1954 Reserves


1954 Seconds scores

Played: 21
Wins: 14 (incl Finals)
Loss: 6
Drew: 1
Position: Premiers

Players (tallied by Peter Foot from below game x game). (first number is gamnes,
Audas (6,2), Austen (14,1), Bates (2), Betson (1,1), Boland (17,11), Bowen (2), Bradley (8,11), Burns (1), Carrick (7,2), Clarke (6), Claxton (6,8), G. Cox (16,8), L. Cox (18,10), Cox (initial undefined) ), (1,3), Craig (14,3), Croysdale (5,1), Davie (1,3), Dummett (13,30), Dunin (1,1), Eade (16,8), Fraser (2), Gilmour (3,1), Green (8), Hafey (10), Hall (3,5), Hart (16,42), Harwood (1) Hennessy (7,1), Hogan (9,3), Howard (17), Jenkins (12,6), Johns (12), Jones (8,1), Lane (15,1), Langridge (7,9), McConnell (20), McGown (McGowan), (20,1), Morcom (19,20), Naismith (3), Nix (4), Patterson (4,2), Pruden (1), Richardson (1), Ritchie (1), Roberts (5), Robson (20,10), Rowe (2,2), Rule (3), Ryan (13,2), Sawatzky (15,13), Sharp (11,6), Slater (11)

Players: (as from team photo/newspaper articles)
Bruce Craig, A Johns, J Croysdale,J Jenkins, John Robson, K Bradley, D Jones, S Morcom, W Green, A Roberts, Ken McGown, V Naismith, R Dummett, D Hart, J Claxton, Cliff Eade, Herb Sawatzky, Col Austen (capt/coach), Brian Boland, Frank Slater, C Howard, Frank Ryan, Tom Hafey, Lance Cox, A McConnell, B Rule, G Cox, Gilmour, Davie, Audas, Hall, Patterson, Hogan , Hennessy, Nix, Lane, Croisdale, Laurie Sharp, Jim Walton, Martin Davis, Tom Connors, Allan Cooke

A Roberts = Arthur Roberts, 18 year old wingman ?
D Jones = Daryl Jones,19 yr old centreman, not related to Les Jones

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
Rd 1 17 April W13 12.15.87 Nth 11.8.74 Punt Road Morcom (4), Davie (3), Hall (2), Dummett (1), Cox (1), Gilmour (1). Teams from: Austin, Audas, Bates,Boland, Clarke, G Cox, L Cox, Davie, Dummett, Eade, Gilmore, Green, Hafey, Hall, Hennessy, Hogan, Howard, Lane, McGowan, McConnell, Morcom, Pruden, Robson, Roberts Best: Morcom, Green, Dummett, Hall McGowan, Audas.
Rd 2 24 April L10 7.8.50 Footscray 9.6.60 Footscray Team: Hafey, Green, Clarke, Austen, McGown, Howard, Boland, Audas, Nix, Bates, Dummett, Eade, Gilmore, Morcom, Hogan, Patterson, Lane, Cox, (Reserves: Sawatzky, Bowen), (Emerg: McConnell) Goalless in 1st and 3rd quarters
Rd 3 1 May L16 10.17.77 Carlton 13.15.93 Hart (2), Morcom (2), Patterson (1), Audas (1), Austen (1), Cox (1) , Eadie (1), Dunin (1). Team from: Hafey, Bowen, Lane, Austen, McGown, Clarke, Audas, Nix, Boland, Eade, Hart, G Cox, Robson, Morcom, L Cox, Dunin, Patterson, Hogan, Gilmore, Howard, McConnell, Sawatzky Best: Audas, Eadie, Patterson, Morcom, Hafey, Hart.
Rd 4 8 May W35 17.10.112 Sth Melb 11.11.77 Lake Oval Hart (7), Hogan (3), Sawatzky (3) Dummett (2), Hall (1), Robson (1) Team from: Austen, Boland, L.Cox, Craig, Clarke, Dummett, Green, Hall, Hart, Hafey, Hennessy, Hogan, Howard, Lane, Morcom, McConnell, McGowan, Patterson, Robson, Sawatzky Best: Dummett, Hall, Hart, Sawatzky, Boland, Green.
Rd 5 15 May L6 12.12.84 Melb 15.5.90 MCG Sawatzky (3), Dummett (3), Hart (2), Hall (2), Cox (1), Patterson (1). Team: Hafey, Patterson , Craig, Austin, McGown, Eade, Ryan, Nix, Hogan, J Cox, Dummett, Howard, L. Cox, Hart, Robson, Swatazky, Lane, Hall, (Reserves: McConnell, Roberts) Best: Sawatzky, Hafey, Hogan, Hall, Nix ,Lane
Rd 6 22 May Draw 9.3.57 Hawthorn 6.21.57 Hawthorn Morcom (2), G. Cox (2), L. Cox (2), Hennessy (1), Hart (1), Dummett (1) Team: Austen, Boland, Craig, L Cox, Croysdale, Dummett, Howard, Hogan, Hart, Hennessy, Jones, Lane, McGown, Morcom, McConnell, Nix, Naismith, Ritchie, Ryan, Roberts, Robson Best: Morcom, G.Cox, Ritchie, L. Cox, Boland, McGowan, McConnell.
Rd 7 29 May W44 13.11.89 Coll 5.15.45 Punt Road Hart (7), L. Cox (2), Robson (1), Croisdale (1), G.Cox (1), Audas (1). Team: McConnell, Johns, Craig, Slater, McGown, Hennessy, Boland, Sharp, Ryan, Hogan, Carrack, Audas, Jenkins, Hart, L.Cox, Robson, Jones, G Cox, (Reserves: Langridge, Naismith) (Emergency: Roberts) Best: Audas, Boland, Ryan, McConnell, G. Cox, L. Cox.
Rd 8 5 June W37 13.15.93 StKilda 6.20.56 StKilda Hart 5, Sharpe 3, Morcom 2, G Cox 2, Ryan 1 Team: McConnell, Johns, Clarke, Howard, Jones, Slater, Hogan, Audas, Ryan, Sharp, Morcom, Hennessy, Jenkins, Hart, L Cox, Robson, Croysdale, G Cox, Fraser, Carrick. Best: Ryan, Hart, Robson, G Cox, Audas, L Cox
Rd 9 12 June L16 11.8.74 Fitzroy 12.18.90 Morcom 4, Hart 2, Eade 2, Sharp 2, G Cox 1 Team: Austen, Audas, Bolandm Burns, Carrick, Clarke, Croysdale, G Cox, L Cox, Eade, Green, Hart, Hennessy, K Hogan, Howard, Jones, Lane, McConnell, McGown, Morcom, Robson, Ryan, Sharpe, Slater Best: Hart, Slater, L Cox, Eade, Morcom, Ryan, G Cox
Rd 10 26 June W11 12.17.89 Geelong 11.12.78 Langridge 4, Dummett 4, Morcom 3, Robson 1 Team: McConnell, Johns, Croysdale, Slater, McGowan, Austen, Boland, Sharp, Ryan, Green, Dummett, Eade, Robson, Morcom, Langridge, Sawatzky, Lane, G Cox (Reserves: Howard, Hennessy) (Emergency : Clarke, Hogan, Jones). Langridge, Slater, Boland, Dummett, Ryan, G Cox. Bus leaves at 11am
Rd 11 3 July L28 8.11.59 Ess 12.15.87 Morcom 3, Sawatzky 2, Boland 2, Hart 1 Team: McConnell, Johns, Lane, Howard, McGown, Slater, Boland, Sharp, Ryan, Eade, Hart, Austen, Robson, Morcom, Langridge, Sawatzky, Green, L Cox, (Emergency: Craig, Jones) Best: Slater, L Cox, Boland, McConnell, Hart, Robson
Rd 12 10 July W3 11.10.76 Nth Melb 10.13.73 Team: McConnell, Johns, Lane, Austen, McGown, Eade, Boland, Slater, Ryan, Morcom, Hart, Sharp, Robson, Bradley, Langridge, Sawatszky, Jenkins, L Cox (Emergency: Green, Jones, Croysdale)
Rd 13 17 July W77 16.16.112 Foot 6.5.35 Hart 4, Bradley 4, Langridge 3, L Cox 1, Robson 1, Lane 1, Craig 1, Eade 1 McConnell, Johns, Jenkins, Howard, McGown, Austen, Boland, Slater, Ryan, Sharp, Hart, Eade, Morcom, Bradley, Langridge, Robson, Lane, L Cox, (Emerg: Craig, Jones, Croysdale, Roberts) Best: Slater, Hart, McConnell, Langridge, Robson, Sharp,
Rd 14 31 July W46 22.11.143 Carl 15.7.97 Bradley 5, Boland 4, Jenkins 3, Hart 3, Langridge 2, Sharp 1, Robson 1, Ryan 1, Betson 1, Craig 1 Team: McConnell, Johns, Sawatzky, McGowan, Morcom, Howard, Boland, Sharp, Ryan, Craig, Hart, Lane, Langridge, Bradley, Jenkins, Betson, Robson, G Cox, (Reserves: P Harwood, Fraser) Best: Sharp, Boland, Hart, Betson, Ryan, Robson
Rd 15 7 Aug W45 14.21.105 Sth 9.6.60 Bradley 2, L Cox 2, Eade 2, H Rowe 2, Robson 1, G Cox 1 , Carrick 1, Craig 1, McGowan 1, Jones 1. Team: McConnell, Morcom, Johns, Howard, Slater, McGown, A Rowe, Sharp, Langridge, Craig, Dummett, Eade, L Cox, Bradley, Sawatzky, Robson, Jenkins, G. Cox, (Reserves: Carrick, Jones) (Emerg: Lane, Claxton) Best: Robson, Slater, G Cox, H Rowe, L Cox, Craig
Rd 16 14 Aug L52 6.11.47 Melb 15.9.9 Jack Mueller kicks 8 goals for Melb. [http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article23433371 Team: McConnell, Morcom, Sawatzky, Eade, Johns, Carrick, H Rowe, Boland, Rule, Craig, Dummett, McGown, Jenkins, Bradley, L Cox, Robson, Lane, G Cox, (Reserves: Jones, Claxton) Best: John Robson (rover), Ken McGown (half forward), Havel Rowe (centre), Herb Sawatzky (ruck), Bruce Craig (half forward), Cliff Eade (half back)
Rd 17 21 Aug W2 9.10.64 Haw 8.14.62 Team from: Bolan, Bradley, Carrick, Claxton, G Cox, L Cox, Craig, Dummett, Eade, Green, Hafey, Hart, Howard, Jenkins, Johns, Lane, McConnell, McGown, Morcom, Richardson, Roberts, Robson, Rule, Sawatzky Best: Lance Cox, John Robson, Don Hart, Stan Morcom, John Jenkins, Brian Boland]
Rd 18 28 Aug W46 13.12.90 Coll 6.8.44 Dummett 6, Hart 3, Robson 3, Carrick 1, Team from: Bradley, Carrick, Claxton Craig, G Cox, L Cox, Dummett, Eade, Hafey, Howard, Hart, Jenkins, Johns, Jones, Lane, McConnell, McGowan, Morcom, Naismith, Roberts, Robson, Rule, Sawatzky, Sharp. Best: Sawatzky, Claxton, L Cox, Robson, G Cox
SF 4 Sept W52 13.12.90 Ess 4.14.38 MCG Goals: Hart (4), Dummett (3), Claxton (3), G. Cox (1), L. Cox (1), Sawatzky (1). Curtain raiser for Melb v Nth. Team: Hafey, Morcom, Jenkins, McGowan, Slater, Austen, Ryan, Sharp, McConnell, Claxton, Hart, G. Cox, Sawatzky, Dummett, L. Cox, Robson, Craig, Boland, Eadie, Johns. (Best: Hafey, G. Cox, Dummett, Slater, O'Connell)
PF 18 Sept W84 23.14.152 Carl 10.8.68 MCG Dummett (7), Boland (4), Claxton (4), Sawatzky (3), L Cox (2), Jenkins (2), Eade. Hafey, Morcom, Jenkins, McGown, Slater, Austen, Ryan, Claxton, McConnell, Eade, Hart, G. Cox, Sawatzky, Dummett, L. Cox, Robson, Craig, Boland, Bradley, Howard
GF 25 Sept W47 10.20.80 Melb 4.9.33 MCG Dummett (3), Hart, Robson, Boland, Eade, Claxton, Jenkin, Sawatzky Hafey, Morcom, Jenkins, McGown, Slater, Austen, Ryan, G. Cox, McConnell, Claxton, Hart, Eade, Sawatzky, Dummett, L Cox, Robson, Craig, Boland, Howard, Green.

Notes: Alex Johns was full back from Sth Mildura. Went on to coach Altona City Under 17. He was full back for Richmond Seconds and missed some games due to thumb injury

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