Since 2000, Rhett Bartlett has been conducting interviews with former players and officials of the Richmond Football Club.
Those interviews formed the text of the 2008 publication 'Richmond FC:  A Century of League Football'  (and its subsequent updated version 'Richmond FC:  A Proud History of a Great Club')

These interviews are now being digitised and placed online for football and Richmond supporters to hear about the history of the club.  In many cases, these interviews were the last ever for the former players.  

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INTERVIEWS by Rhett Bartlett
(do not distribute or broadcast interview without permission from Rhett)

Joe Murdoch (1927-1936)

Sid Dockendorff (1932-1933) Part 1
Alan Maple (1937)

Max Oppy (1942-1954)
Don Benson (1945)
Ken Albiston (1946-1951)
Ray Stokes (1946-1951)
Roy Wright (1946-1959)  Part 1 , Part 2

Frank Drum (1950)
Neville Crowe (1957-1967)  Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3
Dave Cuzens (1957-1961)
Paddy Guinane (1958-1968)  Part 1, Part 2

Bill Barrot (1961-1970)
Barry Stanton (Fitness advisor 1961-1973)
Jack Malcomson (wrote Richmond themesong in 1962)
Billy Brown (1963-1971)
Tony Jewell (1964-1970)
John Chivers (1965)
Royce Hart (1967-1977)
Graeme Bond (1967-1973, 1975-77)
Simon Brisbane (1st captain of RichmondFC Little League)
George McInnes (1968-1970)
Derek Peardon (1968-1971)
Ray Jordon (U19s premiership coach)
Warren Ellam (4ths, 3rds, Reserve player)

Laurie Fowler (1971-1974)
Noel Carter (1973-1974)
Stephen Parsons(1974)
Bruce Monteath (1975-1980)
Jim Jess (1976-1988)

Rudi Webster (1980 psychologist)
Maurice Rioli (1982-1987)
Craig Gislingham (Reserves 1984+1986)
Richard Geary (1985-1986)

Brendon Gale (1990-2001)
Joel Bowden (1996-2009)