1955 Reserves

1955 Reserves scores


Players (tallied by Peter Foot from match x match below). (first number is games played, second number is goals)
Allsopp (6,14), Anderson (1), Andrews (10,8), Austen (8), Betson (4,1), Bloodworth (13,2), Bradley (5,2), Burns (1), Carrick (8,13), Carroll (5,1), Claxton (13,17), Collins (1), Conners (9), (1), Cooke (3,1), G. Cox (11,6), L. Cox (14,10), Craig (4), Davis (18,1), Davies (7,3), Dubany (1), Dummett (12,42), Dunin (2,2), Flanagan (15,1), Fraser (4), Gorwell (9,1), Hafey (3), Hall (undefined) (4,3) R. Hall (2,2), W. Hall (2), Hoban (1), Jenkins (11), Kerrigan (4), Kidman (3), Langridge (16,20), McDonald (1,3), McDonnell (1,1), McGown (11,1), Morcom (13,6), Naismith (5), Nix (1), Prendergast (1), Rice (1,1), Ritchie (8), Robson (9,4), Rowe (2), Rule (7), Ryan (12), Saddington (4), Savage (1), Sawatzky (15,18), Seymour (12), Sharp (2), Slater (5), Walton (14,15), Ward (17), Weekes (5), Williams (3), Wilson (1)

Players: (incomplete)
J Gorwell, M Davis, R Bloodworth, S Morcom, J Walton, W Carrick, C Saddington, J Ritchie, C Flannagan, J Robson, J Jenkins, Herb Sawatzky, J Claxton, Ted Langridge, Col Austen, G Cox, R Dummett, K McGown, K Ward, Frank Ryan, Lance Cox, G Johnson, L Keyhoe

Goalkickers seems to appear on Monday in The Argus around page 17
Dummett (37) (as per GF record +5 on GF day)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 April 16 L1 10.11.71 Ess 10.12.72 Goals: McDonald 3, Langridge 2, Allsopp 1, Carroll 1, McGown 1, Sawatzky 1, Davis 1 Known players McDonald, Langridge, Allsopp, Carroll, McGown, Sawatzky, Hafey, Nix, Robson Best: Hafey, Nix, Sawatzky, McDonald, Robson, Langridge
2 Apr 23 W 10.15 Footscray 7.18 Goals: Dunin 2, Walton 2, Allsopp 2, Dummett 1, Bradley 1, Swatzsky 1, Bloodworth 1 Team : Ward, Carroll, Jenkins, Weeks, McGown, Ritchie, Bonwell (I think thats Gorwell), Davis, Kidman, Walton, Dummett, Claxton, Allsopp, Bradley, Dunin, Robson, Sawatzky, Langridge, Craig, Bloodsworth, Carrick, Wilson, Dubany, Connors
3 Apr 30 W 14.21. Geel 12.14. Davies 3, L Cox 3, Allsopp 3, Andrews 2, Dummett 2, Flanagan 1 Team: Ward, Carroll, Jenkins, Weeks, McGowan, Conwan, Kidman, Davis, Rule, N Davies, Deennul, Harrigan, Allsopp, L Andrews, Durnan, Robson, Walton L Cox, Craig, Bloodworth, (Emergency Carrick, BRadley, Wilson, Williams) Best: L Cox, Dummett, Ward, Robson, Davies, Dunin
4 May 7 W 11.14. Sth Melb 8.6 Langridge 2, Andrews 2, Allsopp 2, G Cox 2, Walton 1, Sawatzky 1, Dummett 1. Team: Hafey, Morgan, Jenkins, Weeks, McGowan, Ward, H Rowe, Davis, Bryan, Seymour, Dummett, Langridge, Walton, Andrews, Allsopp, Sawatzky, Flanagan, G Cox , Craig, Carroll. (Emerg: Bloodworth, Carrick, Williams, Connors Best: Walton, Flanagan, Allsopp, Sawatzky, Ryan, Morcom
5 May 16 W .16.14 Fitz 6.13. Goals: Walton 4, Swatazky 3, Andrews 2, Dummett 2, Hall 1, Langridge 1, G Cox 1, Allsopp 1, Robson 1 Teams: Hafey, Morcom, Jenkins, Flanagan, Davies, Ward, H.Rowe, Langridge, M Davis, Seymour, Dummett, G Cox, Swatzky, Andrews, Allsopp, Robson, Walton, Hall, (Reserves: Craig, Weeks) (Emergency (Millman, Bloodworth, Carroll) Best: Rowe, Sawatzky, Walton, Langridge, G Cox, Robson
6 May 21 W 9.25. Nth 3.4.22 Nth Melb Ground (as Punt Road used for Rugby) Teams: Allsopp, Andrews, Bloodworth, Bradley, Carroll, Connell (this could be McConnell from prev year), Davis, Davies, Dummett, Flanagan, Hall, Jenkins, Kidman, McGowan, Morcom, Ritchie, Ryan, Rule, Swatazky, Walton, Ward, Weekes, Williams.
7 May 28 W 15.21. StK 4.12. Goals Claxton 4, Dummett 2, Andrews 2, Sawatzky, 2, G Cox 2, L Cox 1, Betson 1, McDonnell 1 Team: Ward, Morcom, Jenkins, Ritchie, Davies, Connors, Ryan, Hoban, Langridge, Davis, Dummett, Claxton, Walton, Andrews, L Cox, G Cox, (Reserves: Bloodworth, Rule) (Emergency: Croysdale, Bradley, Williams, Carroll)
8 June 4 . 11.10.76 Haw 7.6.49 Goals: Dummett 4, Langridge 3, Sawatzky 2, Claxton 1, L Cox 1 Team: Ward, Morcom, Jenkins, Flannagan, McGown, Connors, Ryan, G Cox, Davis, Seymour, Davies, Claxton, Walton, Dummett, Langridge, Swatzsky, Betson, L Cox (Reserves: Rule, Bloodworth. (Emergency (Carroll, Williams, Croysdale) Best: Betson, G Cox, Jenkins, Langridge, Connors, Ryan,
9 June 11 W 20.14 Melb 10.10 Team: Ward, Morcom, Jenkins, Davis, McGown, Connors, Ryan, G Cox, Rule, Claxton, Davies, Seymour, Andrews, Dummett, Langridge, Betson, Flanagan, L Cox, (Reserves: Carrick, Williams Millman, Radley, Bloodworth) Footy Record has Dummett kicking 20 goals, and Allsopp with 14, Sawatzky 13 up to and including this game.
10 June 25 L 5.11.41 Coll 6.6.42 Dummett 2 Team from: Andrews, Austen, Betson, Bloodworth, Bradley, Carrick, Claxton, Connors, G Cox, L Cox, Davies, Davis, Dummett, Flanagan, Jenkins, Langridge, McGown, Morcom, Rule, Swatzky, Seymour, alton, Ward, Williams
11 July 2 W 18.21. Carl 14.18. Dummett 6
12 July 9 W 10.15.75 Ess 6.8 44 Goals: Walton 4, Morcom 2, Claxton 2, Bradley 1, Cooke 1 Team: Ward, Flanagan, Connors, Ritchie, Slater, Austin, Bloodworth, Sharp, Gorwell, Claxton, Bradley, Davis, Walton, Morcom, Langridge, Cooke, Swatazky, L Cox , (Reserves: Seymour, Naismith) (Emergency: Anderson, Williams) Best: Laurie Sharp, Herb Sawatzsky, Jim Walton, Martin Davis, Alan Cooke, Tom Connors
13 July 16 7.14. Foots 8.10.58 Goals: Langridge (amount unknown) Team: Ward, Flanagan, Connors, Davis, Bradley, Kerrigan, G Fraser, Sharp, Bloodworth, Gorwell, Seymour, Langridge, Andrews, Carrick, L Cox, Slater, Naismith, G Cox (Reserves: Anderson, Williams)
14 July 23 17.13 Geel 7.13 Goals: Langridge 3, Swatazky (unknown), Claxton (unknown) Team: Ward, Flanagan, Connors, Austen, Slater, Davis, G Fraser, G Cox, Ryan, Gorwell, Bloodworth, Claxton, Walton, Carrick, L Cox, Swatzsky, Cooke, Langridge, (Reserves: Seymour, Kerrigan) (Emergency: Rule )
15 July 30 15.16. Sth 8.6.54 Goals: Claxton 3, Team: Ward, Flanigan, Naismith, Austen, Malcolm (believe this is Morcom), Keerigan, Bloodworth, Langridge, Ryan, Fraser, Seymour, Claxton, Walton, Carrick, Hall, Swatzky, Robson, L Cox, (Emergency: Rule, Williams, Anderson)
16 Aug 6 W 17.13 Fitz 1.7.13 Carrick 8, Walton 4, Hall 2, Claxton 1, Langridge 1, G Cox 1 Team: Ward, Flanagan, Saddington, Austen, Ritchie, Davis, Ryan, G Cox, Gorwell, Claxton, Morcom, Langridge, Walton, Carrick, Hall, Sawatzky, Naismith, L Cox (Reserves: Seymour, Fraser) (Emergency: Anderson, Williams) Best: Ryan, Carrick, G Cox, Walton, Hall, Naismith.
17 Aug 13 W 11.10.76 Nth 7.7.49 Carrick 5, Morcom 2, L Cox 1, Robson 1, Langridge 1, Claxton 1 Team from Austen, Andrews, Bloodworth, Carrick, Claxton, Cooke, G Cox, L Cox, Davis, Flanagan, Gorwell, R Hall, W Hall, Langridge, McGow, Morcom, Naismith, B Roson, Rule, Ryan, Saddington, Sawatzky, Seymour, Slater, Ward. Best: Hall, Ward, Naismith, Sawatzky, Carrick, L Cox
18 Aug 20 W 11.19 StK 6.6.35 Robson 2, L Cox 2, Claxton 2, R Hall 2, Gorwell 1, Rice 1, Bloodworth 1 Team: Kerrigan, Saddington, G Collins, W Hall, Slater, Ritchie, Ryan, Davis, Gorwell, Claxton, Seymour, Bloodworth, Andrews, Rice, R Hall, Robson, Savage, L Cox, (Reserves: Burns, Prendagast) Best: L Cox, Robson, R Hall, Claxton, Ryan, Davis Team:
SS W24 12.12.84 Melbourne 7.18.60 Dummett 4, Morcom 2, Claxton 2, Langridge 2, L Cox 2 Team: selected in Footy Record: Ward, Flannagan, Jenkins, Austen, McGown, Ritchie, Ryan, G Cox, Gorwell, Claxton, Morcom,Davis, Walton, Dummett, Langridge, Robson, Sawatzky, L. Cox (Reserves: Bloodworth, Carrick, Naismith, Rule, Saddington)Best: L Cox, Dummett, Morcom, Claxton, Robson.
GF Sept 17 W30 13.18.96 Footscray 9.12.66 MCG Bob Dummett 5, Ted Langridge 4, Herb Sawatsky 4 Ken Ward, Charles Flannagan, John Jenkins, Col Austen (c), Col Saddington, John Ritchie, Frank Ryan, Martin Davis, James Gorwell, John Claxton, Stan Morcom, Ray Bloodworth, James Walton, Bob Dummett, Ted Langridge, John Robson, Herb Sawatsky, Lance Cox (Reserves: William Carrick, Ken McGown). (Emergency: Naismith, Rule, Williams, Anderson, Andrews, Kerrigan)

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