1957 Chronology

Saturday 5th
Jack Dyer has surgery for a duodenal ulcer and is reported by the press to be in a satisfactory condition

Monday 14th
Ray Poulter is cleared by Richmond to coach Castlemaine.

Saturday 23
In a Richmond intra-club practice match, Bob Dummett kicks 8 goals, but the standout is the find of the season, 19 year old Neville Crowe from the State Savings Bank. A feature of his ruckwork was his clear, decisive palming. He kicks 4 goals.
Others who played were Ron McDonald, Bill McKenzie (Redan), Norm Walker (Hobart), half back flanker Gordon Peake (Oakleigh Districts), wingman Peter Collins (Shepparton), follower Al Mitchell (North Ballarat), John Jenkins, Alby Yeo (half back flanker from West Adelaide) who failed to uphold his reputation as one of the best half-back flanker in Adelaide (The Age 25 March).

Tuesday 2
The VFL decide to allow television cameras to televise the final quarter of games this season.
Stations must telecast from every League ground at least once during the year, except for Geelong, or where extreme technical difficulties arise. Commentators for Ch 9 will be Ian Johnson and Phil Gibbs.

Saturday 6
Richmond practice match with new recruits Neville Crowe, Bill Clements, Dave Cuzens.