Fourths Premiership Teams


Richmond Fourths Premiership team

"Since its formation in 1951 this Eighteen has been the nursery ground for Tigerland" - AR 1956
The Under 17 Grade played its matches during the 1969 season at Essex Heights Oval, Mount Waverley, and transferred from the Melbourne Boys' League to the South-East Suburban League.
As a result, the Richmond Fourths became Essex Heights Football Club Under 17.

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Richmond 14.7.101 def Hawthorn Districts 12.5.77

B: C Hadaway, Ken Stonehouse, W Wilson
HB: R Williams, M Trait, E Sharpe
C: H Johnson, G Anderson, P Barbour
HF: C Moore, S Gifford, G Hurtig
F: M King, M Eddelbuttle, R Baragwanath
R: W Sutherland, Peter Foot, Daryl Freame
Res: P Malcolmson, R Halliwell, B Spencer
Coach: Tom Allen