1942 Chronology

1942 Chronology

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Sat 10
The Riverine Herald references that George Ogilvie, Richmond's 1920 player,has recently captained the premiers in the forces football championship held in Darwin, where he kicked 6 goals.

Sun 11
Richmond footballers and Essendon footballers raise 22 pounds 7/ towards the New Sydney Fund, in a cricket match held on Carter oval in Burnley Park.
The result is a tie (106 runs each). Top score for Richmond was Crane (22) and Perkins (16).
Maguire took 5/20 and Smeaton 4/10

Tues 20
At a Richmond committee meeting the club decide to continue their support for football to be played in 1942, whilst the war is on. The club claims that 'those who are in the defence forces, essential services, together with women and children, and those under and over age, were looking forward to the relaxation afforded by football.' (The Argus)
Maurie Fleming reports that 15 regular players from last season are not available for war service, as there are in the police, fire, or essential services. The club also has several players under 18 who could the vacancies in the team.

Former Brownlow Medallist Stan Judkins enlists with the AIF

The club receive 26 pounds 14/6 to purchase the Vic Thorp Memorial Shield on which it will inscribe the names of the Best and Fairest player each year. Last year's winner Jack Titus will be the first inscription.
Thorp died late last year.

Wed. 11
Richmond's AGM is held at the Richmond Town Hall.
Former Prime Minister, and current member for Yarra, James Scullin addresses the crowd that he hopes football continues during 1942 as he was 'sure the public wanted it'. (The Argus)
Life Membership bestowed on Charlie Callander who has been property steward for 21 years, and Arthur Daws, a committeeman.

Wed. 17
Jack Dyer is appointed Richmond coach
An Executive is appointed for the first time. It comprises of Harry Dyke (President), Ray Dunn, Martin Bolger, Frank O'Brien, C.E Turner, Maurie Fleming.
Selection committee comprise of Dyer, Martin Bolger, Bill Quinn, and the captain and vice captain of the season.
Finance committee comprise of Bolger, Dunn, O'Brien, Turner and Fleming.
League delegates are Dyke and O'Brien.

Mon. 23
Former Richmond secretary Percy Page joins the RAAF in the administrative branch.
Jack Baggott has also enlisted into the same branch.

Sat. 7
A letter from Lieutant 'Lockie' Walker, a prisoner of war in Libya, is published in the Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian. In the letter he writes ... Who won the football this year? (1941) We had a mock broadcast on Saturday night, for that would be the date of the Grand Final - of Melbourne vs Richmond. Melbourne won by 17 points.

Tues 17th.
Jack Cotter announces his retirement from football.
Senior Committee recommend that 2nd XVIII do not function for Season 1942.

Sun 29
Richmond play Carlton in a Challenge Patriotic Match at the Richmond City Reserve at 1.30pm.
Jack Titus (c), Dyer, Merrett, Edwards, Maguire, Smeaton, Steele, Crane, Perkins, Dwan, Priestley, Sullivan, Harris, Ablett, Bawden were expected to play.

Tue 31
Richmond commences training for the 1942 season. Several players from Richmond's 1941 Boys League premiership are invited to train. 30 boys aged between 15 - 18 appear as part of the club's recruitment drive for their junior recruits.

The committee receive a letter form Checker Hughes offering his services for training.

Wed 1
The League decide by majority decision to have a 1942 football season. Three clubs voted against the decision - Collingwood , Melbourne and Hawthorn, but all 3 agreed to play if majority ruled. Geelong will not play this season mainly due to transportation difficulties.

Tue 7
50 players partake in Richmond training under captain/coach Jack Dyer
New men include W. McKay (signed up in 1941), Youlden (Richmond seconds), McMahon (from Kew CYMS), Bob Powell (Richmond Recruits), Jack Burgess (from Lemnos in Golden Valley). Corporal Stan Judkins, who returned from overseas was given a hearty welcome. Boys under the age of 18 eager to play in the Boy's League were asked to attend a meeting in the clubrooms on Wednesday week.

Tues 14
The committee report that the 2nd XVIII almost certain not to function this season.

Sat 18
Richmond play two practice matches 96 players in total took part. The playing list was cut from 100 to 70.
Those cut were invited to train with the Seconds on Monday 20th April.
Best players in the first practice match were Walliker, Mooney, Wiggins, Mahomet (district), Styles (Croydon), and the Scanlon brothers (Sandringham). In the second game the best players were Doherty , McKissock (Burnley), Russell (seconds), Cook (Croydon), Burgess (Katandra), Alexander (Castlemaine), Krohan (Burnley), Fraser (seconds), Mackay (Mentone).
Doherty - the wingman from Ardmona, was particularly impressive, with The Argus reporting he is one of the club's best recruit in years. He is 20 years old, 5ft 10 and a half, and 12st 12.

Tues 21
Bill Shand, the 15 year old son of 1916-1919 player Jimmy Shand, trains with Richmond

Sat 25
Anzac Day.
The League forbids players from training on this day, but allows practice matches.
Two practice matches between Richmond players take place (at 1pm and 3pm) on the Richmond ground. Umpires are Martin Bolger and Claude Wilson. A collection for the Red Cross takes place. A crowd of 4,000 attend.
In the first practice match (made up of recruits) Mooney, Hinson, Walliker, Youldon, Wiggins, Winberg, Mahomet, F Scanlon , W Scanlon were outstanding.
The second practice match was made up of last year's players. Jones, Dyer, Guinane, Harris, Russell, Titus, Tanner, Bawden were in excellent form. Crohan, Scott, Way (Boulder) played well.

Tues 28
Committee announces that the 2nd XVIII will continue in the competition this year.

Saturday 2
Non-premiership match
Richmond 17.7.109 def Fitzroy 10.7.67 in a 'Patriotic Match' at Richmond Cricket Ground.
Attendance 15,000 / Gate 700 pounds.
Goals: Harris 5, Titus 4, Dyer 3, Brennan 3, Bawden 2
Best: Hull, Guinane, Ablett, Dyer, Harris, Bawden, Merrett, Crohan
A perpetual trophy will be struck for future matches between the two teams.

Before the match, both teams, along with American baseballers and officials lined up in a square in front of the Grandstand.
British, American, and Advance Australia Fair were played. American soldiers at sides of the square stood in salute.

A exhibition baseball match takes place as a curtain raiser, organised by Lieutenant Norman Duncan representing U.S social services. He had trained with Richmond that week.

Brigadier-General William Frederic Marquat and Brigadier-General Charles H. Morehouse (representing General Douglas MacArthur) were presented with Fitzroy and Richmond memberships.

Richmond Seconds play Fitzroy Seconds in a practice match.

Prime Minister declines invitation from Richmond to witness the Patriotic Match against Fitzroy.

Tues 19
Richmond Firsts, Seconds and Thirds all train together at Punt Road
Bill Cosgrove is part of that training session.

Tues 26
Jack Mueller of Melbourne trains with Richmond, due to a arrangement between clubs where players who cannot train on regular nights can train with other clubs. Tom Ferguson of Melbourne also trains.

Tues 2
Dick Harris takes Richmond training, as Dyer takes the night off because he is so fit and well.

A report that W Jarvie of Camberwell is the longest member of the Richmond Football Club - 56 years

Fred Burge is signed by Richmond. He was recommended by premiership player Joe Murdoch.

Thur 4
Vice Presidents Ray Dunn and J Weston tender their resignation from the committee due to war duties. The committee however grant them a leave of absence until the Annual General Meeting.
However, Dunn's resignation from Finance Committee and Weston's resignation as Assistant Secretary were accepted.
Martin Bolger was appointed Assistant Secretary, Bill Quinn to the Finance Committee.
Melbourne players E Cordner and Jack Mueller train at Richmond ground.

circa 28th
Richmond defeats a combined services team by 8 points at Richmond Cricket Ground. It raises 856 pounds with 50 per cent to be distributed to Richmond Prisoners of War fund and 50 percent to the Red Cross and Comforts Fund.
Titus kicks 8 goals. For the Combined Services, Bob Pratt kicks 7, Alby Pannam kicks 3, Ron Todd kicks 2. Other players included Jack Mueller, Allan La Fontaine. Stackpole played for the Richmond side

RAAF side vs Scarlet held at Richmond Cricket Ground.

Sun 12
A combined services team meets a Richmond team (with two non Richmond player). The combined services team wear South Melbourne colours, with white knicks.
Richmond team: Hinson, Guinane, Steele, Perkins, Sullivan, Maguire, Merrett, Mick Hughson* (from Fitzroy), Edwards, Davey, Titus, Waldron, Morris, Bawden, Harris, Dyer, Randall, Noel Price (from Fitzroy), (Emerg: Brennan (19th), Reilly, Colls, Walliker)
Mick Hughson was a late withdrawl, replaced by Fitzroy's Keith Stackpole
For the Services side, Stan Judkins plays.
Richmond 20.13 def Combined Services 19.11.
Goals: Titus (8), Dyer (4), Davey (1), Stackpole (1), Morris (1), Bawden (1), Merrett (1), Waldron (1), Harris (1), Randall (1).


Tues 18
Arthur Daws is presented with his Life Membership plaque at the committee meeting, because it wasn't ready in time for the Annual Meeting in February.
The committee announce the death of Richmond Seconds player Ossie Jennings on active service.
The committee pass a motion empowering the Selection Committee to change a selected team before the start of a game and that a player may be asked to leave the field if considered necessary.
95 year old supporter Mrs Body receives a complimentary membership ticket.
Maurie Fleming reports on possible new player Doug Heywood from Scotch College.
Committee report that cubs player Ossie Jennings has died whilst on Active Service.
Power now conferred on the Selection Committee to change the selected team prior to the commencement of the game and that a player may be asked to leave the field if considered necessary.

Mon 31
Fireman Bert Foster , Richmond 1934 Premiership player, is killed after he is knocked down by a milk wagon at the corner of Buff Road and Victoria Street in Sandringham whilst testing fire alarms. He was 36 years old.


Tues 1
A minute silence is held at the Richmond committee for the death of Bert Foster.
J Shuman offers a 1 pound trophy for the 'most hard knocked player' against Carlton
Major General Lock thanks the committee for tickets for the final matches.

Thurs 3
Harry Dyke, Maurie Fleming and Jack Dyer address the team after training, prior to their Second Semi Final against Essendon.

Sat 9
Prior to the Second Semi Final match, Harry Dyke hands over a cheque of 1800 pounds to the ex-mayor of Richmond, Cr. Sheedy, for the club's efforts for the Prisoners of War fund.

Richmond Recruits win the premiership, after going through the year undefeated.

Sat 19
Richmond lose to Essendon by 53 points in the Grand Final held at Princes Park. It is Essendon's first premiership since 1924. Dick Reynolds is carried off the ground on the shoulders of his teammates.
Brian Randall missed two 'sitters' in front of goal in the 3rd quarter. Jack Symonds kicks the ball out of bounds from 25 yards out. Titus kicked his only goal in the last quarter. He ended up kicking at least one goal in every game of the season.
The Richmond side was announced minutes before the game with Reilly and Morris included for Ablett and Hull. Smeaton is reported and rubbed out for 4 matches. Harris is reported and rubbed out for 2 matches. Jack Sullivan is reported and cleared.


circa 6th
Richmond 19.17.131 def RAAF Team 18.13.121 in Sale.
Sullivan (6 goals) best player for Richmond, Edwards second best. Bob Pratt kicked 10 goals for RAAF
Proceeds of 200 pounds given to the RAAF Welfare and Gippsland Hospital.

Awards for Season 1942 (presented at 1943 Annual General Meeting)

Best and Fairest Leo Merrett
Most Accomplished Sport Dan Guinane
Most Consistent Dick Harris
Most Unselfish Robert Bawden
Best Utility George Smeaton
Most Reliable Len Ablett
Most Effective Bert Edwards
Most Improved Jack Scott
Best Forward Jack Titus
Best First Year Player Bill Morris
Best Second 18 Recruit Fred Burge
Richmond Recruits Best and Fairest Arthur Mooney