2015 Reserves

2015 Reserves scores

Playing list:
Jaryd Cachia (c), Anthony Scott, Ed Barlow, James Wall, Ryan Bathie, Devin McFarlane, Jake Aarts, Nick Wynne, Marshall Rippon, Tom Quinn, Pat Contin, Rian McGough, Thomas Silvestro, Ryan Gale, Gerard Gleeson, Luke Conca, Jeremy Mugavin, Chris Clay, Andrew McQualter, Nick Mellington, Jack Townley, Tyson Kruse, Cameron Williams, Ben Perry.

Played: 18
Won: 5
Lost: 13
Draw: 0


Richmond Score
Opponent Score
PM121 MarchL875.7.37Geelong 19.10.124GeelongMcBean (2), Gordon (1), Petterd (1), Quinn (1) 
PM226 MarchL1182.3.15Coll 21.7.133Punt RoadReece McKenzie (2)Shaun Hampson ,Corey Ellis, Reece McKenzie, Ivan Soldo, Anthony Scott, Ryan Bathie, Devon McFarlane, Nick Wynne, Marshall Rippon, Tom Quinn, Pat Contin, Rian McGough, Thomas Silvestro, Gerard Gleeson, Luke Conca, Jeremy Mugavin, Chris Clay, Jack Townley, Cameron Williams, Sean Carr, James Darkie, Daniel Coffield, James Wall, Clayton McCartney, Ryan Thomson, Harry Kennedy. (Richmond are held scoreless in 1st and 3rd quarters)
PM34 AprilL4211.13.79Ess 18.13.121TullamarinePetterd (2), Butler (2), Lennon (2), Lambert, McDonough, Short, McBean, Gleeson David Astbury, Ricky Petterd, Chris Knights, Ty Vickery, Corey Ellis, Liam McBean, Ben Lennon, Matt McDonough, Connor Menadue, Nathan Drummond, Dan Butler, Reece McKenzie, Todd Elton, Matt Arnot, Jayden Short, Jason Castagna, Kane Lambert, Jaryd Cachia, Anthony Scott, Ryan Bathie, Devin McFarlane, Jake Aarts, Ryan Gale, Gerard Gleeson, Jeremy Mugavin, Chris Clay, Tyson Kruse, Cameron Williams
PM411 AprilL612.7.79Footscray 13.7.85Punt RoadMcBean (2), Short (2), Knights, Cachia, Barlow, Aarts, McDonough, Hampson, Quinn, McKenzie  Squad: Astbury, Petterd, Knights, Hampson, Thomas, Ellis, McBean, Lennon, McDonough, Drummond, Foley, McKenzie, Arnot, Jayden Short, Ivan Soldo, Cachia, Anthony Scott, Barlow, Bathie, McFarlane, Aarts, Wynne, Quinn, Gale, Gleeson, Mugavin, Clay, Kruse
Rd 1  18 April L15 12.13.85 Coburg 15.10.100 Piranha Park Vickery (3.0), McKenzie(2.0), Lennon (2.3), Thomas (1.0), Castagna (1.2), Barlow (1.0), Aarts (1.0), McBean (1.1) Castagna, Gale, Dea, Barlow, Elton, Wynne, Lennon, Thomas, C.Ellis, Drummond, Vickery, Foley, Arnot, McBean, McKenzie, Hampson, Cachia, Menadue, Wall, Short, Aarts, Scott, Kruse
Rd 2 25 April W53 15.12.102 Frankston 7.7.49 Frankston Oval T. Vickery (4.2), L. McBean (3.2), R. McGough (2.1), B. Lennon (2.1), S. Hampson (1.0) , N. Wynne (1.1.), J. Aarts (1.1), C. Ellis (1.0) Hampson, Wall, McGough, Ellis, Cachia, Foley, Vickery, McBean, Lennon, Wynne, Aarts, Barlow, Scott, McKenzie, Castagna, Short, Gleeson, Elton, Kruse, Dea, McFarlane, Gale, Menadue, McQualter (Players wear black arm bands. Cachia reported and suspended for 2 weeks)
Rd 3 2 May L8 15.11.101 Gee 16.13.109 Punt Road L. McBean (3.1), A. Scott (2.2), N. Wynne (2.1), G. Gleeson (2.3), S. Hampson (1.0), C. Menadue (1.0), M. McDonough (1.0), J. Wall (1.0), R. Gale (1.0) , D. McFarlane (1.0) Castagna, Scott, Wall, Dea, Menadue, Conca, McBean, Gleeson, Wynne, McFarlane, Gale, Hampson, McDonough, McQualter, Barlow, Thomas, Grimes, Short, McGough, Arnot, Elton, Williams, Kruse.
Rd 4 9 May W82 19.15.129 Nth Ballarat 6.11.47 Punt Road McBean (5.2), Vickery (3.0), McKenzie (2.1), Menadue (2.0), Wynne (2.3), McDonough (1.1), Contin (1.0), McGough (1.0), Gleeson (1.0), Hampson (1.1) Castagna, Wynne, McBean, Arnot, Scott, Dea, Vickery, Menadue, McKenzie, Hampson, Gleeson, McGough, Contin, McDonough, McFarlane, Gale, Wall, McQualter, Barlow, Thomas, Lloyd, Elton, Kruse
Rd 5 17 May L3 14.8.92 Coll 14.11.95 Punt Road McDonough (3.1), Lloyd (2.1), Gordon (2.1), Short (1.1), Hampson (1.1), Scott (1.1), B Lennon (1.0), Gleeson (1.0), Bathie (1.1), Williams (1.0) Arnot, Sampson, Dea, Cachia, McDonough, Thomas, Gordon, Lloyd, Scott, Lennon, Short, Gleeson, Williams, Bathie, Conca, MacFarlane, Gale, Wall, Barlow, McGough, Wynne, Contin, Kruse.
Rd 6 23 May L44 8.11.59 Casey 15.13.103 Casey Fields Short (2.2), Aarts (2.0), Gordon (1.1), Cachia (1.0), Lennon (1.1), McBean (1.2) Hampson, Lennon, Castagna, Dea, Thomas, Cachia, Short, Aarts, Gordon, McBean, Conca, McFarlane, Gale, Wall, Barlow, McKenzie, McGough, Astbury, Wynne, Elton, McDonough, Kruse, Mellington. (Best: Cachia, Castagna, Dea, Thomas, Lennon, McDonough, Gordon)
Rd 7 30 May L44 8.11.59 Essendon 15.13.103 Punt Road Elton (2.1), Gordon (1.0), Cachia (1.0), Lennon (1.0), McDonough (1.0), Lloyd (1.3), Mellington (1.0). Elton, Short, Wynne, Gordon, Kruse, Dea, Cachia, Lennon, Lloyd, McDonough, Mellington, McFarlane, Wall, Barlow, Hampson, Scott, McKenzie, Mugavin, Astbury, Arnot, Contin, Williams, Bathie, Richmond wears the 2015 Indigenous guernsey
Rd 8 6 June L96 5.7.37 Werribee 19.19.133 Werribee Lloyd (3.0), Lennon (1.1), McBean (1.0) Elton, Newman, Gordon, Cachia, Lloyd, Lennon, McBean, Gale, Clay, B Perry, J Wall, M Thomas, A Scott, R McKenzie, J Short, J Mugavin, M Arnot, N Wynne, P Contin, J Dunkley, McDonough, Kruse, I Soldo.
Rd 9 BYE
Rd 10 20 June L2 12.10.82 Footscray 11.18.84 Punt Road McDonough (3.0), Lennon (2.0), Lloyd (2.1), Lambert (1.2), Gordon (1.0), Barlow (1.0), Wynne (1.0), McBean (1.1) Arnot, Thomas, Lloyd, McDonough, Cachia, Lambert, Lennon, Barlow, Gordon, McBean, Wynne, Gale, Perry, Wall, Newman, McQualter, Scott, McKenzie, Short, Gleeson, Quinn, Kruse, Dea.
Rd 11 27 June L40 10.7.67 Williamstown 14.23.107 Punt Road Lloyd (3.1), Short (3.0), Menadue (2.0), McKenzie (1.0), Wynne (1.0) McQualter, Arnot, Astbury, Barlow, Short, Thomas, Lloyd, Menadue, McKenzie, Wynne, McDonough, Kruse, Dea, Bathie, Gale, Perry, Wall, Scott, Cachia, Lennon, Morris, McBean, Quinn
Rd 12 5 July W32 11.9.75 North Ballarat 6.7.43 Eureka Stadium McBean (4.1), R. McKenzie (1.0) , S. Lloyd (1.1) , D. Astbury (1.0) , M. Dea (1.0) , R. Gale (1.0) , J. Aarts (1.0) , M. Thomas (1.0) Wall, McDonough, McBean. Lennon, Dea, Thomas, Gale, McKenzie, Astbury, Lloyd, Aarts, Knights, Menadue, McQualter, Barlow, Cachia, Morris, Short, Arnot, Wynne, Elton, Kruse, Mellington. (Players form circle in centre of ground after game in memory of Phil Walsh)
Rd 13 July 11 W24 9.9.63 Northern Blues 5.9.39 Preston City Oval McBean (2.1), Astbury (2.0), Scott (1.1), Cachia (1.0), Knights (1.2), McKenzie (1.0), McDonough (1.2) Barlow, McDonough, McKenzie, Astbury, Kruse, Thomas, McBean, Knights, Scott, Cachia, Conca, McFarlane, Gale, Menadue, Wall, McQualter, Lennon, Arnot, Wynne, Dunkley, Aarts, Mellington, Soldo.
Rd 14 19 July W8 14.11.95 Port Melbourne 13.9.87 Punt Road McBean (5.1), McQualter (2.0), Lloyd (2.1), Arnot (1.0), Soldo (1.1), L. Conca (1.0), Dunkley (1.0), Wall (1.0). Knights, Wall, McBean, Cachia, Arnot, Dea, McQualter, Lloyd, Soldo, L.Conca, R Conca, Dunkley, Gale, Menadue, Barlow, Thomas, Scott, Castagna, Astbury, Wynne, Aarts,Kruse, Mellington.
Rd 15 25 July L45 8.9-57 Sandringham 15.12-102 Punt Road L. McBean (4.3), L. Conca (1.0) , N. Gordon (1.1) , C. Menadue (1.0) , C. Ellis (1.0) C. Oliver, Astbury, McBean, Menadue, Conca, Arnot, Conca, Gordon, Ellis, Gale, J Wall, E Barlow, A Scott, Cachia, McKenzie, Castagna, S. Morris, D Butler, J Dunkley, T Elton, N Mellington, M Dea, I Soldo
Rd 16 1 Aug L39 8.10.58 Box Hill 15.7.97 Box Hill City Oval McBean (5.1), Mellington (1.0), McKenzie (1.2), Wall (1.1) Castagna, Mellington, McBean, McDonough, Dea, Thomas, Wall, McKenzie, Morris, Astbury, Arnot, Butler, Dunkley, Elton, Aarts, Soldo, R Gale, Menadue, McQualter, C Oliver, Gordon, Scott, Cachia
Rd 17 Bye
Rd 18 16 Aug L43 5.4.34 Coburg 11.11.77 Punt Road McDonough (3.0), Astbury (1.0), Butler (1).0 Wynne, Hampson, McDonough, Dea, Astbury, Castagna, Butler, Knights, Conca, Gale, Menadue, Wall, Gordon, Scott, McKenzie, McBean, Quinn, Dunkley, Elton, Aarts, Kruse, Mellington, Soldo.
Rd 19 22 Aug L78 12.6.78 Collingwood 22.18.150 Vic Park McBean (5.1), Butler (2.1), McKenzie (2.0), Knights (2.0), Gordon (1.0) Wynne, Hampson, Butler, Knights, McBean, McKenzie, Gordon, Conca, Gale, Menadue, Wall, Barlow, Scott, Castagna, Arnot, Quinn, Contin, Elton, Aarts, McDonough, Kruse, Mellington, Soldo,
Rd 20 29 Aug L17 9.9.63 Essendon 12.8.80 Windy Hill McDonough (2.1), McBean (2.1), Knights (1.0), Mellington (1.0), Scott (1.0), L. Conca (1.2), Soldo (1.0) McKenzie, McQualter, McDonough, Knights, Astbury, Dea, McBean, Conca, Scott, Mellington, Soldo, Gale, Menadue, Wall, Hampson, Gordon, Castagna, McGough, Arnot, Contin, Elton, Darke, Kruse

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