1961 Reserves

1961 Reserves scores


Players: (incomplete)
A Nolan, J Dyer, E Benetti, D Murray, L Wines, A Evans,G Wilkinson, R Hickman, R Carder, G Dwyer, R O'Brien, L Keyhoe, Bill Barrot, D Thurling, R Brownhill, G Saddington, Robert "Bob" Mills, J Richmond , R Gill.
Hmm richmond did sign Ronald McKay from Salesian College Mt Waverley, 5ft 11, 12st 7. (is it possible the Mackie listed below)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 Apri 15 L 6.13 Footscray 11.22. Richardson 2, Benetti 1, Wines 1, Serich 1, Williamson 1 Rebbechi, Cameron, Murray, Pearson, Robertson, Lietchfield, Callander, Barrot, Slockwitch, Nolan, Benetti, McLean, Wines, Serish, Moloney, Williamson, Harrington, Jacobs , (Res: Burrows, Hickman, Fitzgerald, Richmond) Best: Callander, Williamson, Benetti, Cameron Richardson, Moloney.
2 Apr 22 L 5.8.38 Collingwood 13.14. Jacobs 2, R Richardson 1, Nolan 1, Wines 1 Smith, Cameron, Murray, Litchfield, Cuzens, Hickman, Fitzgerald, Barrot, Rebbechi, Burrows, Benetti, McLean, Wines, R Richardson, Slockwitch, A Richardson, Harrington, Jacobs. (Res: Pearson, Nolan, Richmond, O'Brien) Best: McLean, Jacobs, A Richardson, Barrot, Cuzens, Cameron
3 April 29 W 10.20.80 Sth Melb 9.8.62 Benetti 3, Jacobs 2, Williamson 2, Wines 1, Richmond 1, O'Brien 1 Pearson, Cameron, Burrows, Smith, Cuzens, Hickman, Fitzgerald, Barrot, Carder, Murray, Richmond, O'Brien, Wines, Benetti, Slockwitch, Williamson, Harrington, Jacobs, (Res: Nolan, Gill, Brownhill) 2.20pm start. Best: Williamson, Pearson, Cusens, Cameron, Richmond, Jacobs.
4 May 6 W 9.14.68 Fitz 6.9.45 Harrington 3, Lockhart 2, Barrot 2, Dummett 1, Richmond 1 Pearson, Wilkinson, Murray, Hickman, Cameron, Smith, Carder, Barrot, Fitzgerald, O'Brien, Richmond, Benetti, Dyer, Dummett, Slockwitch, Harrington, Richardson, Lockhart, (Res: Bevan, Nolan, Gill, Nelson) Best: Wilkinson, Richardson, Cameron, Slockwitch, Dyer, Hickman
5 May 12 D 8.14.62 StKi 9.8.62 Dummett 3, Richmond 3, Barrot 1, Benetti 1 Pearson, Wilkinson, Murray, Hickman, Cameron, Smith, O'Brien, Rowe, Carder, Barrot, Richmond, Benetti, Slockwitch, Dummett, Dyer, Harrington, Burrows, Lockhart, (Res: Bevan, Gill, Nelson) Best: Hickman, Slockwitch, Murray, Richmond, Rowe, Dyer
6 May 20 L 1.15.11 Geelong 4.14 A Richardson 1 Pearson, Wilkinson, Murray, Richardson, Cameron, Smith, Fitzgerald, Rule, Carder, Barrot, Rowe, O'Brien, Dyer, Dummett, Lockhart, Harrington, Burrows, Slockwitch,, (Res: Beaven, Nolan Gill, Nelson, Evans, Brownhill Best: Wilkinson, Rule, Harrington, Slockwitch, Dummett, Cameron)
7 June 3 L 11.6 Hawthorn 12.13. Johnson 4, Benetti 2,Richmond 2, Lockhart 1, Carder 1, O'Brien 1 Smith, Rowe, Murray, HIckman, Burrows, Gahan, Carder, Barrot, Rule, O'Brien, Bevan, Harrington, Benetti, Lockhart, Patterson, Dyer, Johnson, (Res: Nolan, Gill, Brownhill) Best: Barrot, Johnson, Carder, Benetti, Gahan, Rowe.
8 June 12 W 8.16. Carlton 4.12. Harrington 4, Nelson 1, Guinane 1, Lockhart 1, O'Brien 1 From: Bevan, Brownhill, Murray, Gahan, Rowe, Smith, Rule, Barrot, Carder, O'Brien, Richmond, Moloney, Lockhart, Harrington, Guinane, Dyer, Loughran, Patterson, Gill, Johnson Best: Gahan, D Smith, Loughran, Guinane. O'Brien, Murray
9 June 17 W 9.9. Nth Melb 6.24 O'Brien 3, Richmond 2, Wines 2, Guinane 1, Barrot 1 Beaven, Rowe, Murray, Hickman, Gill, Gahan, Loughran Barrot, Carder, O'Brien, Richmond, Moloney, Guinane, Harrington, Lockhart, Patterson, Wines, Slockwitch,(Res: from Burgin, Vear, Thurling, Nelson) Best: Loughran, Guinane, Richmond, O'Brien, Patterson, Gill.
10 June 24 L 8.15. Essendon 14.11 Johnson 6, O'Brien 1, Harrington 1 Beaven, Rowe, Murray, Hickman, Gill, Gahan, Carder, Barrot, Moloney, O'Brien, Richmond, Loughran or Lockhart, Burrows, Harrington, Slockwitch, Patterson, Wines, Johnson, (Res: Dyer, Nolan, Dwyer) Best: Gahan, Johnson, Rowe, Patterson, O'Brien, Wines.
11 July 1 L 4.8 . Melbourne 13.14 Murray 1, Gahan 1, Thurling 1, Richmond 1 Brownhill, Rowe, Murray, Hickman, Gill, Gahan, O'Brien, Barrot, Rule, Beaven, Richmond, Moloney, Wines, Serich, Lockhart, Patterson, Burrows, Slockwitch, (Res: Thurling, Dyer, Dwyer) Best: Bevan, Patterson, Gahan, O'Brien, Gill, Rowe
12 July 8 L 3.3.21 Footscray 7.3 Burrows 1, Barrot 1, Richmond 1, O'Brien, Rowe, Murray, Hickman, Gahan, Brownhill, Rule, Barrot, Carder, Moloney, Richmond, Thurling, Hill, Serich, Slockwitch, Wines, Burrows, Lockhart (Res: Nolan, Dwyer, Evans, Nelson) Best: Rowe, O'Brien, Barrot, Wines, Slockwitch, Burrows
13 July 15 L 5.4.34 Coll 9.17 Beaven, Brownhill, Burrows, Hickman, Gill, Gahan, Callander, Barrot, Carder, Moloney, Richmond, Dwyer, Dyer, Serich, Slockwitch, Guinane, Murray, Lockhart, (Res: Wines, Nolan, Thurling) Best: Gahan, Lockhart, Moloney
14 July 29 W 9.8.Sth Melb 8.13. Benetti 3, Guinane 2, Johnson 1, Burrows 1, O'Brien 1, Richmond 1 Beavens, Cuzens, Murray, Hickman, Gill, Gahan, Callander, Barrot, Carder, O'Brien, Richmond, Rule, Burrows, Benetti, Slockwitch, Guinane, Dyer, Johnson. (Res: Wines, Nolan, Thurling) Best: Gahan, Bevan, Callender, Burrows, Guinane, Cuzens
15 Aug 5 W 14.9 Fitzroy 8.12. Benetti 5, Evans 3, O'Brien 2, Thurling 1, Keyhoe 1, Richmond 1, Saddington 1 Kresch, Wilkinson, Murray, Brownhill, Gill, HIckman, Carder, Barrot, Thurling, Dwyer, Richmond, G Saddington (surely they mean C for Col, unless he had a brother G), Wines, Benetti, Dyer, Burrows, Nolan, O'Brien (Res: from Evans, Nelson, Mills) Best: Wilkinson, Barrot, Evans, Carder, Dyer, Benetti
16 Aug 12 L 6.6.42St Kilda 20.10.130 Richmond 2, Benetti 1, O'Brien 1, Wines 1, Lockhart 1 Dyer, Wilkinson, Murray , Brownhill, Gill, Hickman, Mills, Cuzens, Carder, Barrot, Richmond, G Saddington, Wines, Benetti, O'Brien, Burrows, Nelson, Lockhart (Res: Nolan, Mackie, Vear) Best: Carder, Wilkinson, Dyer, Wines, Murray, Buyrrows
17 Aug 19 L 5.6.36 Geelong 11.19. O'Brien 2, Serich 1, Burgin 1, Rule 1 Mackie, Wilkinson, Murray, Brownhill Gill, Hickman, Rule, Hayes, Carder, Vear, Benetti, Mills, Wines, Serich, O'Brien, Hayton (I wonder if this is meant to be Hayes, or even Harrington), Guinane, Lockhart (19th and 20th from Burgin, Nolan, Martin, Thurling) Best: Wilkinson, Mills, O'Brien, Mackie, Lockhart, Serich
18 Aug 26 L 7.7.49 Haw 10.10.70 O'Brien 4, Lockhart 1, Serich 1, Burgin 1 Vear, Wilkinson, Murray, Brownhill, Gill, Hickman, Carder, Mills, O'Brien, Harrington, Serich, Lockhart, Guinane, Burgin, Hayes, (Res: Wines, Slattery) Best: Guinane, Wilkinson, O'Brien, Slattery, Mills, Hickman

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