Birtles, Osmond. (Pollock and Hayes were selected in team but did not play. Unsure who replaced them).
2 May 13 W60 17.13.115 Melbourne 8.7.55 Punt Road Lynch (7), Hayes (3), Parker (3), Thomas (1), Barnes (1), Birtles (1), Page (1) Team: Wishart, Smith, Adams, Nott, Spain, Jobson, Kyte, Doran, Barnett, Thomas, Birtles, J Hughes, barnes, Lynch, Parker, Page, Voight, Hayes
3 May 20 W5 9.6.60 Coburg 7.13.55 Coburg Lynch (6), Wishart (2), Thomas (1), Team: Jobson, Nott, Adams, Wright, Spain, Page, Karthaus, Doran, Kyte, Thomas, Birtles, Hughes, Barnett, Lynch, Wishart, Moffatt, Pollock, Hayes, (Emergency: Stevens, Parker, Sweeney, Jones) Best: Karthaus, Nott, Pollock, Birtles, Lynch. First game at Coburg's new ground in Bell Street. 2,000 spectators. Mayor of Coburg bounced the ball.
4 May 27 L4 9.14.68 Geelong 10.12.72 Punt Road Lynch (6) Team: Stevens, Jobson, Adams, Page, Spain, Barnes, Jones, Doran, Kight, Thomas, Birtles, J Hughes, O'Halloran, Lynch, Sweeney, Pollock, Wishart, Parker, (Emergency Barnett, Voight, Healy) Best: Adams, Pollock, O'Halloran. Richmond came back from 5 goals in last qu. Siren sounded with the ball in their goalsquare.
5 June 3 L26 6.8.44 Essendon 9.16.70 Essendon Lynch (3), Moffatt (1), Hayes (1), Parker (1) Team: Stevens, Healy, Jobson, Wright, Spain, Barnes, Jones, Doran, Kyte, Hughes, Birtles, O'Halloran, Moffat, Lynch, Parker, Pollock, Wishart, Hayes. (Emergency Sweeney, Barnett, Ohlson ) Best: D Hayes, Spain, Birtles, Wishart, Lynch, Wright. (2,000 spectators)
6 June 10 W3 7.9.51 Fitzroy 6.12.48 Punt Road Lynch (2), Pollock (2), Wishart (2), Barnett (1) Team: Stevens, Nott, Adams, Jobson, Spain, O'Halloran, Jones, Doran Karthaus, Barnett, Pollock, J Hughes, Parker, Lynch, Wishart, Moffatt, Birtles, Sweeney. (Emergency Healy, Kight, Olson, Donavan) Best: Wishart, Barnett, Birtles, Nott, Adams
7 June 17 W16 12.8.80 Leopold 9.10.64 Punt Road Lynch (9) Team: Jones, Nott, Adams, Wright, Spain, Jobson, Karthaus, Doran, Kyte, J Hughes, Scully, Donovon, Barnett, Lynch, Crooks, Pollock, Wishart, , Sweeney, (Emergency Healy, Parker, Downey) Best: Lynch, Wright, Jobson, Karthaus, Hughes, Barnett. Richmond kicked 4 goals in 12mins in last qu.
8 June 24 L 14 7.11.53 Carlton 9.13.67 Carlton Lynch (5), Martin (1), Osmond (1) Team: Jones, Nott, Adams, Wright, Spain, Jobson, Osmond, Doran, Kyte, J Hughes, Pollock, Scully, Barnett, Lynch, Crooks, Birtles, Wishart, Hayes, (Emerg: Sweeney, Stephens, Parker, Healy, Barnes) Best: Jobson, Spain, Hughes, Kight, Osmond 'One of the best game of junior football ever played at Carlton'
9 July 1 W11 10.6.66 StKilda 6.19.55 Dixon (3), Skulley (2), Barnett (1), Wishart (1), Pollock (1), Stevens (1), Nott (1) Team: O'Halloran, Nott, Adams, Smith, Spain, Jobson, Jones, Wright, Osmond, J Hughes, Scully, Martin, Barnett, Fraser, Crooks, Pollock, Wishart, Hayes, (Emergency: Kyte, Stephens, Sweeney, Parker) Best: Kight, Spain, Jobson, Page, Hughes, Wishart
10 July 15 L30 7.8.50 Collingwood 10.20.80 Punt Road Jobson (1), Team: Crooks, Smith, P. Adams, Nott, Spain, Jobson, Osmond, Wright, Kight, J Hughes, Pollock, Doran, Barnett, Frazer, Scully, Birtles, Wishart, Hayes, (Emergency: Jones, Martin, Parker, Adams, Stephens) Best: Nott (best on ground), Wright, Hughes, Crooks, Hayes. (Other players were Birtles, Jobson (off with leg injury in 1st qu). Richmond attempted too much handballing and short passing
11 July 22 W28 11.19.85 Melb 8.9.57 MCG Fraser (5), Doran (2), Pollock (2), Wishart (1), Osmond (1) Team: Crooks, Nott, Martin, Barnes, Spain, Doran, Kight, Wright, Jones, C Hughes , J Hughes, C Pollock, Frazer, Lynchm, Osmond, Birtles, Wishart, Barnett, (Emerg: Scully, P Adams, Parker, Stephns) Best: Birtles, Fraser, J Hughes, Nott, Kight, C Hughes,
12 July 29 W19 11.19.85 Coburg 9.12.66 Punt Road Lynch (5), Fraser (2), J Hughes (2), Barnes (2) Team: Crooks, Smith, Jones, Nott, Spain, Wright, Kight, J Hughes, Osmond, Barnes, Pollock, C Hughes, Barnett, Lynch, Fraser, Wishart, Birtles, Hayes, (Emergency Doran, Martin, Scully) Best: Osmond, Spain, Birtles, Pollock, J Hughes. 'One of the finest games of junior football seen at Punt Road'. 2,500 spectators
13 Aug 5 W* 7.8.50 Geelong 9.8.62 Geelong Lynch (2), Hayes (1), J Hughes (1), Barnes (1), Frazer (1), Scully (1) Team: Page, Jobson, Doran, Nott, Spain, Wright, Kight, C Hughes, Osmond, Barnes, Scully, J Hughes, Barnett, Lynch, Fraser, Pollock, Wishart, Hayes, (Emergency Crooks, Parker, Martin, Jones, Stephens) Best: Bill Wright, M Wishart, Scully, Barnes, Hughes, Hayes, Osmond *Richmond awarded the win on protest))
14 Aug 12 W10 8.8.56 Leopold 7.4.46 MCG Barnes (4), Fraser (2), Lynch (1), Wright (1) Team: Jobson, Nott, Pollock, Smith, Spain, Wright, Kight, C Hughes, Osmond, Barnes, Scully, J Hughes, Doran, Lynch, Fraser, Wishart, Birtles, Hayes. (Emergency: Barnett, Crooks, G Adams, Martin ) Best: Hayes, Barnes, Osmond, Kight, Nott C. Hughes, Wright. Held prior to the Interstate match. (was orig scheduled for Sth Melb Grd, Sept 2)
15 Aug 19 L18 8.7.55 Essendon 11.7.73 Punt Road Jones (3), Hayes (2), Barnett (1), Lynch (1), Fraser (1) Team: Martin, Smith, Crooks, Jobson, Spain, Wright, Kight, J Hughes, Osmond, Barns, Scully, Lynch, Doran, Fraser, Barnett, Wishart, Pollock, Hayes. (Emergency Stephens, Page, Jones, G Adams) Best: Osmond, Jobson, Wright, Doran, Hayes, Kight, Wishart
16 Aug 26 L22 3.8.26 Fitzroy Juniors 6.12.48 Fitzroy Smith (1), Kight (1), Stevens (1) Team: Nott, Smith, Crooks, Jobson, Spain, Wright, Kyte, Doran, Osmond, Jones, Bagley, J Hughes, Lynch, Fraser, Barnett, Pollock, Wishart, Hayes, (Emergency Martin, P Adams, Stephens, Scully Best: Hayes (best on ground), Jobson, Pollock, Wishart, Bagley, Barnett
17 Sept 2 BYE* W A team is awarded a WIN when they have their Bye.
18 Sept 9 W23 10.11.71 Carlton 7.6.48 Punt Road Fraser (4), Lynch (4), Barnett (1), Doran (1) Team: Crooks, Smith, Jobson, Wright, Spain, Nott, Kight, Doran, Osmond, Barnett, Bagley, J Hughes, Scully, Fraser, Lynch, Wishart, Pollock, Hayes, (Emergency Jones, Stephenson, G Adams Best: Doran, Smith, Jones, Fraser, Pollock, Bagley
19 Sept 16 W84 15.16.106 StKilda 3.4.22 Punt Road Lynch (4), Fraser (3), Spain (3), Bagley (2), Wishart (1), J Hughes (1), Doran (1) Crooks, Nott, G Adams,Donovan, Smith, Jobson, Jones, Doran, Osmond, Spain, Bagley, J Hughes, Barnett, Lynch, Fraser, Pollock, Wishart, Hayes, (Emergency Stanway, Kight, Parker, P Adams, Stephens Best: Wishart, Fraser, Osmond, Kight, Jones, Adams.

Collingwood - 56 pts
Essendon - 54 pts
Geelong - 50 pts
Fitzroy - 48 pts
Richmond - 44 pts
Coburg - 38 pts
Carlton - 34 pts
Melbourne - 16 pts
Leopold - 16 pts
StKilda - 4 pts

On July 8 there was a combined Junior League team that played the Central Gippsland Association at Loch.
Hughes, Spain, and Lynch were all selected in the team.

F McCormack from Lancefield. Great photo here of him and new Tiger recruits.
This has him as F. H. McCormack http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article4654424 from Lancefield

Looks like McCormack is F McCormack from Lancefield (left footer) http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article264275203
or is he a different McCormack who is " the son of old McCormack who played with Richmond many years ago. The youngster is very young and tall" http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article264275300

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