1932 Reserves

1932 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 11
Lost: 7
Drew: 0
Position: 5th

Players (games in bracket)
Anderson (8), Arbuckle (3), L Austin (4), B Benton (6), Bognuda (6), J Bolger (10), S Brett (14), C Clearihan (15), Collinson (12), George Dean (12), S Dockendorff (17), Foster (2), R Gislingham (18), W Gray (6), F Heifner (2), J? Hull (8), Jury (10), Kolb (1), D Langdon (2), L Langdon (transferred back from Collingwood) (18), J McConchie (13), D McGuire (1), T Mercer (from Kew) (14), Mumford (2), J O'Halloran (7), T O'Halloran (7), E O'Keefe (7), O'Rourke (1), J Payne (16), A Piper (5), T Roe (4), R Saunders (16), Stanway (5), W Stebbins (9) (from Boort), , Stenhouse (16), Thorogood (4), Tomison/Thomison/Thomason (16), Torpey (1), Twyford (4), Tyson (17), B Woods/Wood (9).
Bratby is J Bratby as per MB 8 May 1933

Goalkickers here. https://www.tigerlandarchive.org/tiki-index.php?page=Reserves+Goalkicking

To fill in individual game by game goals, search "Second Eighteens" in trove. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/page/19045867

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
April 30 W35 14.28.112 StKilda 11.11.77 StKilda Tomison/Thompson (4), Heifner (3), McConchie (3), Tyson (2) *missing 2 Payne, Stenhouse, Saunders, Roe, Anderson, Gray, Stanway, Collinson, Twyford, Dockendorff, Tyson, Jury, Heifner, McConchie, Clearihan, Gislingham, Langdon, Tomison, Brett, McGuire, Piper, O'Keefe, Torpey, Bognuda (Best: Collinson, Anderson, Heifner, Dockendorff, Saunders, Clearihan, Tomison/Thompson, McConchie, Tyson)
May 7 L9 10.11.71 Melbourne 12.8.80 Payne, Stenhouse, Gislingham, Gray, Anderson, Saunders, S Brett, Collinson, Twyford, Jury, McConchie, Roe, Tyson, Dockendorff, Clerihan, Heifner, Langdon, Thomison/Tomison (Emerg: McGuire, D Langdon, Piper, Bognuda)
May 14 L47 10.13.73 Carlton 18.12.120 Roe, Stenhouse, Gislingham, Brett, Anderson, Saunders, Stanway, Gray, Twyford, Dockendorff, Arbuckle, Dean, Tyson, McConchie, Clearihan, L. Langdon, D. Langdon, Thomison/Tomison (Emerg: Piper, Bognuda, Bratby, McGuire)
May 21 W21 9.15.69 Footscray 6.12.48 Punt Road Payne, Stenhouse, Langdon, Arbuckle, Anderson, Saunders, Stanway, Gray, Twyford, Jury, Tyson, Dean, J O'Halloran, McConchie, Clearihan, T. O'Halloran, Gislingham, Tomison.
May 28 W Hawthorn Payne, Stenhouse, GIslingham, Tyson, Arbuckle, Saunders, Jury, Austin, Stanway, Dockendorff, T. O'Halloran, Dean, J. O'Halloran, Mercer, Clearihan, Mumford, Langdon, Tomison, Roe, (Emerg: Bognuda, Brett, Torpey, Piper, Bratby)
June 4 L10 14.12.96 Geelong 15.16.106 Punt Road Payne, Stenhouse, Gislingham, Gray, Saunders, Tyson, Jury Austi, Stanway, Dockendorff, T. O'Halloran, Dean,McConchie, Mercer, Kolb, Langdon, Mumford, Clearihan, (Emerg: Thomison/Tomison, McGuire, Arbuckle, Brett, Torpey, Piper, Bognuda)
June 18 L12 12.12.84 Fitzory 14.12.96 Fitzroy Mercer (3), McConchie (3), Clearihan (1), Dockendorff (1), Benton (1) (Best: Anderson, Saunders, Dockendorff, Langdon, O'Halloran, Gislingham)
June 25 W22 10.10.70 Sth Melb 6.12.48 Payne, Brett, Gislingham, Gray, Stenhouse, Saunders, Bogunda, Collinson, O'Keefe, Dockendorff, Benton, Clearihan, McConchie, Mercer, Tyson, T. O'Halloran, Langdon, Tomison, (Emerg: Piper, Austin, Hall, Taylor)
July 2 L22 9.13.67 Essendon 13.11.89 Payne, Brett, Gislingham, Anderson, Stenhouse, Saunders, Jury, Collinson, J Bolger, Dockendorff, McConchie, Clearihan, Tyson, Mercer, O'Keefe, Langdon, T. O'Halloran, Tomison, Austin, (Emerg: Piper, Bogunda, Taylor)
July 9 W11 11.7.73 Collingwood 8.14.62 Richmond Payne, Brett, Gislingham, Anderson, Stenhouse, Tyson, Jury, Collinson, O'Keefe, McConchie, Woods, Dean, Dockendorff, Mercer, Clearihan, Langdon, T. O'Halloran, Benton, Tomison, (19th Man: J. Bolger), (Emerg: Austin, Piper, Bognuda, Hull, Taylor)
July 16 W38 11.7.73 Nth Melb 4.11.35 Nth Melb Dockendorff (2), McConchie (2), Woods (2), Langdon (2), Bolger (1), Mercer (1), Dean (1) Windy conditions. Payne, Brett, Gislingham, Hull, Stenhouse, Tyson, Stebbins, Collinson, J. Bolger, McConchie, Wood, Dean, Dockendorff, Mercer, Clearihan, Langdon, Benton, Thomison, (Emerg: Bognuda, Austin, Piper, Taylor) (Best: Benton, Dockendorff, Dean, Brett, Gislingham, Stebbins)
July 23 W16 10.20.80 StKilda 11.10.76 Punt Road Payne, Brett, Gislingham, Saunders, Stenhouse, Tyson, Stebbins, Collinson, J Bolger, Jury, McConchie, Dean, Dockendorff, Mercer, Hull, Langdon, Wood, Tomison, (19th : Clearihan,) (Emerg: Piper, Austin, Bognuda, Bratby)
July 30 L49 4.4.28 Melbourne 10.17.77Melbourne Payne, Brett, Gislingham, Saunders, Stenhouse, Anderson, Stebbins, Collinson, J. Bolger, Hull, McConchie, Dean, Dockendorff, Mercer, Tyson, Langdon, Woods, Thomison/Tomison, (Emerg: Bognuda, Clearihan, Bratby, Piper)
Aug 6 W32 16.15.111 Carlton 10.19.79 From: Payne, Brett, Gislingham, Bolger, Stenhouse, Saunders, Stebbins, Austin, Bognuda, Dockendorff, Tyson, Dean, O'Halloran, Mercer, Hull, Langdon (2), Wood, Tomison, Piper, Thorogood, Collinson, McConchie.
Aug 13 W14 9.10.64 Footscray 6.14.50 Payne, Brett, Gislingham, J. Bolger, Saunders, Tyson, Stebbins, Collinson, Bognuda, Dockendorff, Wood, Dean, J. O'Halloran, Mercer, Hull, L. Langdon, Stenhouse, Thomison, (19th Piper) (Emerg: Thorogood, D Langdon)
Aug 20 W89 17.19.121 Hawthorn 4.8.32 Payne, Brett, Gislingham, J. Bolger, Saunders, Tyson, Stebbins, Collinson, O'Keefe, Dockendorff, Wood, Hull, Thorogood, Mercer, Clearihan, Langdon, Stenhouse, Thomison, (19th: J O'Halloran) , (Emerg: Bognuda, Piper, O'Rourke)
Aug 27 L505.3.33 Geelong 12.11.83 From: Tyson, Langdon, Benton, Bognuda, Bolger, Brett, Clearihan, Dean, Dockendorff, Foster, GIslingham, Hull, Jury, Mercer, O'Keefe, O'Halloran, Piper, Payne, Saunders, Stebbins, Stenhouse, Thorogood, Thomison, Woods.
Sept 3 W51 19.21.135 Fitzroy 12.12.84 Mercer (8) From: Payne, Saunders, Jury, Dockendorff, Foster, L. Langdon, Benton, Hull, J. Bolger, J. O'Halloran, Bognuda, Brett, Stenhouse, Collinson, Woods, Mercer, Thomison/Tomison, Gislingham, Tyson, Stebbins, Dean, O'Keefe, O'Rourke, Piper, Clearihan, Thorogood,

Teams as printed in The Herald on a Friday before the match, and The Age.

Is Jury = A.L Jurey (permit Altona to Richmond - Rd 2 1932 Football Record page 24)