1944 Reserves

1944 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 5
Lost: 13
Drew: 0
Position: 10th

" The Cubs played 61 players in their 18 games..they were unable to field the same side two weeks running owing to Service leave and duties" (AR)

Players: (games in brackets)
Ablett (1), Abraham (3), Ashby (5), Benson (4), Bolger (9), Bourke(Burke) (3), Bowers (9), Brannan (1), Brooks (2), Burdenhall (3), Burge (10), Cameron (4), J Cartwright (16), S Cartwright (16), Causon/Canson (5), Colls (1), Conway (7), C Cook (6), F Cook (1), K Cook (3), Curran (3), Davey (1), Davis (9), Deagan (4), D'Oliver (7), Durham (1), Dwan (1), Evans (1), Everon/Everton (1), Fisher (12), Fraser (1), Grant (7), Hinson (11), Hughes (14), Jones (2), Jenkins (15), Judkins (1), Kallady/Kalladay (10), Kemp (4), Lewis (14), Martin (5), Maskiell (4), McCarthy (18), McDonald (7), McIlveen (2), Mooney (5), Nagle (3), O'Neill (5), Porter (8), Potter (12), Priestly (13), Quinn (9), Randall (2), Rice (1), Rimington (3), Rochford (13), Scott (1), Searl(e) (15), Stammers (13), Symonds (3), Taylor (2), Turner (18), Wadsworth (3), Waldron (1), Wiggins (6), Williams (Initial not defined) 3, Dave Williams (7), Doug Williams (7), Wilson (9), Winward (11), Youlden (1)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 May 6 L8 11.12.78 Melb 11.20.86 Rich City Reserve From: Bowers, Brannan, Brooks, S Cartwright, Dwan, Davis, Fisher, Hinson, Hughes, McCarthy, Jenkins, Kallady, Lewis, Mooney, Quinn, Potter, Rimington, Rochford, Searle, Stammers, Symonds, Turner, Wiggins, Wilson
2May 13 W73 19.15.129 Nth Melb 7.14.56 Wilson (6) From: Benson, Brooks, Bourke, Cartwright (2), Davis, Everon, Fisher, Jenkins, Henson, Hughes, Kallady, Lewis, McCarthy, J McDonald, Mooney, Potter, Priestley, Quinn, Rimington, Rochford, Searle, Stammers, Turner, Wilson.
3 May 20 W24 17.20.122 Essendon 14.14.98 Rich City Reserve O'Neill, Cartwright, Fisher, Symonds, Turner, Kalladay, Stammers, Searle, Rimington, McCarthy, Priestley, McDonald, Hinson, Benson, Rochford, C. Cook, Mooney, Hughes, Lewis, Burke, Wilson, Davey.
4 May 27 L61 9.12.66 Fitzroy 18.19.127 O'Neill, Hinson, Hughes, Mooney, Priestley, Searle, Stammers, Turner, S. Cartwright, J Cartwright, Jenkins, Kalladay, Lewis, Benson, Cameron, Davis, Fisher, F Cook, C Cook, McDonald, McCarthy, Rice, Rochford, Bourke, Wilson.
5 June 3 L32 7.16.58 Carlton 13.12.90 O'Neill, Hinson, Hughes, Mooney, Priestley, Quinn, Searle, Symonds, Turner, Wilson, McCarthy, Jenkins, Kallady, Lewis, Benson, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, Davis, Fisher, Rochford, Stammers, F Cook, C Cook, Cameron, Brudenel, Wadsworth
6 June 10 L23 10.5.65 Footscray 12.16.88 O'Neill, Hinson, Hughes, Priestley, Randall, Searle, Stammers, Turner, Wilson, McCarthy, Jenkins, S Cartwright, J Cartwright, Kallady, Lewis, Potter, Cameron, Davis, fisher, Rochford, C Cook, Nagle, Burdenall, Wadsworth.
7 June 17 W12 15.5.95 Geelong 11.17.83Toorak Park O'Neill, Hughes, Randall, Hinson, Quinn, Stammers, Turner, McCarthy, K Cook, Jenkins, S Cartwright, Kallady, Lewis, Potter, Taylor, J Cartwright, Davis, Fisher, Rochford, Nagle, Burdenall, Evans, Youlden, Wadsworth.
8 June 24 L9 12.7.79 Sth Melb 12.16.88 Toorak Park From: Bolger, Burge, Scott, Priestley, Stammers, Turner, Winward, MCarthy, Fraser, Jenkins, Kallady, Lewis, Potter, S Cartwright, J Cartwright, Davis, Fisher, Rochford, Colls, Martin, Nagle, Kemp, Conway
9 July 1 L8 11.12.78 StKilda 12.14.86 Old Scotch Ground From: Bolger, Priestley, Williams, Stammers, Turner, Winward, Burge, McCarthy, Rochford, S Cartwright, Jenkins, Kallady, Lewis, Potter, Taylor, Cameron, Fisher, Conway, Martin, Kemp, Curran, Quinn, Searle.
10 July 8 W27 12.17.89 Hawthorn 8.14.62 From: Bolger, Bowers, Henson, S Cartwright, Jenkins, J Cartwright, Kallady, Potter, Fisher, Abraham, McDonald, Priestley, Searle, Stammers, Grant, Winward, McCarthy, Burge, Martin, Williams, Canson, D'Oliver, Lewis, Turner, Conway, Quinn.
11 July 15 L120 5.11.41 Collingwood 23.23.161 Bolger, Bowers, Burge, Curran,Henson, Hughes, McCarthy, Martin, Priestley, Searle, Stammers, Turner, Winward, Deagan, J Cartwright, Jenkins, S Cartwright, Potter, Porter, Fisher, Conway, D'Oliver, Causon, Williams
12 July 22 W1 11.16.82 Melbourne 11.15.81 Albert Ground Bolger, Bowers, Burge, Hinson, Hughes, McCarthy, Martin, Priestley, Quinn, Turner, Winward, Deagan, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, Conway, D'Oliver, Canson, Jenkins, Potter, Porter, Grant, McDonald, Doug Williams, Dave Williams,
13 July 29 L9 11.13.79 Nth Melb 12.16. 88 Bolger, Burge, Hughes, McCarthy, Priestley, Quinn, Searle, Turner, Wiggins, Porter, Maskiell, Causon, McIlveen, Grant, Winward, Dave Williams, Deagan, Doug Williams, Conway, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, D'Oliver, Jenkins, Potter, Abraham
14 Aug 5 L11 12.13.85 Essendon 14.12.96 Bolger, Bowers, Burge, Curran, Hughes, McCarthy, Priestley, Searl, Turner, Grant, Wiggins, Doug Williams, S Cartwright, J Cartwright, Lewis, Potter, Porter, Conway D'Oliver, Dave Williams, Canson, Winward, Abraham, McIlveen, Ashby, Maskiell.
15 Aug 12 L23 12.13.85 Fitzroy 15.18.108 Bolger, Hughes, J Cartwright, Jenkins, Lewis, Searl, Turner, Wiggins, Winward, Potter, Doug Williams, Davis, Fischer, Rochford, D'Oliver, Maskiell, Ashby, Dave Williams, Grant, Priestley, Waldron, Burge, Bowers, Porter, McCarthy
16 Aug 19 L59 8.8.56 Carlton 17.13.115 Bolger, Hughes, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, Jenkins, Lewis, McCarthy, Porter, Rochford, Searl, Winward, Doug Williams, D'Oliver, Ashby, Maskiell, Turner, Wilson, Bowers, K Cook, C Cook, McDonald, Grant, Dave Williams, Ablett
17 Aug 26 L20 10.12.72 Footscray 12.20.92 Bowers, Burge, Dragan, Durham, Kemp, Jenkins, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, McCarthy, Rochford, Searl, Turner, Wiggins, Jones, Doug Williams, Porter, Davis, Ashby, Winward, Grant, Stammers, Dave Williams, Wilson
18 Sept 2 L74 9.15.69 Collingwood 22.11.143 Bowers, Burge, Hinson, Hughes, Kemp, JUdkins, S Cartwright, J Cartwright, K Cook, C Cook, Lewis, McCarthy, Quinn, Rochford, Searl, Stammers, Turner, Wiggins, Wilson, Winward, Doug Williams, Dave Williams, Porter, Jones, McDonald, Ashby

Footscray 1404125.056
Fitzroy 1314134.054
Collingwood 1305145.652
St Kilda 1206122.648
Carlton 1017108.042
South Melbourne 90986.436
North Melbourne801087.032
Notes: J Ashby granted a union clearance to play with Bacchus Marsh in 1946