1923 Chronology

1923 Chronology

Position: Eighth (2nd last)
Won 4, Lost 12, For 906, Against 1139.
Captain: Dan Minogue Vice Captain: Mel Morris
Coach: Dan Minogue
Leading Goal Kicker: Don Fraser (18)
Revenue: L3815 14s. 6d. Credit Balance: L336 1s. 5d.
Membership: 4,224
Juniors: Second

Tue. 10
It is decided to give a pair of boots and a uniform to those players have been picked for at least three matches.

Sat. 21
At half time of the Tigers v. Cubs practice match Hughie James kicks two balls to a swam of kids. Joe Stokesberry, Richmond’s custodian, went after the balls but he could not retrieve them.

Tue. 24
“Checker” Hughes thanks C. __ Dickenson for getting jobs for unemployed players. It is endorsed by the committee.

Sat. 5
Richmond are late on the field for the opening game against Melbourne. They are later fined five pounds.

Tue. 8
The committee resolves that the numbers Richmond players carry shall not be changed again this season.

Fri. 11
The Cubs’ appeal for financial help from the League for a proposed trip to New South Wales. It will be refused.

Sat. 2
Richmond Juniors defeats Collingwood’s feeder team for the first time.

Mon 4
During the Richmond vs Collingwood match, spectator Albert Hooper reported seeing a black dog rush onto the arena after the half-time interval and be chased by Richmond player Norman McIntosh, who then kicked the dog. At the Collingwood Court a month later Constable A.E Walters said that the dog walked slowly to the fence , was lifted over, and died soon afterwards. McIntosh was charged with having ill-treated an animal with cruelty. McIntosh claimed the dog was being a nuisance on the wet field and it got between his legs as he was running for the ball and he kicked it.
He was fined 2 pound along with 2 pound 12/6 in costs.

Thr. 7
Geelong player Wally “Jumbo” Sharland trains with Richmond. He had taken up residence in Frankston but his application for a clearance from Geelong was refused.

Sat. 9
Jimmy Smith, omitted from the senior team, plays with the Cubs. Later he will receive a letter of thanks.
_ A daily newspaper reports that 18 senior Richmond players are suffering from the flu.

Sat. 16
An ill “Jumbo” Sharland plays for Geelong against Richmond at Geelong. Despite the effort he went through to play, a Geelong committeeman accuses him of not doing his best against the Tigers.

Tue. 19
The Cubs’ secretary, Percy Page, asks the senior club to remove “Checker” Hughes’s name from the senior training list to enable him to play for and coach the Cubs.

Sat. 30
Vic Thorp is Richmond’s only representative for the Victoria v. South Australia game at Adelaide.
Frank Harley and Max Hislop represent Victoria against New South Wales at the MCG, and Norman McIntosh, Jimmy Smith and Doug Hayes represent a VFL team against Ballarat at Ballarat.

Tue. 3
The Cubs’ secretary, Percy Page expresses how disappointed he is that the senior club seems little interested in the upcoming Cubs’ carnival. The seniors decide to set aside fifty pounds for the Cubs’ interstate trip.

Wed. 4
Dan Minogue addresses a meeting of senior players and points out individual weaknesses as well as the team’s lack of cohesion.

Sat. 14
Richmond defeats Melbourne by five points. It is the Tigers’ third win after twelve games this season and none of these victories have been in excess of six points.

Thr. 26
Clarrie Hall, North Melbourne’s captain-coach, attends Richmond training and is received with a roaring welcome. He says that attending to training at Association clubs is “a waste of time” due to the poor turn out.

Sat. 28
Max Hislop plays his 100th VFL game for Richmond.
Photos are taken of the Richmond team at half-time of their game against Carlton at Princess Park.

Wed. 8
The Junior League refuses to issue Jimmy Smith with a permit to play for Richmond Juniors. The senior club had intended to have Smith play out the season with the Cubs.

Sat. 4
St. Kilda offers Richmond a choice of two footballs for their match, but neither is a Sherrin. It is expected that at least one is a Sherrin and Richmond will complain to the League.

Sat. 11
Richmond defeats Collingwood by twenty points. It is the senior club’s fourth and last win this season.
Richmond Juniors suffer their first defeat of the season after 13 straight victories, the best start for any team playing under the Richmond Football Club’s umbrella. It also ends its club record (junior and senior) 16 game winning streak.

Tue. 14
Secretary William Maybury is presented with two guineas for attending 250 consecutive premiership games. He had not missed a premiership or even a practice match since 1909.

Sat. 18
Among numerous events at the Richmond Juniors’ carnival at Punt-road is a football game between a ladies’ Richmond football team (called 'The Tigresses') and a team of Cubs in fancy dress. The ladies defeat an obliging Cubs team 9-14 (68) to 0.1.(1) in the burlesque.
A 'Richmond Cup' race takes place with three Richmond players on draughthorses. J Smith (on 'Georgina') defeats Norm Turnball (on 'Silent Worker')
Vic Thorp retains his position in the Victorian team as full back against South Australia at the MCG.
Norman McIntosh and Frank Harley represent Victoria against New South Wales in Sydney and Dan Minogue and Ernie Taylor represent a VFL team against Bendigo in Bendigo. Dan Minogue captains the team.

Fri. 24
The town clerk of Richmond requests that the League send a deputation to the Railway Commissioner and help improve methods that deal with crowds using the Richmond railway station on match days.

Mon. 27
Club captains meet to discuss Dan Minogue’s proposal to form a body to represent the players’ interests.
The League is disappointed that Richmond delegates did not stop the Cubs from holding a carnival that clashed with the interstate game on the MCG.

Sat. 1
Richmond Juniors lose their second game of the season to Geelong’s seconds before 4,000 spectators at Geelong.

Sat. 8
Richmond’s game against South Melbourne at Richmond is exceptionally rough. It is so rough and cowardly that a Richmond player supposedly feigns an injury to the censure of his trainers and team mates.
South’s Roy Cazaly is forced to leave the field in the third quarter to receive stiches above his eye, but he is then repositioned in the forward line where he kicks five last quarter goals and has a leading role in South’s win.

Wed. 12
The Richmond Football Club holds their annual ball at the town hall.

Thr. 13
Frank Huggard is disqualified for six games for striking South Melbourne’s Roy Cazaly. The charge against Cazaly for retaliating is dismissed and he is chaired down the stairs by jubilant South supporters.
Clarrie Hall, North Melbourne’s captain-coach, trains with Richmond.

Sat. 15
Hughie James plays his last match for Richmond after 188 games. Dan Minogue mounted a stool in the rooms after the game and spoke of his comradeship with Hughie in war and in sport. Following other speeches Hughie was given three cheers and a “tiger”.
Richmond Juniors defeats Fitzroy and secures the Junior League’s minor premiership.

Sat. 22
Richmond Juniors play a practice match at Healesville to keep in touch for the upcoming semi final.

Thr. 27
In its first ever semi final Richmond Juniors 5-12 (42) lose to Geelong seconds 9-10 (64) before 10,000 spectators at the MCG on Show Day.

Sat. 13
The proposed Junior League Grand Final between Richmond Juniors and Geelong’s seconds is postponed owing to the weather.

Sat. 20
((1923 Reserves|Richmond Juniors 5-10 (40) lose the Junior League Grand Final to Geelong 9-12 (66).))
The Cubs total receipts for the season is 919 pounds, 'an Australian record for junior football' their Annual Report states.

Mon. 22
Richmond Juniors depart on their trip to Tasmania.

Thr. 25
Richmond Juniors defeats Yeoman by four points at Wynyard. On Saturday the Cubs defeat a combined Circular Head team by twenty two points.

Fri. 30
A meeting of the League decides not to admit a tenth club. Richmond was in favour of the proposal.