1932 Chronology

1932 Chronology

Position: PREMIERS
Won 16, Drew 1, Lost 3, For 1742, Against 1278.
Captain: Percy Bentley
Vice Captain: Allan Geddes
Coach: Frank “Checker” Hughes
Leading Goal Kicker: Doug Strang (49)
Revenue: Credit Balance:
Membership: 3,053
Seconds: Fifth

Tues 5
'Checker' Hughes is reappointed as Richmond Coach/

Fri. 8
The Richmond Weekly reports that improvements to the RCG will begin immediately. The playing arena will be lengthened by thirty three feet and widened by three feet, while the goal posts will be placed on the north east and south west corners. The tennis court is to be removed and the outer fence will be pushed back on the south west corner. Provision is made for a new grandstand but building is not envisaged for some time.

Ernie Saunders is reappointed to the position of head trainer. It was held by Joe Watson last year.

Wed. 23
Gordon Strang’s application for a permit to play for New Town (Tasmania) is denied by the League. Richmond secretary Jack Smith explained that the Tigers needed his services and had invested money in developing his play.

Sat. 16
Richmond plays its first practice match of the year at the City Reserve. Further trials are scheduled for the Motordrome in April. Richmond is unable to use the RCG because cricket games have been scheduled there.

Sat. 16
Richmond plays a practice game on the reconfigured RCG. The field is considerably larger and the terraces can accommodate more fans than the “saucer track” of old.

Tue. 26
Percy Page is elected a life member of the VFL.
_ Permit rules are altered to allow all second eighteen players to play with the firsts.

Thr. 28
At a dinner of officials and players Percy Bentley is elected captain and Allan Geddes vice captain.

Sat. 30
Richmond defeats St. Kilda in the opening game of the season at Richmond.
The old press box’s new location is criticised for being too far away from the rooms.
There was some crowd crushing at the entrance gates causing 10,000 spectators to miss the beginning of the game.
The Argus reports that after the crowd crushing of the Round 1 match, the Richmond Cricket Club executive will nstall eight new entrances and seven new turnstiles in time for the Round 3 match vs Carlton.
Maurie Sheehan marks a StKilda on the goal-line. Upon taking his kick out of defence the ball hit the goalpost and went back behind the goal-line. A behind was signalled after goal umpire and boundary umpire conferred.
Maurie Hunter leaves the game in the third quarter after displacing his cartliage in his knee.

Fri. 6
Richmond conducts a sponsored session on radio station 3DB. Lou Roberts hosts the program while Percy Bentley and Barney Herbert also feature.
The Richmond Weekly reports that Richmond already has 300 more members than last year.

Sat. 7
Richmond and Melbourne play the first ever League game at the Motordrome because the MCG is being regraded.
Doug Strang kicks seven goals against Melbourne.
As there was no 'Record' board at the ground showing the quarter scores of other games, they were instead read out to the crowd by microphone, through amplifiers placed all around the ground.
The Argus considers they should go one step further, and ring an electric bell in front of the microphone to signal the end of quarters rather than an old fashioned bell.
An official also broadcast the first few minutes of the game over the microphone to the crowd, before League secretary 'Like' McBrien stepped in and stopped it. The noise was disconcerting to players and spectators.

At halftime, 'Fatty' Lamb attempts to break Hubert Opperman's ten miles cycling record. He was paced by Bob Finlay.

Fri. 13
The Richmond Weekly warns patrons against buying pass out checks in the streets at Richmond tomorrow.

Sat. 14
Carlton defeats an inaccurate Richmond by one point 12-12 (84) to 10-23 (83) at Punt Road. Richmond had established a 15 point lead with less than five minutes remaining but Carlton overran the Tigers and snatched the game just prior to the bell.

Sat. 21
Percy Bentley collapses after the game against Footscray.
An unemployed Tiger supporter walks from Richmond to Footscray’s Western Reserve. A kindly official paid his admission.

Sat. 4
Richmond and Geelong draw 9-15 (69) apiece at Corio Oval.

Mon. 6
Percy Bentley, Jack Titus and Gordon Strang represent the VFL against the VFA at Princes Park.
The RCG hosts a representative game between the Second Eighteen League the Federal Association. Rich Saunders, Jim O’Halloran, Jack Stenhouse and __ Clearihan are the Cubs’ representatives for the League’s seconds.

Thr. 9
Stan Judkins and Bert Foster play for a VFL team against North Tasmania in Launceston.

Sat. 11
Gordon Strang, Jack Titus and Percy Bentley represent Victoria against South Australia at the MCG.
Joe Murdoch and Kevin O’Neill represent Victoria against New South Wales in Sydney.
Jack Dyer, Stan Judkins and Bert Foster represent Victoria against Tasmania in Hobart.

Sat. 18
Harry Weidner returns to senior football after he had announced his retirement at the start of the season. Harry kicks three goals. Maurie Hunter also returns from injury.
A collection is made at the Richmond v. Fitzroy match at the RCG for the Mayoress’s relief fund. It raises 5 pounds/12/9.

Sat. 25
South Melbourne defeats Richmond by two points in a wet but exciting contest at Punt Road. With the defeat Richmond slip from second to fifth on the ladder.
Richmond will not lose again at Punt Road until June 8, 1935.

Mon. 4
Jack Titus is admitted to hospital and is diagnosed with a fractured scull. It was the result of an incident during the Essendon game on Saturday.

Sat. 9
Collingwood 14-6 (90) defeats an under strength Richmond team 11-12 (78) at Victoria Park. The Magpies kick six goals straight in the final quarter.
Jack Titus is absent from the Richmond team for the first time since July 1929, and then it was because he was interstate with the Victorian team.

Sat. 16
Jack Dyer, absent last week with influenza, plays well against North Melbourne, but, it will be his last game of the season due to a knee injury.

Fri. 22
Lou Roberts reports in The Richmond Weekly that Richmond officials are not happy that some Tigers play in the Wednesday competition.

Sat. 23
Jack Titus returns to the team and kicks five of Richmond’s twelve goals against St. Kilda.

Tue. 26
Richmond’s training session is cancelled to allow the players to freshen up.

Wed. 3
The Sporting Globe reports that the Richmond Cricket Ground measures 183 x 146 yards.

Sat. 6
Richmond 13-13 (91) defeats the League leaders Carlton 14-14 (86) at Princes Park. Doug Strang kicks the winning goal as the final bell rang. With this win Richmond virtually assured itself of a place in the finals.
Gordon Strang and Jack Titus represent Victoria against South Australia in Adelaide.
Bruce Edmond steps in as Richmond’s secretary while Jack Smith assists the Victorian team in Adelaide.

Sat. 20
Doug Strang kicks nine goals against Hawthorn at Glenferrie.
Hawthorn’s training staff entertain Richmond’s staff after the match between the clubs.

Sat. 27
Old time players and foundation members are invited to attend Richmond’s match against Geelong. Barney Herbert presents them to the present day players in the dressing room and each is cheered as his name and age are called.
In the evening Richmond hosts the Victorian representative team in the pavilion.

Sat. 3
Allan Geddes chips a rib in the final match of the regular season.
The VFL instructs clubs to alter their constitutions by September 30. The League wants committeemen to hold office for three years with one third facing election at one time; each club’s secretary, president, treasurer, captain and vice captain be appointed by the committee; player representatives, councils and cricket clubs to be barred from football club committees; League delegates to be irrevocably appointed for two years; and club constitutions to be unalterable without the VFL’s consent.

Wed. 7
The Hoyts Theatre in Bridge Road presents Jack Dyer with its most popular player cup. Jack defeated Stan Judkins by a mere 13 votes. Just after the poll had closed a female “Juddy” supporter presented Hoyts with 12 coupons. They were not accepted.
The RCG hosts the Wednesday League Grand Final. Eric Zschech and Bert Foster play in opposing teams. Jack Anderson also (with Fire Brigade)?
Thr. 8
Jack Dyer trains well and kicks confidently despite his knee injury. This training session however aggravates the injury and it will prevent him from playing in the finals.

Wed. 14
Percy Bentley is presented with a cup from the Burnley Theatre for being voted Richmond’s most popular player.

Sat. 17
In the semi final Richmond comes from behind to defeat Carlton 18-16 (124) to 14-15 (99) before 63,326 spectators at the MCG. The Tigers gave Carlton a five goal to one start, but they clawed their way back and then kicked eight goals to two in the last quarter.
Doug Strang kicks seven goals, a club record for a final, while Maurie Hunter boots six. Strang has kicked 25 goals in the last four games.

Mon. 26
A meeting of Richmond members overwhelmingly rejects the League’s instruction to reform the club’s constitution. Richmond’s VFL delegates, Lou Roberts and Jack Smith had campaigned against the League’s proposal and the club will be one of three hold outs.

Sat. 1
Richmond wins their 5th Premiership
Richmond Premiers! In a hard fought Grand Final Richmond 13-14 (92) defeats Carlton 12-11 (83).
The attendance of 69,724 is the largest in League history. A portion of the MCG’s fence collapses and hundreds stream onto the ground.
Allan Geddes returns from his rib injury but fractures his jaw during the brutal second term. He continues to play well despite the pain.
Carlton led by four points with just minutes remaining when the Tigers, through Jack Anderson, the nineteenth man, and Jack Titus kick the winning goals.
Gordon Strang wins the trophy for being Richmond’s most effective player in the Grand Final.
_ Hawthorn officials suggest that Richmond, Carlton and Collingwood, the clubs that had rejected the League’s constitution instructions, fear an independent audit and suppose that the VFL might disenfranchise the three.

Tue. 4
Richmond declines an invitation from Sturt, the South Australian premiers, to play a game at the Adelaide Oval on the coming Saturday.
A meeting of the League decides not to proceed with the proposed constitution. North Melbourne and Fitzroy, under pressure from their members, side with Richmond, Collingwood and Carlton in opposing it.

Sat. 8
The Cubs tour Maryborough and with the assistance of a number of senior Tigers play a friendly game against Collingwood’s seconds.

Wed. 12
Richmond vice president Ray Stanley dies.

Thr. 13
The League tribunal acquits Percy Bentley of elbowing Carlton’s Gordon Mackie in the Grand Final. Mackie though is found guilty of striking Bentley and is disqualified for four matches.

Sat. 15
A dinner is held at the Hotel Metropole to celebrate Richmond’s premiership triumph.

Tue. 25
Former Richmond secretary William Maybury dies.

A meeting is held between the Richmond Council and the Melbourne City Council to finalise a scheme to concrete Punt Road and widen the street by 14 feet.

Fri. 25
The Richmond Weekly reports that Percy Page, a former Richmond secretary had been appointed secretary and manager of the Melbourne Football Club. There are rumours that Tiger coach Frank “Checker” Hughes will join him at Melbourne.