1933 Reserves

1933 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 4
Lost: 13
Drew: 1
Position: 11th

Players (may be incomplete)
Anderson (7), Bognuda (10), Brett (15), Capper (1), Chitty (5), Collinson (2), Cotter (17), Davey (13), Dockendorff (9), Farmer (10), Foster (1), Fryer (7), Gislingham (16), Grant (3), Harbison (7), Hickey (5), Hull (12), Jemmeson (17), Jepson (7), Joyce (1), L Langdon (7), D Langdon (6), Langdon (not defined) (10), Large (6), McConchie (15), McGuire (3), O'Halloran (1), Payne (18), Rahaley (4), Saunders (16), Sheahan (5), Smeaton (2), Stebbins (12), Stenhouse (7), C Strang (7), Symons (10), Taylor (1), Tomison (7), Torpey (13), Turner (17), Twyford (4), Tyson (17), Wells (7)

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Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
Rd 1 April 29 L49 9.8.62 Melbourne 16.15.111 McConchie 5, Jemmeson 1, Taylor 1, Langdon 1, Dockendorff 1 Grant, Stenhouse, Payne, Saunders, Harbison, Turner, Bognuda, Collinson, Stebbins, Dockendorff, Cotter, Tyson, Gislingham, McConchie, Jennison, Foster, Langdon, Tomison, (Emerg: Torpey, Taylor, Brett, Rahaley, Austen, Fryer) Best: Stenhouse, Gislingham, Dockendorff, Stebbins, McConchie, Jemmeson
Rd 2 May 6 W 14.24. Nth Melb 8.7 Arden St McConchie 7, Chitty 3, Jemmeson 2, Dockendorff 2 Payne, Stenhouse, Brett, Saunders, Tyson, Turner, Bognuda, Dockendorff, Stebbins, Capper, Chitty, Collinson, Gislingham, McConchie, Rahaley, Harbison, Langdon, Jennison, Taylor (Emerg: E Torpey, Hull, Clearihan, Fryer) Best: Dockendorff, Stenhouse, McConchie, Jemmeson, Turner, Saunders.
Rd 3 May 13 L 8.11.59 Footscray 13.8 Punt Road McConchie 2, Tyson 1, Hull 1, Saunders 1, Jemmeson 1, Langdon 1, Gislingham 1 Brett, Grant, Payne, Saunders, Tyson, Turner, Wells, Dockendorff, Stebbins, Cotter, Jepson, Hull, Gislingham, McConchie, Rahaley, L Langdon, Harbison, Jemmeson. (Emerg: Torpey, Bognuda, Fryer, D Langdon) Best: Dockendorff, Gislingham, Jemmeson, Tyson, Wells.
Rd 4 May 20 L5 9.13 Collingwood 9.18 Collingwood Gislingham 3, McConchie 2, Hull 2, Jepson 1, Torpey 1 From: Brett, Grant, Payne, Saunders, Tyson, Turner, Cotter, Jepson, Hull, Gislingham, McConchie, Rahaley, L Langdon, Harbison, Jemmison, Torpey, Bognuda. Fryer, D Langdon, Wells, Dockendorff, Stebbins. Best: O'Halloran, Tyson, Twyford, Jemmeson, Saunders, Torpey
Rd 5 May 27 L24 8.6.54 Hawthorn 10.18.78 McConchie 3, Hull 1, Langdon 1, Wells 1, Jepson 1, Harbison 1 Payne, Harbison, Saunders, Turner, Tyson, Cotter, Stebbins, Dockendorff, Torpey, Jepson, McConchie, Hull, Gislingham, Freyer, Wells, Sheehan, Langdon, Jemmeson, (Emerg: Brett, Rahally, Grant, McGuire, Tomison) Best Torpey, Turner, Jemmison, Tyson, Saunders, Stebbins.
Rd 6 June 3 L 7.2 Geelong 13.22 Geelong Davey 4, McConchie 3 From Payne, Tomison, Gislingham, Jepson, Brett, Harbison, Rahaley, Dockendorff, Fryer, Large, Turner, Wells, Hull, McGuire, Torpey, Langdon, Tyson, McConchie, Saunders, Davey, Stebbins, Cotter Best: Harbison , Wells, Turner, Tyson, Torpey, McConchie.
Rd 7 June 10 W 15.14 Fitzroy 11.8 Punt Road McConchie 5, Gislingham 2, Davey 2, Jepson 2, Langdon 1, Tomison 1, Large 1, Tyson 1 Payne, Harbison, Saunders, Turner, Symons, Cotter, Stebbins, Wells, Torpey, McConchie, Jepson, Tyson, Gislingham, Davey, Tomison, Large, Langdon, Jemmeson, Brett. (Emerg: Hull, Rahaley, Fryer) Best: Turner Saunders, McConchie, Torpey, Gislingham, Cotter, Wells.
Rd 8 June 17 W5 11.10.76 Sth Melb 10.11.71 McConchie 5, Tyson 1, Davey 1, Jepson 1, Large 1,Gislingham 1, Jemmeson 1 Saunders, Anderson, Symons, Turner, Stenhouse, Cotter, Wells, Payne, Torpey, McConchie, Jepson, Tyson, Gislingham, Davey, Thomison, Large, Langdon, Jemmison, Brett. (Emerg: Hull, Fryer, McGuire) Torpey injured arm replaced by Brett in last qu.
Rd 9 June 24 L 9.7. Essendon 13.12. McConchie 2, Jepson 2, Davey 2, Langdon 1, Gislingham 1, Symons 1 Saunders, Anderson, Gislingham, Turner, Stenhouse, Cotter, Wells, Payne, Jemmison, McConchie, Jepson, Tyson, Large, Davey, Tomison, Langdon, Symons, Farmer, Hull (Emerg: Chitty, McGuire, Fryer) Best: Turner, Payne, Stenhouse, Gislingham, Saunders
Rd 10 July 1 W15 11.13.79 StKilda 13.16.94 McConchie 3, Farmer 2, Jemmison 2, Chitty 2, Hull 1, Tyson 1 Gislingham, Britt, Cotter, Tyson, Anderson, Saunders, Bognuda, Payne, Twyford, McConchie, Chitty, Hull, Large, Davies, Jemmison, Langdon, Hickey, Farmer, 19th: McGuire, (Emerg: Tomison, Fryer, Roe) Best: Saunders, Jemmison, Payne, McConchie, Brett, Gislingham
Rd 11 July 8 L4 8.10.58 Carlton 8.14.62 Punt Road Davey 3, McConchie 2, Tyson 1, Farmer 1, Gislingham From Anderson, Bognuda, Brett, Chitty Cotter, Davey, Farmer, Fryer, Gislingham, Hickey, Hull, Jemmeson, Langdon, McConchie, McGuire, Payne, Saunders, Stebbins, Stenhouse, Tomison, Torpey, Turner, Twyford, Tyson Best: Payne, Jemmeson, Torpey, Brett, Gislingham, Stenhouse, Saunders, Bognuda
Rd 12 July 15 L40 5.9.39 Melbourne 11.13.79 MCG McConchie 1, Symons 1, Payne 1, Davey 1, Saunders 1 Saunders, Tyson, Cotter, Turner, Stenhouse, Anderson, Stebbins, Dockendorf, Torpey, McCconchie, C Strang, Payne Symonds, Davey, Farmer, Gislingham, Langdon, Jamieson, 19th Brett. (Emerg: Bognuda, McGuire, Hull, Tomison, Fryer) Best: Dockendorff, Torpey, Stenhouse, Symons, Cotter, Saunders, Brett.
Rd 13 July 22 W88 20.15.135 Nth Melb 6.11.47 Davey 6, McConchie 5, Strang 4, Symons 3, Payne 1, Gislingham 1, Anderson, Bognuda, Brett, Cotter, Davey, Palmer, Fryer, Gislingham, Hickey, Hull, Jemmeson, Langdon, Langdon, McConchie, Payne, Saunders, Sheahan, Stebbins, C Strang, Symonds, Tomison, Torpey, Turner, Tyson. (Best: Symons, Torpey, Jemmeson, McConchie, Turner, Brett, Saunders, Gislingham.
Rd 14 July 29 D 9.11.65 Footscray 9.11.65 Punt Road Symons 2, Jemmison 2, Davey 2, JOyce 1, Langdon 1, Farmer 1. Chosen from Anderson, Rognuda, Brett, Cotter, Davey, Farmer, Freyer, Gislingham, Hickey, Hull, Jemmeson, Langdon, Langdon, Large, McConchie, Payne, Sheahan, C Strang, Symons, Torpey, Turner Tyson Richmond started with 17 men and had to get a committeeman to play Best: Cotter, Jemmeson, Brett, Torpey, Gislingham
Rd 15 Aug 5 L 12.14 Collingwood 16.6 Punt Road Symons 3, Jemmeson 2, D Langdon 2, Farmer 1, Strang 1, Tyson 1, Davey 1, Chitty 1 Hickey, Sheahan, D Langdon, Turner, Cotter, Brett, Stebbins, Payne, Torpey, McConchie, Bognuda, Chitty, Hull, Symonds, Davey, Farmer, L Langdon, Tyson, Jemmison, (Emerg: Fryer, Bolger, Job) Best: Brett, Farmer, Symons, Cotter, Stebbins
Rd 16 Aug 19 L 2.12 Hawthorn 5.9 Dockendorff 1, Langdon 1 Saunders, Sheahan, Cotter, Turner, Tyson, Brett, Stebbins, Payne, Torpey, Dockendorff, C Strang, D Langdon, Symonds, Davey, Farmer, Jemmeson, Hull. (Emerg: Bogunda, Chitty, Job) Best: Gislingham, Jemmeson, Farmer, Symons, Sheahan, Payne.
Rd 17 Aug 26 L 9.14. Geelong 17.14 Saunders, Brett, D Langdon, Turner, C Strang, Cotter, Smeaton, Payne, Torpey, Bognuda, Chitty, Hull, Tyson, Davey, Farmer, L Langdon, Symons, Jemmeson, Fryer.
Rd 18 Sept 2 L13 7.12 Fitzroy 10.7 Farmer 1, Symons 1, Smeaton 1, Jemmison 1, Davey 1 Saunders, Brett, Payne, Turner, Stenhouse, Cotter, Bognuda, Twyford, Torpey, Dockendorff, C Strang, Smeaton, Symons, Davey, Farmer, Gislingham, L Langdon, Jemmeson Best: Turner, Saunders, Bognuda, Smeaton, Dockendorff

Games tallied by Peter Foot

Other info
Saunders, Gislingham, Saunders, L Langdon (retires after 108 consecutive games) , Tyson, Keith Torpey, Stan Brett, J Payne, J McConchie, S Dockendorff, Jack Jemmeson (rover), Stenhouse, Turner, Cotter, Symons (Burnley Club). Davey, Chitty, Jepson, Farmer, Hull, Colin Strang, Tomison, Large, D Langdon, Smeaton, Jim Harbison (formerly of Geelong), Wells, Taylor, Joyce