A to Z of RFC Places


A to Z of Richmond Football Club Places

Bridge Road

No. 313 – Hoyts Cinema (see under Cinema)
No. 372 – Spread Eagle Hotel (see under Hotel)

British Isles
Birthplace of John F Lancashire. VP of Richmond in 1885. Gave speech before first non-premiership match in 1885.

Boroondora Cemetery
The burial place of:
John Asher - 1885 assistant secretary (C/E C 3477)
Joseph Bosisto - 1885 patron (C/E  B 1533)
James Cleghorn - made the club’s first uniform in 1885 (BAPT A 0287)
George John Hodges - chaired the 1885 foundation meeting. (C/E C 1179)
John Augustus Bernard Koch - 1887-1890 VP (LUTH A 0408)
James Francis Lancashire - 1885 vice president (C/E D 0179)
Dan Minogue - 1920 and 1921 Premiership Captain (SPEC D 0025)
Charles Smith - 1885 patron (C/E C 1419)
John Charles Winn - First President of the club in 1885. (METH D 0041)
Alfred Wood – President 1919-1923
George Smith - First captain of the club (PRES B 0032)

Melbourne General Cemetery
James Charles - founder of the RFC. (MGC-PRE-Comp-K-No-216)
William Johnston MacLachlan- 1885 vice president (MGC-COE-Q-418-419)
William Malone – 1885 vice president (MGC – RC – Comp- V-  No-78-81)
Kingston Mitchell – 1885 committeeman (Church of England Compartment DD 948)
Frank Tudor – President 1909 to 1918

Plumstead Cemetery, Cape Town
Clovis Mainon – 1885 treasurer

Church Street, Richmond
No. 316 - Temperance Hall, hosted an early RFC meeting in 1885 and AGMs

Hoyts Cinema, 313 Bridge Road.
Opened in 1920, closed in 1959.
Allan Geddes won its “Most Popular Player” Silver Cup in 1928, Jack Fincher 1929, Jack Dyer 1932, Maurie Hunter 1933, Dave Baxter 1934, Jack Dyer 1935.
Often hosted the players and staff mid-week during the 1930s including RFC ballet in 1935.
3KZ “Most Popular Player” to Ray Martin was presented there.
Screened highlights of Rd 2 1930 Carlton v Richmond. Was run by Frank Mainon in 1930, brother of RFC’s first Treasurer Clovis

Birthplace of Joseph Bosisto in March 21 1824. RFC Patron, chemist noted for eucalyptus oil.

Newcastle on Tyne
Birthplace of James Charles in 1851 founder of club

Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire
Birthplace of William MacLachlan in 1850. RFC 1885 vice president.

Birthplace of Joseph Alfred Wilmoth in 1845. Chaired RFC meeting March 19 1885 of players and supporters.

Birthplace of Charles Smith on August 5 1833. RFC 1885 patron, Richmond Mayor 1873-75, Melbourne Mayor 1883-84

Birthplace of John C Winn - Richmond's first President in 1885.

Birthplace of John Augustus Bernard Koch on 27 August 1845. RFC VP 1887-1890

Glasgow Book Warehouse
15 Collins Street, West
James Charles worked here as a bookseller, at the time he founded the RFC in 1885.

Harvey Street, Richmond
No.2 - James Charles, the founder of the club, lived there in 1909

Canterbury Club Hotel
208 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
William Malone (RFC VP 1885) built it in 1889 and his family owned it into 1920s.

Corner Hotel
57 Swan Street, Richmond
William Malone (RFC VP 1885) was licensee from 1881 -1895.

Royal Hotel
287 Punt Road, Richmond
Located directly adjacent to the Punt Road Oval. Advertisements during 1885 season announce it as “the well-known local cricket and football club rendezvous.”
RFC meetings of note held there:
Feb 20 1885 formation of the club
Feb 26 1885 the club’s colours and uniform were decided
Mar 5 1885 committee meeting where James Charles is appointed VFA delegate and James Cleghorn’s tender to manufacture the club’s uniforms is accepted.
Aug 15 1885, Geelong and Richmond teams gather here after their match for drinks, speeches and musical items.
Sept 14 1906 Richmond Football Rovers Cricket Club is formed (by members/supporters of RFC)

Spread Eagle Hotel
372 Bridge Road, Richmond
Where John Byrne, proprietor of the Royal Hotel when the RFC was formed, died on July 2 1900. (It was his residence at the time).

Station Hotel
Cnr Swan St and Dover St, Richmond
The makeup of our first match committee in 1885 is decided here on March 26 1885. Built 1884. RFC VP William Canny was licensee in 1899. Absorbed by the redevelopment of Richmond station in 1959.

Victoria Hotel
cnr Moorabool and Malop St, Geelong
It was here that the Rd 3 1885 RFC team changed into their playing uniform before been driven to the Corio Oval in wagonettes.
After the match they returned here to be entertained, sing, and be toasted by former Geelong President James Wilson.

Young and Jackson’s Hotel
Cnr Flinders St and Swanston St, City
Location of Richmond's acceptance into the VFA on March 28 1885. The first round of matches (incl Richmond v Williamstown) is arranged there after this meeting.

Birthplace of Lawrence and Timothy Cremean, Timber Merchants who made club's first goal posts in 1885

Birthplace of James Cleghorn in 1826. Made RFC first guernseys in 1885 as part of The Wholesale Clothing Company of London.
Birthplace of Patrick Baird Smart in 1853. Vice President 1888-1906

Smith, Winn & Fielding
Malt, Hop, and General Merchants
Harcourt Parade, Richmond.
This business was created from an amalgamation on March 1, 1881 between “Charles Smith and Co”., malt, hop and general merchants, maltsters, and J. C. Winn a maltster, with T. A. Fielding as a partner.
Smith and Winn were both present at the formation of the RFC. Winn was the first President

South Africa
Plumstead Cemetery. Burial place of Clovis Mainon, 1885 Treasurer.

Swan Street, Richmond
Number unknown. – Swan Street Timber Yard.
The location where Lawrence and Timothy Cremean made the club's first goal posts in 1885.

Cnr Swan and Dover St – Station Hotel (see under Hotel)

No. 57 - Corner Hotel (see under Hotel)

No. 131 – Wholesale Clothing Company of London
James Cleghorn managed this and made the club's first guernsey there in 1885. He died there in 1886

No.194 - Maclachlan Bros Hairdressers and Tobacconists
Where William Maclachlan worked with George Burgess. William was VP of club in 1885. 'Noted Scotch-American', previously worked in Connecticut, Maryland, and Viriginia (Horsham Times Jan 4 1899)

Thomson’s factory
Rokeby street, Collingwood
A bootmaker’s factory where Kingston “King” John Mitchell worked during his time as RFC committeeman in 1885

Yeoman and Co.
Photographic studio at 47 Chapel Street, Prahran run by John Yeoman (b: 1857 Dunolly, d: 1933)
It was here that the 1885 RFC team visited in October to get individual headshots to be mounted for James Charles’ framed item.