1944 Chronology



Tues 18
Photographer Boyle presents the club with 57 small photos of the 1943 Premiership Team.
The Governor of Victoria advises he will be unable to attend Richmond's Annual General Meeting.
Names of deceased life members are removed from the printed Annual Report and instead a photo of the 1943 Premiership side is included on request of Charles Turner and Les Goring.


Tues 15
Jack Titus is elected to the Richmond Board for the first time.


Tues 14
High Commissioner of New Zealand , Mr D Alton, presented the club with a cheque of 1-1-0
The committee refuse Melbourne's request to interview Jack Symons and Brian Randall.
The Melbourne Boys League asks for the return of the shield so they can engrave the name of the winning club from last year.
The Committee invite StKilda to use their ground next Monday to train as they are experiencing difficulties.

Tues 28
President Harry Dyke suggest that on training nights 'likely good players' were to be handed numbered guernseys, with those numbers to be the same from week to week.


Thurs 13th
William Quinn tenders his resignation as a selector, then withdraws his resignation after speaking to the President, Vice President Kennelly and Secretary.
StKilda request to interview Jack Symons.
The Boot Studder, C Gregson, purchases Boot Studs out of his own private money.


Tues 9
Maurie Fleming is granted permission to collect on behalf of the club , clothing ration coupons for Members for purchasing uniforms for players.
The race at Punt Road is to be repaired, and bags to be made for past Premiership flags.

Tues 23rd
Training Room broken into, but apart from a broken window, nothing was stolen.
The reserve section of the stand is to be repainted and renumbered with the two front rows exclusively for committee members.


Tues 20
Richmond refuse to grant a clearance for 1943 premiership player Roy Quinn. Carlton had requested an interview with him in the previous week.
Selection Committee decide that training rooms to be closed 1/2 hour before commencement of games and at halftime for supporters.

Fri 23
Angus MacIsaac , who played with Richmond in the 1920s, dies when his car is hit by a train in Euroa.


Tues 4
The commanding officer at Benalla Station advises he is unable to grant leave for Bill MOrris to play on Saturday. The Committee write to the Officer asking him to reconsider as Morris had completed a certain amount of flying hours


Tues 1st
For the third time this year, a football club (Fitzroy), requests a clearance for Jack Symons to play for them. The Committee endorse the clearance. Symond would play ruck-rover in Fitzroy's 1944 Premiership win over Richmond.

Tues 15
Jack Titus and Dick Harris complain to the VFL of bad shower arrangements at North Melbourne, Carlton and Fitzroy.

Sat 26
Richmond Districts play in Semi Final at Toorak Park. Richmond Committee provide the team with oranges and sherry.

Thurs 31
Photos taken of 1943 and 1944 teams, including staff and committee at Allan's studios.


Tues 12th
Various donors agree to present statuettes, kit bag, wall mirror, vase, inlaid tray and wallets to players if the win the Premiership.

circa 26
Players hold a meeting protesting the disqualification of Jack Broadstock and request the committee press for the introduction of an Appeal Board.
Jack Dyer complains to the President about the lack of hot showers at StKilda.


Thurs 7
Out of pocket expenses incurred by committeemen for use of their private cards to be paid by the Club. The cost not to exceed 6d per mile. Cars were used to bring service players from country camps and stations to play, and then to drivethem back, as a result of rail restrictions.