1943 Reserves

1943 Seconds scores

Played: 16
Wins: 9
Loss: 6
Drew: 1
Position: 5th
(nb: a BYE was awarded 4 points, and a Win)

Players: (games in bracket)
Ablett (1), Babinall/Bavinall (2), Bowers (13), Brennan (1), Brock (1), Burge (9), Carbon (4), Cook (10), Crohan (6), Curran (4), Davis (11), Doherty (6), Dowling (12), Dwan (11), Everon (2), Fisher (13), Foote/Foot (3), Ford (4), Giles (6), Grant (3), Guinane (1), Higgins (1), Hill (7), Hinson (3), Hogan (1), Howard (4), Hughes (15), Hunt (4), Kemp (1), Martin (14), Matson (1), McDonald (8) McIndoe (1), McKissock (4), Mooney (15), Nutter (15), O'Bryan (9), Oppy (6), Owen (1), Peggie (2), Priestley (10), R Quinn (2), W Quinn (4), Randall (8), Reilly (11), Roberts (6), Russell (4), Searle (13), Shand (5), Shearer (1), Sinclair (1), Stammers (3), Styles (7), Symonds/Symons (6), Waldron (6), Walliker (13), Watson (1), White (2), Wiggins (14), Wilson (6), Wynward/Winward (15)

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Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
Rd 1 May 8 W32 17.18.120 Carl 13.10.88 Stammers, Wiggins, Hughes, Priestley, O'Bryan, Martin, Nutter, Mooney, McDonald, Wilson, Ford, Waldron, Randall, Doherty, Bowers, Walliker, Wynward, Dowling. (Emerg: Cook (19th), Fisher, Roberts, Shand, Dowdell.
Rd 2 May 15 L13 6.12.48 Coll 8.13.61 Oppy, Wiggins, Hughes, Wynward, O'Bryan, Martin, Nutter, Mooney, Dowling, Wilson, Doherty, Wladron, Randall, Searle, Walliker, Symons, Brennan (Emerg: Cook, Peggie, Fisher, Everon, Shand, Dowdell, Roberts.
Rd 3 May 22 D 10.6.66 8.18.66 Scotch Oval From: Martin, McKissock, Wynward, Hughes, Doherty, Oppy, Walliker, Curran, Wiggins, Mooney, O'Bryan, Stammers, Davis, Bowers, Waldron, Dwan, Randall, Burge Dowling, Cook, Nutter, Searle, Peggie , Fisher, Roberts.
Rd 4 May 29 W67 21.20.146 Ess 11.13.79 From: Martin, McKissock, Burge, O'Bryan, Oppy, Styles, Stammers, Waldron, Bowers, Curran, Dowling, Howard, Mooney, Hughes, Nutter, Dwan, Searle, Walliker, Cook, Wiggins, Wynward, Crohan, Hinson, Davis, Peggie, Grant, Fisher
Rd 5 June 5 W21 7.21.63 Melb 5.12.42 From: Martin, Burge, O'Bryan, Oppy, Randall, Reilly, Styles, Symons, Waldron, Bowers, Dowling, Hughes, Mooney, Nutter, Cook, Dwan, Searle, Walliker, Wiggins, Wynward, Crohan, Davis, Brock, Fisher, Grant.
Rd 6 June 12 L9 13.10.88 Fitz 13.19.97 From: Martin, McKissock, Oppy, Wiggins, Hughes, Styles, Mooney, Reilly, Nutter, Crohan, Howard, Waldron, Dwan, Cook, Priestley, Bowers, Randall, Wynward, Dowling, Searle, Fisher, Grant, Shand
Rd 7 June 19 W23 12.15.87 Sth Melb 8.18.66 From: Hughes, Reilly, Searle, Oppy, Priestley, Walliker, Wynward, Shand, everon, Hill Styles, Giles, Davis, Mooney, Ford, Curran, Bowers, Fisher, Howard, O'Bryan, Wiggins, Cohen, Dowling, Dwan, Sinclair, Nutter, Hogan, Cook. (Before the game Sth only had 13 men. They coerced 3 'novices who were standing the room, and Hughie Fleming on leave from northern battle station played the game in his military boots and kicked 2 goals. Former captain Pat McNamara took the field after halftime to make it 18 players, wearing another teammates boots that were 3 sizes too big)
Rd 8 June 26 W7 15.15.105 Haw 15.8.98 Martin, Hughes, Davis, Reilly, Fisher, White, Priestley, O'Bryan, Nutter, Mooney, Crohan, Dowling, Ford, Wiggins, Shand, Searle, Bowers, Hunt, Hill, Giles, McDonald, Walliker, Wynward
Rd 9 July 3 L39 6.12.48 Nth Melb 12.15.87 Martin, Hughes, Davis, Searle, Mooney, Burge, Winward, White, Nutter, Giles, Hunt, Priestley, Ford, Symonds, Fisher, Shand, Walliker, Reilly,Owen, Babinall, Kemp, Bowers, McDonald, Wiggins, O'Bryan
Rd 10 July 10 W BYE
Rd 11 July 17 W26 8.16.62 Footscray 4.12.36 Martin, Shand, Everon, Fisher, Burge, Bowers, Guinane, O'Bryan, Reilly, Symons, Dwan, Crohan, Roberts, Davis, Hunt, Hughes, Mooney, Nutter, Hill, Searle, Walliker, Higgins, Winward, McDonald, Bavinall, Cook
Rd 12 July 31 W61 20.10.130 Melb 9.15.69 Albert Grd From: Martin, Ablett, Nutter, Searle, Doherty, Dwan, Reilly, Winward, Wiggins, Foot, Walliker, Roberts, Burge, Styles, Hunt, Mooney, Curran, Cook, Bowers, Dowling, Fisher, Davis, Hughes, Hill, Wilson, Priestley
Rd 13 Aug 7 W10 14.11.95 Coll 12.13.85 From: Martin, Burge, Priestley, R Quinn, W Quinn, Randall, Reilly, Styles, Bowers, Dowling, Giles, Dwan, Hill , Hughes, Mooney, Nutter, Cook, Searle, Walliker, Wiggins, Wilson, Wynward, Fisher, Carbon, Russell, Foote, Davis, McDonald.
Rd 14 Aug 14 L42 3.13.31 Carl 11.7.73 From: Hughes, Nutter, Hill, Carbon, Foote, Walliker, Reilly, Dowling, Fisher, Cook, McIndoe, Searl, Wiggins, Randall, Mooney, Priestley, R Quinn, W Quinn, Burge, Wynward, Dwan, Russell, Wilson, Martin, Giles, McDonald, Roberts.
Rd 15 Aug 21 L69 6.12.48 StK 18.9.117 From: Hughes, Martin, Wilson, Doherty, Carbo, Searl, Giles, Wiggins, Symons, Mooney, Priestley, Hinson, Reilly, W Quinn, McDonald, Winward, Styles, Fisher, Russell, Randall, Walliker, Bowers, Davis, Dwan, McKissock, Nutter, Roberts, Howard.
Rd 16 Aug 28 L35 8.11.59 Ess 13.16.94 From: Martin, Hill, Davis, Dowling, Dwan, Hughes, Mooney, Nutter, Priestley, Reilly, Russell, Symons, Watson, Wiggins, Wynwood, Carbon, Hinson, W. Quinn, McDonald, Matson, Shearer, Fisher, Roberts, Bowers, Burge, Doherty.

NB: Hill is possibly J Hill
O'Bryan/O'Brien = Peter O'Bryan(Leongatha. See also War page)


St Kilda 1222167.652
Fitzroy 1303160.752
Collingwood 1213140.050
South Melbourne 1105103.644
North Melbourne70973.728

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