Reserves Life Membership

Reserves Life Memberships

From 1919 to 1959 Richmond’s Second Eighteen (the Richmond Junior League Football Club from 1919 to 1923) operated independently from the seniors.
The Cubs, as they were referred, were governed by its own committee and administered by its own staff. The Cubs also issued their own awards and honours, including Life Memberships.

From January 1932 the Cubs’ Life Members were permitted to sit in on the junior club’s committee meetings.
The Cubs’ constitution was altered at the February 15, 1949 Annual Meeting to permit just one Life Member being elected annually.
The Cubs were absorbed into the senior club immediately prior to the start of the 1960 season.

Five Second Eighteen Life Members have been honoured with Life Membership of the senior Richmond Football Club.
They are Mal Wishart (2nds 1927, 1sts 1959), Lou Roberts (1sts 1929, 2nds 1931), Charlie Callander (2nds 1935, 1sts 1941), Ben Alexander (2nds 1940, 1sts 1968), and Robert Knapp (2nds 1947, 1sts 1954).
Mal and Angus Wishart (1927 and 1931) are the only brothers honoured with Life Membership of the Cubs.

1921 Arthur Lewis
Harry Lisle
1927 Mal Wishart
Jim McDougall
1928 Percy Adams (possibly 1929)
Stud Martin (possibly 1929)
1929 Jim “Spriggy” Doran (possibly 1930)
1930 George B. Smith
Wally Payne
1931 Lou Roberts
Angus Wishart
1932 Harry Hewett
D. McGuire
1933 Gordon McKay ( Timekeeper 7yrs, Doorkeeper 9 yrs)
James McInnes Cook
1934 Les Langdon
Jim Joyce
1935 Bert Cox
Charlie Callander
1936 Rupert Myers
Allan Cole
1937 Jack Johnston
1939 Nick Healey
1940 Ben Alexander (President of Richmond Seconds)
1943 Jim Petrie
E. Jordon
1944 J. Jones
H. Morgan
1945 J. Broman
S. “Jock” McDougall
1946 Jim Phelan
H. Langhorne
1947 Robert Knapp
Joseph Meredith
1948 Norman House
1949 W. Millar
Bob Brady
1950 Alby Pannam
1951 Frank Keon
1952 Laurie Ford
1953 R. Clarkson
1954 H. Crook
1955 J. Clarke
1956 J. Ritchie
1957 G. Johnson
1958 Claude O’Brien