1938 Reserves

1938 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 9
Lost: 8
Drew: 1
Position: Fifth

Players (number of games in brackets)
W Grant (18), C Cummings/Cummins(17), M O'Connell (17), Geddes (16), Platt (Richmond City) (16), A Broman (15), Jack Uwins (15), G Green (Richmond All Blacks)(14), W Wells (13), M Tagell/Tadgell (13), MacBeth (12), G Grant (11), Alf Benison (10), M Bucknall (9), R Raftis (9), Scriven (9), J Burgman/Bergman (9), H? Arthur (Abbotsford) (9), L Sleeth (8), C Priestley (8), Collins (8), Dickson (7), Clarkson (Melbourne Boys) (7), Smith (7), R Henderson (7), Brett (6), McCrory (6), Jenkins (5), F Wilson (4), Annear (4), Keogh (4), McDonald (3), R Wilson (3), Symons (2), G Sleeth (2), Edwards (2), Patton (2), C Grant (2), Davey (2), Lewis (Richmond City) (2), H Langdon (2), Stern (1), Follet(1), Bates (1), Hull (1), McInerney (1), Guinane (1), Myers (1)

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Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 Apr 23 W27 17.10.112 Nth Melb 12.13.85 Nth Melb Hull (9), Green (2), Geddes (2), Dickson (1), O'Connell (1), Platt (1), Symons (1) P Wilson, W Grant, Bucknall, Cummings, Wells, Broman, G. Grant, H Smith , Scriven, O'Connell, Dickson, Green, Platt, Hall, Geddes, S Wilson, Symons, Stebbins, (Emerg: McDonald, Benison, Patton, Raftis)
2 April 30 L43 10.17.77 Carlton 18.12.120 Punt Road O'Connell (3), Green (3), Wells (2), G Grant (1), Symons (1), P Wilson, W Grant, Brett, Cummings, Wells, Broman, Scriven Raftis, G. Grant, Geddes, Dickson, Green, Sleeth, O'Connell, McDonald, Symons, F Wilson, Platt, (Emerg: Patton, Bucknall, Clarkson) Carlton kicked 10.1 to 2.3 in 1st qu. (Best: Broman, G Grant, Symons, W Grant, Brett, Green)
3 May 7 L3 12.16.88 Collingwood 12.19.91 F Wilson, Dickson, W Grant, Cummings, Brett , Broman, Scriven, H Smith, Edwards, G Grant, O'Connell, Green, G Sleeth, Clarkson, Geddes, S Wilson, Wells, L Sleeth, (Emerg: Annear, Patton, McDonald, Platt, Bucknall)
4 May 14 W25 15.21.111 StKilda 13.8.86 Punt Road O'Connell (4), Geddes (3), Green (2), Platt (2), Smith (2), Annear (1), MacBeth (1) J Uwins, Dickson, W Grant, Cummings, Brett, Broman, Edwards, Smith, Jenkins, MacBeth, O'Connell, Scriven, Green, P Davey, Geddes, Wells, McDonald, Platt, (Emerg: Annear, Bucknall, Clarkson, G. Grant )
5 May 21 W30 12.20.92 Hawthorn 8.14.62 Punt Road O'Connell (8), Annear (4) Priestley, Dixon, Uwins, Cummings, Crater?, Broman, Jenkins, MacBeth, G Grant, Smith McCrory, Green, Annear, O'Connell, Geddes, Wells, W Grant, Platt, (Schmutsch 19th) (Emerg: Raftis, Benison, C Grant Richmond's score kicked by 2 players. Annear's second game. (Best: Broman, O'Connell, W Grant, Benison, Annear, Green). 3 Brothers played in this game - Bill, Geoff, Colin Grant
6 May 28 L28 14.9.93 Geelong 18.13.121 Geelong O'Connell (3), Tagell (2), Geddes (2), Davey (2), Platt (2), Green (1), MacBeth (1), Priestley (1) Priestley, Dickson, Benison, Cumings, Uwins, Broman, G Grant, MacBeth, Jenkins, Tagell, Davey, Green, Raftis, O'Connell, Geddes, Bergman, W Grant, Annear (Emerg: Platt, Wilson, C Grant, Bucknall) Best: Dickson, Cummings, Jenkins, Tagell, Green, O'Connell. (N Tucker and Uwins collided in 3rd quarter. Tucker bruised cheekbone, Uwins ankle injury)
7 June 4 L1 12.9.81 Fitzroy 12.10.90 Punt Road O'Connell (2), Bergman (2), Tagell (2), Davey (2), Lewis (1), Geddes (1), Platt (1), Priestley (1) Tagell, Collins, Benison, Cummings, Dickson, Uwins, G Grant, MacBeth, Jenkins, Davey, Priestley, Green, Raftis, O'Connell, Geddes, W Grant, Bergman, Platt, Lewis (19th), (Emerg: Annear, Wilson, Langdon) Fitzroy enter last quarter leading by 13 pts and packs the defence in the last quarter to hold off Richmond's attack. Best: Uwins, Jenkins, W Grant, Platt, Tagnell, Green
8 June 11 W27 13.18.96 Sth Melb 10.9.69 Punt Road O'Connell (3), Platt (3), Green (2), Bergman (1), Geddes (1), Tagell (1), Priestley (1), Annear (1) Arthur, Collins, Benison, Cummings, Uwins, Lewis, Raftis, MacBeth, Jenkins, Tagell, Priestley, Green, Annear, O'Connell, Geddes, Bergman, Grant, Platt, (Emerg: Steen, Bucknall, Langdon) Grant and Davey out injured.
9 June 18 W27 21.17.143 Essendon 17.14.116 Stan Brett (10), Tagell (4), Bergman (3), O'Neill (3), Sleeth (1) Arthur, Benison, Cummings, Keogh, Uwins, Broman, Raftis, MacBeth, Jenkins, Sleeth, Priestley, Green, Tagell, O'Connell, Brett, Bergman, W Grant, Platt, (Emerg: Collins, Steen, Bucknell, Langdon, Annear) Best: Broman, Brett, MacBeth, Tagell, Green, Priestley
10 June 25 D 9.10.64 Melbourne 9.10.64 Tagell (5), Sleeth (2), *missing 2 gls Arthur, Benison, Bucknall, Broman, Bergman, Brett, Collins, Cummings, W Grant, Green, Henderson, Keogh, Langdon, Lewis, MacBeth, McDonald, O'Connell, Platt, Priestley, Raftis, Sleeth, Coghill, Uwins, Wells. (Best: MacBeth, Uwins, Tagell, Brosnan, Priestley, Green). Poor conditions spoilt the play. Never more then 3 pts between each team at end of each quarter.
11 July 2 L21 9.6.60 Footscray 11.15.81 Raftis (3), Geddes (2), Sleeth (1), Clarkson (1) Tagell (1), O'Connell (1) Arthur, Benison, Bucknall, Broman, Collins, Clarkson, Cummings, Davey, W Grant, Geddes, Green, Henderson, Keogh,Langdon, McCrory, O'Connell, Platt, Raftis, Sleeth, Tagell, Uwins, Wilson, Wells. (McCrory and Platt return from illness, Geddes and Davies return from injuries). Richmond led by 15 pts at three quarter time. (Best: Bucknall, Raftis, W Grant, Arthur , Cummings
12 July 9 W15 17.9.111 Nth Melb 14.12.96 Punt Road Brett (6), Green (3), O'Connell (3), Henderson (2), Burgman (2), Platt (1) Arthur, Cummings, McCrory, Broman, Uwins, Wells, Scriven, MacBeth, Bucknall, Tagell, O'Connell, Geddes, Henderson, Brett, Green, Burgman, W Grant, Platt. (Emerg: Raftis, Clarkson, Benison, Collins, Keogh) (Best: Green, Henderson, Uwins, Burgman)
13 July 23 L17 11.15.81 Carlton 14.14.98 Tagell (5), O'Connell(4), Henderson (1), Green (1) Arthur, Cummings, Henderson, Wells, Uwins, Broman, Bucknall, MacBeth, Scriven, Sleeth, Smith, Geddes, Tagell, O'Connell, Green, Bergman, W Grant, Platt, (Emerg: Benison 19th, Raftis, Collins, Keogh, Schmutsch)
14 July 30 L20 9.12.66 Collingwood 12.14.86 Punt Road O'Connell (2), Tagell (2), Broman (1), Burgman (1), Priestley (1), Sleeth (1), Platt (1) Arthur, Cummings, Henderson,Wells, Uwins, Broman,G Grant, Smith, Scriven, Sleeth, O'Connell, Geddes, Tagell, McCrory, Priestley, W Grant, Burgman, Platt (Emerg: Bucknall 19th, Benison, Keogh, Clarkson) G Grant returns after seven weeks with injury. MacBeth out due to illness. McRory returns. (Best: Uwins, O'Connell, Broman, Arthur, Grant, Tagell)
15 Aug 6 W36 13.15.93 StKilda 7.15.57 StKilda O'Connell (3), Brett (3), Platt (2), Tagell (2), Henderson (1), Sleeth (1), Geddes (1) Richmond led by 34 pts at quarter time. Best: Priestly, Platt, Broman, O'Connell, Scriven, Uwins, Tagell, McRory. (Keogh,Clarkson, Benison DNP as they were released to play with their local junior club). Smith returned from injury.
16 Aug 13 W56 19.18.132 Hawthorn 11.10.76 O'Connell (7), Sleeth (6), Tagell (2), Platt (2), Smith (1), Geddes (1) Wells, Uwins, Collins, Arthur, Cummings, MacBeth, G Grant, McRory, Scriven, Sleeth, Smith, Green, Tagell, O'Connell, Geddes, Henderson, W Grant, Platt, (Emerg: Bucknall, Benison, Keogh). Best: Platt, O'Connell, Arthur, MacBeth, Collins, Sleeth,
17 Aug 20 L18 15.16.106 Geelong 18.16.124 Punt Road Platt (3), MacBeth (3), Henderson (2), Wells (2), Tagell (2), Smith (1), Geddes (1), McCrory (1) Arthur, Collins, Benison, Lewis, Uwins, Broman, G Grant, McCrory, Bucknall, MacBeth, Cummings, Smith, Tagell, Wells, Geddes, Henderson, W Grant, Platt, (Emerg: Keogh, Clarkson, C Grant, Waldron) Lewis, Benison, Bucknall, Cummings (all selected). Scriven and Green out injured at training. (Best: Platt, W Grant, Uwins, McCrory, MacBeth, Smith, Henderson, Myers?)
18 Aug 27 W29 11.20.86 Fitzroy 7.15.57 Platt (2), Brett (2), Tagell (2), Geddes (2), Wells (1), Bates (1), O'Connell (1) From Arthur, Broman, Bucknall, Bates, Brett, Cummings, Collins, Clarkson, Cheffins (Richmond Imperials), Follet, Guinane, G Grant, C Grant, W Grant, Geddes, MacBeth, McInerney, O'Connell, Platt, Uwins, Smith, Tagell, Wells. (Best: Brett, Platt, Nivens, Collins, Broman Team includes Guinane, Brett, Bates


South Melbourne501320
North Melbourne401416
St Kilda211510

Meaning he debuted this year and died later in the year on 11 Dec 1938. VIC BDM has him dying aged 20 in Fitzroy. (Reg No. 11318). Born 1915 according to Find A Grave (making him 23, which is what Clunes Cemetery says) .
How did he die so young ?