Bill Hearn

Date of Birth: 04/03/1914
Date of Death: 3 November 1949 near Oodnadatta South Australia
Height: 178 cm ( 5-10 )
Weight: 71 kg ( 11-2 )
Guernsey: 18/43
Debut: 22/06/1935, Round 9, Hawthorn
Last Game: 27/07/1935, Round 14, Carlton

Seasons: 1935
Total Games: 6
Total Goals: 5

Seasons: 1935
Total Games: 8
Total Goals: 7

Roger Musgrove "Bill" Hearn was a versatile player who could play in the centre and as a half-forward or ruck-rover. Recruited from South Ballarat he tried out with Richmond in 1934 before playing 8 games in 1935.

In 1936 he went on trial in Ballarat for a break and entering and was given a suspended sentence of six months hard labour if he paid a £25 bond, abstained from drinking for six months, and was of good behaviour for two years.

He then moved to Minyip in 1936 where brother Mike had captained-coached the previous year.

He was arrested by police in 1939 for shop breaking and sentence to 6 months imprisonment. He then tried out with Geelong, and joined Coleraine in the Western District League where he played in the premiership, kicking 6 goals in the Grand Final.

Around this time he seemed to ditch the Roger Musgrove Hearn name and go by the name of William (Bill) Hearn.

He enlisted in WW2 in 1941 under the name WIlliam Hearn and was discharged in 1945.
Bill's movements after that are not well documented. We know he was charged, under the name William Hearn, for having attempted to bribe a policeman and was fined.

All that is known of him after this time was that on November 2 1949 Hearn died near Oodnadatta aged 35

Golden Point 1932, Games 11, Goals 16 ; South Ballarat 1933-36, Games 38, Goals 31 ( Honours - Premiership 1934, League Representative Team ).

Minyip 1936-39, Games 46, Goals 98 ( Honours - Leading Goalkicker 1939 Goals 41 ).