1936 Reserves

1936 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 7
Lost: 11
Drew: 0
Position: Eighth

Players (may be incomplete)
A Bennison (5), J Bolger (5), Broman/Brosnan (2), Bucknall (4), J Cook (1), Crapper (6), Cummings (5), Cunningham (1), Davey (6), J Davey (2), Davidson (4), Dickson (16), Eames (16), Farr (1), Finnegan (7), Geddes (11), Grant (17), Hayes (12), Honey (9), Hull (2), Job (9), Jordan (14), Judkins (11), Keenan/Keenan (7), J Keenan/Keenen (6), F Keenan/Keen (5), Kiernan (3), F Kiernan (1), T Kiernan (1), Maple (15), McDonald 8), McInerney (3), Neil (7), Nicholson (10), O'Brien (9), O'Halloran (1), Patton (16), Proctor (3), Raftis/Raftas/Rastas (18), Robinson (2), Saunders (5), Sheehan/Sheahan (7), Shippick (1), Symons (1), Uwins (12) , Wells (4), White (7), Willison (3), Wilson (11), Wisdom (6)

Goalkickers here. https://www.tigerlandarchive.org/tiki-index.php?page=Reserves+Goalkicking

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 May 2 L1 11.15 StKilda 12.10 Willison, Keenen, Uwins, Finnegan, Wells, O'Brien, Raftas, Jordan, White, Job, Davidson, Wisdom, Grant, Dickson, Geddes, O'Halloran, Proctor, Patton, (Emerg: A Bennison, Broman, Cummings, Farr). Players to be on ground at 2pm Best: J Cook.
2 May 9 8.11.59 Collingwood 17.12.114 Dickson 2, Davey 2, Bennison, Patton , Grant, Hayes Keenan, Uwins, Willison, Finnegan, Wells, O'Brien, Judkins, Hayes, Rastas, Davey, Wisdom, Benison, Grant, Dickson, Geddes, Job, Proctor, Patton, (19th Eames), (Emerg: White, Cummings, Broman) Best: Uwins, Raftis, Welles, Finnegan
3 May 16 W 16.6 Nth Melb 13.15 Grant 4, Hayes 4, Dickson 3, Wisdom 2, Sheehan 1, Patton 1, Maple 1 Willison, Keenan, Uwins, Finnegan, Wells, Eames, Rastis, Jordan, Judkins, Davey, Hayes, Wisdom, Maple, Dickson, Grant, Sheehan, Job, Patton, (19th Man : McDonald), (Emerg: Cummings, Proctor, Bennison, White) Best: Wells, Keenan, Jordan, Wisdom, Eames, Judkins
4 May 22 L12 11.11 Carlton 13.13 Carlton Dickson 3, Patton 3, Job 1, Davey 1, Cummings 1, Grant 1 Maple, Kiernan, Uwins, Finnigan, Wells, Eames, Jordan, Geddes, Judkins, Davey, Hayes, Wisdom, Grant, Dickson, McDonald, Job, Wilson, Patton, (Emerg: Raftis, Proctor, Cumming, Benison) Best: Welles, Davey, Raftis, Eames, Judkins, Wilson
5 May 30 L 14.13 Hawthorn 15.10 Hawthorn Dickson 7 , Geddes 3, Jordan 1, McDonald 1, Cotton 1 (do they mean Patton?), Crapper 1. Maple, Kiernan, Uwins, Finnigan, O'Brien, Eames, Raftis, Jordan, Judkins, Grant, Hayes, Wisdom, Geddes, Dickson, McDonald, Crapper, Wilson, Patton or Neil. (Emerg: Job, White, Cummings, Bucknall) Best: Maple, Rastis, Wisdom, Grant , Dickson
6 June 6 L5 9.28. Geelong 13.9 Hayes 3, Jordan 2, Job 2, Patton 1, Wisdom 1 Maples, Keenan, Uwins, Nicholson, O'Brien, Eames, Raftis, Jordan, Judkins, Grant, Hayes, Wisdom, Crapper, Dickson, Geddes, Wilson, Patton (19th Neil) (Merg: Job, Cummings, McDonald, Benison, Bucknall) Beat: Uwins, Jordan Wisdom, Eames, Maple, Crapper, O'Brien
7 June 13 W 14.11 Essendon 10.10. Essendon Neil 5, Davey 3, Grant 2, Crapper 2, Dickson 2 Wilson, Kiernan, Uwins, Nicholson, O'Brien, Eames, Raftis, Geddes, Judkins, Davey, Hayes, Maple, Sheahan, Dickson, Grant , Saunders, Crapper, Jordan, 19th Patton, (Emerg: Job, Cummings, Neil , Bucknall) Best: Crapper, Sheahan, Eames, Judkins, Neil, Nicholson
8 June 20 W 30.19 Fitzroy 4.11 Dickson 14, Neil 5, Jordan 3, Grant 3, Hayes 2, Crapper 2, Sheahan 1 Wilson, Keenan, Maple, Nicholson, O'Brien, Eames, Raftis, Geddes, Judkins, Hayes, Davey, Neil, Crapper, Dickson, Grant, Saunders, Shaeahn, Jordan, (Emerg: Patton, Job, Honey) Players to be at ground at 2 o'clock. Davey, Dickson, Jordan, Nicholson, Neil, Hayes
9 June 27 L17 10.10 Sth Melb 12.15 Sth Melb Wilson 3, Hayes 2, Grant 2, Sheahan 1, Dickson 1, Neil 1 Wilson, Keenan, Uwins, Nicholson, O'Brien, Eames, Raftis, Geddes, Judkins, Hull, Hayes, Neil, Crapper, Dickson, Grant, Saunders, Sheahan, Patton, 19th Maple. (Emerg: Bucknall, Job, Honey, Cummings) In 3rd qu Richmond lead 57 to 22. Patton suffered cut eye in 2nd qu and was replaced by Maple. Best: O'Brien, Eames, Hayes, Grant.
10 July 4 L Richmond 9.9 Footscray 19.8 Dickson 6, Neil 2, Grant 1 Uwins, Keenan, Maple, Eames, O'Brien, Nicholson, Raftis, Geddes, Judkins, Hull, Hayes, Neil, Crapper, Dickson, Grant, Saunders, Wilson, Patton, 19th Honey, (Emerg: Job, McDonald, Cummings, Bucknall) Best: O'Brien, Symons, Eames, Nicholson, Dickson, Raftis
11 July 18 L 13.10 Melbourne 18.17 MCG Dickson 6, Hayes 4, Grant 2, Patton 1 Proctor, T Kiernan, Bucknall, F Kiernan, Uwins, Eames, Judkins, Geddes, Raftis, Honey, Hayes, Neil, McDonald, Dickson, Grant, Sheahan, Saunders, Patton, 19th: CUmmings, (Emerg: Wilson, Job, Nicholson, Maple, Denison) Best: Patton, Honey, Raftis, Judkins, Hayes, Dickson
12 July 25 W 18.17 StKilda 7.13 Dickson 6, Hayes 4, Jordan 4, Sheahan 3, Patton 1 Benison, J Keenan, Uwins, F Keenan O'Brien, Eames, Grant, Raftis, Honey, Cummings, Hayes, White, McDonald, Dickson, Jordan, Sheahan, Maple, Patton, 19th Job, (Emerg: J Bolger, Shippick) Best: O'Brien, Patton, F Keenan, Hayes
13 Aug 1 L 14.20 Collingwood 20.17 Collingwood McDonald, J Keenan, Nicholson, F Keenan, Davidson, Eames, Honey, Broman, Raftis, Davey, Hayes, Grant, Benison, Dickson, Jordan, Sheahan, Maple, Patton, 19th: White (Emerg: Job, Bolger) Collingwood kicked 6 goals in the last 10mins of the match.
14 Aug 8 W 17.12 North Melbourne 10.4.64 Punt Road Dickson 4, Jordan 4, Grant 3, Patton 3, Cummings 1, Davidson 1, White 1 Benison, J Keenan, Bucknall, Eames, F Keenan, J Bolger, Shippick, Raftis, Honey, White, Cummings, Grant, Jordan, Dickson, Davidson, Maple, McDonald, Patton, 19th: Farr, (Emerg: Myers, Langdon) Best: Keenan, Jordan, Maple, Cummings, Patton, Honey
15 Aug 15 L 8.12 Carlton 12.14 Carlton Dixon 3, Patton 1, Jordan 1, Job 1, McInerney 1, White 1 Nicholson, J Keenan, Uwins, J Bolger, F Keenan, Eames, Honey, Raftis, Robinson, White, Wilson, Job, Grant, Dickson, Jordan, Davidson, Maple, Patton, 19th: McInerney, (Emerg: Shippick, J Davey, Cunningham) Best: Patton, Maple, Wilson, Bolger, Eames, Robinson, Uwins.
16 Aug 22 W 16.13 Hawthorn 8.15 Grant 5, White 3, Finnegan 3, Wilson 2, Bucknall 1, Maple 1, McDonald 1 Benison, J Keenan, Bucknall, J Bolger, Eames, Nicholson, J Davey, Raftis, Honey, White, Job, Grant, Cunningham, Jordan, McDonald, Maple, Wilson, Patton, 19th: McInerney, (Emerg: Farr, Shippick, Cheffirs Best: Maple, Patton, Grant, White, Nicholson, Wilson
17 Aug 29 L 5.7Geelong 11.17 Geelong Davey 2, Grant 2, Maple 1 Finnigan, J Keenan, J Bolger, Nicholson , Eames, F Keenan, Honey, McInerney, Raftis, White, Cummings, Robinson, Job, Grant, Jordan, Maple, Wilson, Patton (Emerg: Cunningham, J Davey) Bus for players leave ground 12.30 sharp. Team subject to alteration. Best: Maple, Davey, White, Jordan, Eames, Honey
18 Sept 5 W 23.13 Essendon 14.16 Dickson 8, Bucknall 4, Judkins 3, Wilson 2, Brosnan 2, Geddes 2, Raftis 1, Jordan 1 Best: Bucknall, Maple, Bolger, Brosnan, Honey, Nicholson, Wilson, Jordan

Notes from Peter Foot:
1936 anomalies.
R1: J Cook not in team list but is noted as sole Best Player. No other reference to him this season (or any other season). Have credited him with game but doubts remain.
R4: Cummings, Raftis listed as emerg but Cummings GK and Raftis BP so credited with games.
R5. As you noted Cotton not listed in team but is in GK, perhaps Patton. Cotter played '34, '35 another possibility. No other reference to "Cotton"; have NOT credited him with game.
R6: Job emerg but was GK; credited with game
R7: Neil emerg but GK +BP; credited with game
R10: Symons not in team list but is in BP; credited with game
R16: "J" Davey appears (also R15 as emerg). Davey (initial not defined) previously played 6 games. Have listed J Davey and Davey (not defined) separately.
Finnegan not in team list but is GK; credited with game
R17: J Davey emerg but GK + BP; credited with game.
R18: No team listed so only GK + BP get credit for game.

For Rd 8 - Dickson's 14 goals
"Dickson had numerous opportunities in the first half but kicked badly, finishing with two goals to his credit. He then forsook the punt for the drop kick and kicked goals from all angles" (The Age).
Meaning he kicked 12 goals after half time.

There is a S.W Martin clearance here http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article11034548

Dickson, G Grant , Hayes , Jordan, Les Patton , Davey (Richmond District), Neil , Sheahan , Wilson , Job , Geddes, Crapper, Bucknell/Bucknall , Wisdon , Alan Maple, Finnegan, Judkins, Alf Benison (Burnley), McDonald, A Broman (City), Raftis, C Cummings (South Richmond), Davidson, McInerney, J Nivins, R Raftis, White, T O'Brien, W Honey or possibly N Honey (who played 9 games this season as per Res 1936 AR), Tom Eames (brother of future player Jack Eames)
Nicholson (Richmond Districts)
The Brosnan listed in last game kicking 2 goals, I wonder if it is meant to be Broman. Club's goalkicking says he kicked 2 goals this year - which correlates if Brosnan is Broman

I thought Willison is a typo but I notice in the permits a R Willison, Prahran to Richmond. Hmm, need to do further investigation