1934 Reserves

1934 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 11
Lost: 7
Drew: 0
Position: 5th

Anderson (9), Baggot (5), Baxter (4), Bognuda (3), Bolger (8), Brett (1), Chirgwin/Chergwin (17), Chitty (1), Cotter (18), Davey (18), Edwards (1), Garvie/Garvey (13), Guinane (11), Harbison (11), Harris (3), Hodges (15), Jordan (12), Judkins (1), le Lievre (2), Leonard (1), Mackerell (12), McConchie (15), McInerney (2), Mumford (6), O'Brien (10), O'Halloran (10), Patton (1), Saunders (16), Scriven (9), Sharkey (3), Smeaton (18), Stenhouse (13), Strang (1), Symons/Symonds (15), Torpey (14), Twyford (5), Watson (13), Wells (12), Wilson (16)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 L May 5 11.16 Melbourne 18.16 MCG Symons 4, Bognuda 2, Scriven 2, Twyford 1, Davey 1, Mumford 1 Symons, Brett, Cotter, Anderson, Harbison, Watson, Torpey, Chergwin, Garvey or Scriven, Bogonda, O'Brien, C Strang, Smeaton, Davey, Twyford, Saunders, Mumford, Jordan. (Emerg: Mackerell, McInerney, J Bolger, Roe, Hull) Best: Saunders, Symons, Watson , Jordan, Bolger, Torpy, Chrigwin
2 W May 12 21.20 StKilda 6.9 Punt Road Davey 9, Bogunda 4, Mumford 2, McConchie 2, Symons 1, Twyford 1, Saunders 1, Wilson 1 Anderson, Harbison, Cotter, J Bolger, Stenhouse, Watson, Torpy, Chirgwin, Garvie, McConchie, Symons, Bognuda, Twyford, Davey, Wilson, Mumford, Saunders, Jordan, Smeaton (19th), (Emerg: Scriven, Brett, Mackrell, Roe) Best: Davey, McConchie, Garvie, Stenhouse, Bolger - till hurt knee in 2nd qu)
3 L May 19 12.18 Carlton 14.12 Carlton Davey 3, Jordan 2, Mumford 2, O'Halloran 1, Wilson 1, Mackerell 1, Twyford 1, Guinane 1 Cotter, Harbison, Anderson, Watson, Wells, Torpy, Twyford, Chergwin, Scriven, Bognuda, Tom O'Halloran, Guinane, Wilson, Davey, Symons, Mumford, Jordan. (19th Smeaton), (Emerg: Patton, Brett, Sharkey). Best: Jordan, Guinane, Chergwin, Wells, Saunders,
4 L May 26 8.9 Collingwood 8.18 Davey 5, Saunders 1, Anderson 1, Smeaton 1 Anderson, Hodges, Cotter, Stenhouse, Wells, Watson, Scriven, Chergwin, Torpey, Guinane, O'Halloran, Twyford, Symonds, Davey, Smeaton, Mumford, Saunders, K Wilson . (19th G Mackrell) (Emerg: Bognuda, Patten, Chitty, Sharkey) (Best: Cotter, Davey, Guinane, Twyford, Chergwin, Torpey. J Cotter won best player trophy)
5 L June 4 6.10 Essendon 9.14 Anderson, Hodges, Cotter, Stenhouse, Wells, Watson, Torpey, Chergwin, Judkins, McConchie, O'Halloran, Smeaton, Symons, Davey, Patton, Saunders, Mumford, Twyford (Emerg: Scriven, Mackerell, Bognuda, Sharkey)
6 W June 9 11.17 Sth Melb 11.15 Leonard, Harris, Cotter, Watson, Stenhouse, Hodges, Garvie, Chergwin, Torpy, McConchie, O'Halloran, Smeaton, Mumford, Davey, Wilson, Anderson, Symonds, Jordan. (Emerg: Scriven, Wells, Mackerell, Patton)
7 W June 23 13.7 Hawthorn 10.19 Davey 5, Gordon 3, Anderson 2, Symons 1, McConchie 1, Chitty 1 Torpy, Harris, Cotter, Saunders, Stenhouse, Hodges, Garvie, Chergwin, le Lievre, McCOnchie, Chitty, Smeaton, Mackerell, Davey, Wilson, Anderson, Symons, Jordan. (Emerg: Watson, Sharkey, Scriven) Best: Cotter, Gordon, Garvie, Symons, le Lievre, Watson, Chergwin
8 L June 30 8.16 Footscray 14.11 Saunders, Harris, Cotter, Watson, Stenhouse, Hodges, Torpy, Chergwin, le Lievre, McConchie, Wells, Guinane, Mackerell, Davey, Smeaton, Anderson, Symons, Wilson. (Emerg: Chitty, Sharkey, Scriven)
9 W July 7 14.18 Geelong 12.12 Punt Road Torpey, Hodges, Cotter, Baggott, Stenhouse, Smeaton, Scriven, Chergwin, Sharkey, McConchie, Wells, Guinane, Mackerell, Davey, Wilson, O'Halloran, Saunders, Jordan, (Emerg: Watson,Chitty)
10 W July 14 12.17 Fitzroy 10.14 Stenhouse, Hodges, Cotter, Baggott, Wells, Smeaton, Torpey, Chergwin, Garvey, McConchie, Baxter, Guinane, O'Brien, Davey, Wilson, O'Halloran, Anderson, Jordan. (Emerg: Mackrell, Scriven, Sharkey, Watson)
11 W July 21 16.14 Nth Melb 4.4. Stenhouse, Harbison, Cotter, Baggott, Wells, Hodges, Torpey, Chergwin, Garvie, McConchie, Baxter, Guinane, O'Brien, Davey, Smeaton, Saunders, Mackerell, Wilson. (Emerg: Watson, Scriven, Sharkey, Bissett)
12 L4 July 28 7.25 Melbourne 10.11 Punt Road O'Halloran 4, McConchie 1, Saunders 1, Harbison 1 Sharkey, Saunders, Smeaton, Guinane, Davey, Harbison, Mackerell, Wilson, McConchie, Symons, Watson, Garvie, O'Brien, Cotter, Chergwin, Scriven, Wells, Torpey, Hodges Best: Scriven, Chergwin, O'Halloran, Cotter, Hodges, Garvie, McConchie. McConchie kick on siren to win is a point.
13 W Aug 4 13.12 StKilda 11.12 J Bolger, Hodges, Cotter, Baggott, O'Brien, Watson, Scriven, Smeaton, Garvie, McConchie, Symons, McInerney, Harbison, Davey, Wilson, Saunders, Mackerell, Jordan. (19th: Sharkey) (Emerg: Patton, Job, Bissett)
14 W Aug 18 10.18 Carlton 10.9 Punt Road Baxter, Bolger, Chergwin, Cotter, Davey, Garvie, Guinane, Harbison, Hodges, Jordan, Mackerell, McConchie, O'Halloran, O'Brien, Scriven, Saundrs, Smeaton, Stenhouse, Symons, Watson, Wells, Wilson
15 W Aug 25 10.8 Collingwood 7.15 Collingwood Symons, Hodges, Cotter, Bolger, Stenhouse, O'Brien, Chergwin, Smeaton, Garvie, McConchie, Baxter, Davey, Harbison, Wells, Wilson, O'Halloran, Saunders, Jordan. (Emerg: Watson, Mackerell, Sharkey)
16 W Sept 1 11.12 Essendon 2.8 Harbison 2, Saunders 2, Smeaton 2, McConchie 1, Mackerell 1, Bolger 1, Davey 1, Symons 1 Symons, Hodges, Cotter, Baggott, Stenhouse, O'Brien, Garvie, Chergwin, Torpey, McConchie, Wells, Guinane, Harbison, Davey, Smeaton, Saunders, O'Halloran, Wilson, (Emerg: Scriven, Bolger, Mackerell, Watson, McInerney) Best: Garvie, Stenhouse, Cotter, Harbison, Wilson, Hodges, Symon
17 L Sept 8 7.12 Sth Melbourne 10.9 Sth Melb Jordan 2, Davey 2, Symons 2, McConchie 1 Selected from: Bolger, Cotter, Chergwin, Davey, Edwards, Guinane, Harbison, Garvie, Jordan, Mackrell, McConchie, Hodges, O'Brien, McInerney, Scriven, Smeaton, Symons, Saunders, Watson, Wells, Wilson, Stenhouse, Torpey
18 W Sept 15 19.16 Hawthorn 5.6 Bolger, Hodges, Cotter, Guinane, O'Brien, Watson, Scriven, Chergwin, Garvie, McConchie, Symons, Smeaton, Harbison, Davey, Wilson, Saunders, Mackerell, Jordan, (Emerg: McInerney, Bissett, Temple, Sharkey, Dowdell)

Players (may be incomplete)
J Cotter, R Saunders, C Jordan, George Smeaton, W Garvie, R Scriven, J Hodges (also played with Cubs in 1928), Pat Davey, J Symons, O'Brien, Wilson, Chirgwin, Wells, Mackrell, Jordan, McConhie, O'Halloran, Wilson, Bognuda, Twyford, Mumford, Guinane, Sharkey, Baxter, Jim Harbison, Wells, Anderson, Chitty, O'Brien, Bolger, Stenhouse, L Patton (2)

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