2018 VFLW

2018 Playing list
Jessica Kennedy (14) , Elise Hogan (4), Kate Dixon (14) , Courtney Musico (3) , Alana Woodward (14), Kate Dempsey (13), Trish Muller (7), Jacqueline Graham (14), Emma Gunn (11), Emma King (5), Alice Edmonds (10) , Evelyn Burry (14), Jenna Colwell (8), Courtney Wakefield (8), Emily Findlay (8), Natarsha Bamblett (3), Lisa Davie (14), Bethany Lynch (13), Lauren Tesoriero (8), Ella Ross (14) , Jacinta Louttit (7), Justine Hocking (9) , Vittoriana Tonin (5), Ellie George (5) , Grace Bibby (7) , Jess Gardner (13) , Louise Stephenson (5) , Louise Bieniara (13) , Nuala Clarke (3), Niamh Clarke (3) , Amelia Barden (3), Grace Egan (6) , Sophie Damon (6), Phoebe Monahan (11), Gabby Deller (6), Laura Bailey (6), Jacqueline Radnell (4), Rudy Edmeades (4), Christina Bernardi (3), Tamara Smith (3), Jessica Provan (DNP), Georgia Fisher (DNP), Kirra Grimes (DNP)

Played: 14
Won: 4
Lost: 10
Draw: 0
Position: 12th

Captain: Jess Kennedy
Vice Capt: Elise Hogan, Kate Dixon

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
PM1 March 25 W Richmond 4 Bendigo Thunder 1 Marist Brothers College, Maiden Gully Jac Louttit (1), Emma Gunn (1), Lauren Luff (1), and Kate Dempsey (1) Beth Lynch, Louise Bibby, Isobel Urquhart, Jacqueline Radnell, Lisa Davie, Courtney Musico (3), Evelyn Burry, Justine Hocking, Vittoriana Tonin, Bronte Rowlands, Ellie George, Bridie Walsh, Gabby Deller, Emma Morrison, Niamh Clarke, Claire Weiss, Courtney Wakefield, Lauren Luff, Grace Bibby, Emma Gunn, Kate Dempsey, Jac Louttit (capt), Kate Dixon, Nuala Clarke. (Loutit kicks the first goal for VFLW side. Courtney Wakefield dislocated shoulder in first 5 mins and was taken to hospital. As a result she missed the photo taken of the side after the game. )
PM2 April 7 Cancelled Richmond Carlton Richmond Match cancelled (scheduled for 1pm), after Pt Melb vs Rich VFL Rd 1 match was moved to Punt Road for April 7 at 2pm, due to condition of Port Melbourne ground.
PM3 April 21 L82 Richmond 1.0.6 Box Hill Hawks 11.22.88 Punt Road Elise Hogan 1 Nuala Clarke, Georgia Fisher, Louise Bibby, Justine Hocking, Vittoriana Tonin, Bethany Lynch, Isobel Urquhart, Jacqueline Graham, Louise Bieniara, Bridie Walsh, Tricia Muler, Alana Woodward, Kate Dempsey, Ellie George, Gabby Deller, Emma Morison, Ash Bertagno, Emma Gunn, Lauren Luff, Claire Weiss, Courtney Musico, Kate Dempsey, Elise Hogan (capt), Bronte Rowlands. Goal was scored late in the 3rd quarter.
PM4 April 24 W12 Richmond 4.4.28 Aust. Defence Force All Stars 2.4.16 Punt Road Deller 1, Dixon 1, Lynch 1, Tesoriero 1. Evelyn Burry, Justine Hocking, Emily Findlay, Jacqueline Graham, Jacqueline Radnell, Louise Bieniara, Jessica Kennedy (captain), Alana Woodward, Jenna Colwell, Bethany Lynch, Kate Dempsey, Jacinta Louttit, Niamh Clarke, Gabby Deller, Kate Dixon, Lauren Tesoriero, Nuala Clarke, Vittoriana Tonin, Trish Muller, Ella Ross, Ellie George. ANZAC ceremony at 3pm. Match started at 3.10pm. Trophy - Women's Anzac Challenge Cup. Curtain raiser to Rich vs Melb match at MCG. Best on Ground: Jacqui Graham. Kirra Grimes and Alice Edmonds, although signed by Richmond VFLW, played for the ADF side.
1 May 5 W38 Richmond 6.5.41 Footscray 0.3.3 Footscray K. Dixon 4, J. Colwell 2 Kate Dixon kicks 4gls on debut, including the first ever for the Richmond VFLW. Team (incl position and guernsey numbers): B: 69 E. Burry, 77 J. Hocking, 84 L. Bieniara, HB: 73 L. Davie, 63 J. Graham, 70 E. Findlay, C: 58 C. Musico, 76 E. Ross, 60 K. Dempsey, HF: 56 E. Hogan, 64 E. Gunn, 53 K. Dixon, F: 80 J. Louttit 81, E.George, 86, N. Clarke, R: 68 A. Edmonds, 61 J. Colwell, 52 J. Kennedy, I/C: 83 J. Gardner, 62 T. Muller, 75 B. Lynch, 59 A. Woodward, 78 V. Tonin.
2 May 12 L39 Richmond 0.4.4 Darebin Falcons 6.7.43 Punt Road None Richmond goalless for entire game (for first time ever). L. Stephenson, L Bieniara, E Burry, J Kennedy, A Woodward, K Dempsey, J Hocking, Nuala Clarke, Niamh Clarke, B Lynch, J Gardner, C Musico, E Ross,E George, J Colwell, E Findlay, T Muller, L Davie, J Graham, E Gunn, V Tonin, K Dixon, E Hogan
3 May 20 L43 2.2.14 Collingwood 9.3.57 Punt Road J. Hocking, E. Ross Originally scheduled for Olympic Park Oval. K Dempsey, E Hogan, L Stephenson, E Findlay, L Tesoriero, J Graham, J Hocking, E Ross, J Colwell, J Louttit, L Bieniara, T Muller, L Davie, E Gunn, V Tonin, K Dixon, E Burr, B Lynch, P Monahan, A Woodward, J Kennedy, J Gardner, C Muscio.
4 May 27 L31 3.3.21 Williamstown 8.4.52 Williamstown L. Tesoriero 2, C. Wakefield E Findlay, E Burry, L Davie, A Woodward, A Barden, L TesorieroC Wakefield, J Hocking, G Deller, Niamh Clarke, P Monahan, J Kennedy, J Gardner, K Dempsey, E Ross, J Louttit, L Bieniara, T Muller, J Graham, E Gunn, K Dixon, G Bibby, E Hogan.
5 June 2 W34 8.6.54 Essendon 3.2.20 Punt Road L. Tesoriero 2, E. Ross 2, C. Wakefield , J. Colwell, E. King, P. Monahan VFLW Dreamtime Curtain Raiser. Players wear the club's Indigenous Guernsey. Natarsha Bamblett (who did not play due to groin injury) leads team through banner, and then lead the Boorimul girls through a War Cry performance before the game. Phoebe Monahan wins Aunty Joy Murphy Award for BOG. Hogan and Dempsey did not play due to concussion.
6 June 17 W29 6.6.42 Melbourne Uni 2.1.13 Bendigo J. Colwell 2, J. Gardner, E. King, C. Wakefield , C. Bernardi J Kennedy, C Bernardi, J Colwell, L Stephenson, L Davie, A Woodware, E King, J Gardner, C Wakefield, J Hocking, E Burry, L Tesoriero, B Lynch, P Monahan, A Barden, K Dempsey, E Ross, A Edmonds, G Egan, E Findlay, L Bieniara, J Graham, K Dixon
7 June 23 BYE
8 June 30 L4 4.1.25 Hawthorn 4.5.29 Punt Road J. Louttit, C. Wakefield , K. Dixon, E. Gunn C Wakefield, J Graham, K Dempsey, P Monahan, B Lynch, A Edmonds, J Louttit, E Gunn, K Dixon, J Hocking, E Burry, Nuala Clarke, L Stephenson, A Woodware, J Kennedy, J Gardner, E Ross, E George, G Egan, L Bieniara, T Muller, L Davie, G Bibby
9 July 8 L8 3.8.26 Essendon 5.4.34 Essendon S. Damon, J. Kennedy, B. Lynch J Kennedy, L Tesoriero, E Burry, C Wakefield, S Damon, A Edmonds, B Lynch, J Hocking, P Monahan, A Woodward, K Dempsey, E Ross, E George, G Egan, J Colwell, J Louttit, L Bieniara, T Muller, L Davie, J Graham, E Gunn, K Dixon, G Bibby.
10 July 15 L18 2.9.21 Casey Demons 5.9.39 Bendigo L. Tesoriero, S. Damon J Graham , L Davie, E Gunn, J Kennedy, B Lynch, C Wakefield, L Tesoriero, S Damon , J Gardner, L Bailey, K Dempsey, N Bamblett, E Ross, A Edmonds, G Egan, J Louttit, L Bieniara, K Dixon, G Bibby, J Hocking, E Burry, G Deller, A Woodward.
11 July 21 L23 4.5.29 NT Thunder 7.10.52 Punt Road C. Wakefield 3, K. Dempsey E Ross,E Burry, S Damon, B Lynch, P Monahan, C Wakefield, K Dempsey, G Deller, R Edmeades, A Woodward, J Kennedy, J Gardner, L Bailey, N Bamblett, J Radnell, J Louttit, L Bieniara, T Muller, L Davie, J Graham, E Gunn, K Dixon, G Bibby
12 July 28 L41 1.5.11 Carlton 7.10.52 Carlton P. Monahan E Gunn, B Lynch, J Graham, P Monahan, K Dixon, J Kennedy, E King, E Burry, G Deller, L Tesoriero, R Edmeades, S Damon, A Woodward, J Gardner, L Bailey, K Dempsey, N Bamblett, E Ross, A Edmonds, L Davie, V Tonin, G Bibby, C Wakefield.
13 Aug 4 L59 1.2.8 10.7.67 Geelong J. Gardner L Davie, L Bailey, A Edmonds, E Ross, T Smith, P Monahan, J Fardner, E King, E Burry, G Deller, S Damon, B Lynch, A Woodward, J Kennedy, K Dempsey, J Radnell, G Egan, E Findlay, L Bieniara, J Graham, E Gunn, V Tonin, K Dixon. Richmond goalless until 20.08 min of 3rd quarter.
14 Aug 12 L1 5.7.37 Williamstown 5.8.38 Punt Road K. Dixon 2, E. King, E. Ross, C. Bernardi A Edmonds, T Smith, P Monahan, L Davie, B Lynch, L Tesoriero, K Dixon, E King, C Bernardi, E Ross, E Burry, R Edmeades, S Damon, A Woodward, J Kennedy, J Gardner, L Bailey, K Dempsey, J Radnell, J Colwell, E Findlay, L Bieniara, J Graham
15 BYE
16 Aug 25 W3 4.1.25 Southern Saints 3.4.22 Frankston K. Dixon 2, C. Bernardi 2 A Woodward, KDempsey, K Dixon, C Bernardi, B Lynch, A Edmonds, E Burry, G Deller, R Edmeades, Nuala Clarke, Niamh Clarke, P Monahan, J Kennedy, T Smith, J Gardner, L Bailey, E Ross, J Radnell, E George, J Colwell, L Bieniara, L Davie, J Graham.

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