Tiger Tie Numbers

Tiger Debut Tie Numbers

(Background on how the Tie Numbering system has changed over the years is at bottom of the page)
Tie Number Table (from Season 2022 onwards)

Tie No. Presented
2024 1198 Jacob Blight Mark Coughlan
2024 1197 Kaleb Smith Nick Daffy
2024 1196 Steely Green Sam Lonergan
2024 1195 Kane McAuliffe Chris Newman
2024 1194 Mykelti Lefau Steve Morris
2024 1193 Sam Naismith Jacob Townsend
2024 1192 Jacob Koschitzke Jacob Townsend
2024 1191 Seth Campbell Jacob Townsend

Tie No. Presented
2023 1190 James Trezise Kane Lambert
2023 1189 Tom Brown Kane Lambert
2023 1188 Matt Coulthard Robbie Tarrant
2023 1187 Jacob Bauer Michael Roach
2023 1186 Sam Banks Michael Roach
2023 1185 Tylar Young Paul Bulluss
2023 1184 Tim Taranto Bachar Houli
2023 1183 Jacob Hopper Josh Caddy

Tie No. Presented
2022 1182 Tyler Sonsie Nathan Bower
2022 1181 Judson Clarke Sam Lloyd
2022 1180 Noah Cumberland Ivan Maric
2022 1179 Bigoa NYUON Bachar Houli
2022 1178 Robbie TARRANT David Astbury
20221177 Josh GIBCUS David Astbury
20221176Not Presented To A Player on Gameday. Number was skipped to align numbering system

Tie Number Table (from Seasons 2002 - 2021)

Correct Tie No.
Tie No. Originally Presented
20211176Ben MILLERDylan Grimes1175
20211175Maurice RIOLIDaniel Rioli1174
20211174Matt PARKERMarlion Pickett1173
20211173Samson RYANWill Thursfield1172
20211172Hugo RALPHSMITHMichael Gale1171
20211171Riley COLLIER DAWKINSChris Hyde1170
20211170Will MARTYNNev Roberts1169
20211169Rhyan MANSELLDuncan Kellaway1168
20201168Thomson DOWDave Astbury1167
20201167Jake AARTSSteve Morris1166
20191166Marlion PICKETTShaun Grigg1165
20191165Derek EGGMOLESSE SMITHDale Weightman1164
20191164Patrick NAISHChris Naish1163
20191163Callum COLEMAN JONESAndrew Krakouer1162
20191162Jack ROSSBrian Leys1161
20191161Sydney STACKCraig Lambert1160
20191160Mav WELLERRoger Dean/Colin Beard1159
20191159Thomas LYNCHRoger Dean/Colin Beard1158
20191158Noah BALTARoger Dean/Colin Beard1157
20181157Liam BAKERTony Jewell1156
20181156Ryan GARTHWAITEEmmett Dunne1155
20181155Jack HIGGINSMichael Roach1154
20171154Jack GRAHAMRobert Wiley1153
20171153Tyson STENGLENeil Balme1152
20171152Shai BOLTONBilly Brown1151
20171151Ivan SOLDOIvan Maric1150
20171150Dion PRESTIAFrancis Bourke1149
20171149Toby NANKERVISFrancis Bourke1148
20171148Josh CADDYFrancis Bourke1147
20171147Daniel BUTLERFrancis Bourke1146
20161146Mabior CHOLTroy Chaplin1145
20161145Callum MOORETrevor Poole1144
20161144Adam MARCONBrendon Gale1143
20161143Oleg MARKOVJake King1142
20161142Nathan BROADDaniel Jackson1141
20161141Jason CASTAGNAMatthew Rogers1140
20161140Andrew MOOREKelvin Moore1139
20161139Jayden SHORTNathan Foley1138
20161138Jacob TOWNSENDBarry Rowlings1137
20161137Daniel RIOLIBarry Richardson1136
20151136Connor MENADUEEmmett Dunne1135
20151135Liam McBEANEmmett Dunne1134
20151134Corey ELLISAndrew Kellaway1133
20151133Nathan DRUMMONDMichael Pickering1132
20151132Kane LAMBERTBill Barrot1131
20151131Kamdyn MCINTOSHMatt Richardson1130
20151130Taylor HUNTMatt Richardson1129
20141129Anthony MILESRex Hunt1128
20141128Ben LENNONGraeme Bond1127
20141127Sam LLOYDKevin Bartlett1126
20141126Nathan GORDONPaul Broderick1125
20141125Matt THOMASMark Lee1124
20141124Shaun HAMPSONMark Lee1123
20131123Matt MCDONOUGHKane Johnson1122
20131122Matt ARNOTT 1121
20131121Aaron EDWARDS 1120
20131120Sam LONEGRAN Matthew Richardson 1119
20131119Orren STEPHENSON 1118
20131118Nick VLASTUINDarren Gaspar1117
20131117Chris KNIGHTSBrendon Gale1116
20131116Ricky PETTERDMichael Green1115
20131115Troy CHAPLINBarry Richardson1114
20121114Tom DERICKXBruce Monteath1113
20121113Todd ELTONWayne Campbell1112
20121112Brett O'HANLONRoger Dean1111
20121111Steven MORRISKevin Morris1110
20121110Ivan MARICKevin Morris1109
20121109Addam MARICKevin Morris1108
20121108Brandon ELLISKevin Morris1107
20111107Brad MILLERBarry Rowlings1106
20111106Bachar HOULIBryan Wood1105
20111105Brad HELBIGBryan Wood1104
20111104Shaun GRIGGBryan Wood1103
20111103Reece CONCABryan Wood1102
20111102Jake BATCHELORBryan Wood1101
Note that Tie Number 1100 was never presented to a player on Game Day. That number was skipped to align numbering system
20101101Dylan GRIMESRichard Clay1099
20101100Jamie O'RIELLY 1098
20101099David GOURDIS 1097
20101098Robbie HICKS 1096
20101097Ben GRIFFITHSKevin Bartlett1095
20101096Jeromey WEBBERLEY 1094
20101095Troy TAYLOR 1093
20101094Matt DEA 1092
20101093David ASTBURYFrancis Bourke1091
20101092Relton ROBERTSMatt Richardson1090
20101091Ben NASONMatt Richardson1089
20101090Dustin MARTINMatt Richardson1088
20101089Mitch FARMERMatt Richardson1087
20091088Adam THOMSON 1086
20091087Jayden POSTChris Newman (Cpt)1085
20091086Jarrod SILVESTER 1084
20091085Ty VICKERYChris Newman (Cpt)1083
20091084Andrew COLLINSKane Johnson (Capt)1082
20091083Alex RANCEChris Newman (Cpt)1081
20091082Robin NAHAS 1080
20091081Tom HISLOP 1079
20091080Ben COUSINS 1078
20091079Andrew BROWNE 1077
20081078Tristan CARTLEDGE 1076
20081077Trent COTCHINKane Johnson (Cpt)1075
20081076Mitch MORTON 1074
20081075Jordon McMAHON 1073
20071074Angus GRAHAM 1072
20071073Dan CONNORS 1071
20071072Jack RIEWOLDTMichael Roach1070
20071071Kent KINGSLEY 1069
20071070Jake KING 1068
20071069Shane EDWARDSKane Johnson (Cpt)1067
20071068Graham POLAK 1066
20061067Cameron HOWAT 1065
20061066Matthew WHITE 1064
20061065Luke MCGUANE 1063
20061064Dean POLO 1062
20061063Jarrad OAKLEY-NICHOLLS 1061
20061062Cleve HUGHES 1060
20061061Jeremey HUMM 1059
20061060Patrick BOWDEN 1058
20051059Will THURSFIELD 1057
20051058Nathan FOLEY 1056
20051057Adam PATTISON 1055
20051056Richard TAMBLING 1054
20051055Danny MEYER 1053
20051054Troy SIMMONDS 1052
20051053Trent KNOBEL 1051
20051052Mark GRAHAM 1050
20051051Brett DELEDIO 1049
20041050Andrew RAINES Wayne Campbell 1048
20041049Daniel JACKSON 1047
20041048Shane TUCK 1046
20041047Simon FLETCHER 1045
20041046Kelvin MOORE 1044
20041045Luke WELLER 1043
20041044Thomas ROACH 1042
20041043Ben MARSH 1041
20041042Shane MORRISON 1040
20041041Brent HARTIGAN 1039
20041040Nathan BROWN 1038
20031039Martin MCGRATH 1037
20031038Jay SCHULZ 1036
20031037Bill NICHOLLS 1035
20031036Tim FLEMING 1034
20031035Kane JOHNSON 1033
20031034Justin BLUMFIELD 1032
20021033Chris HYDE 1031
20021032Chris NEWMAN 1030
20021031Craig EDNIE 1029
20021030Paul HUDSON 1028
20021029Greg STAFFORD 1027
20021028David RODAN 1026
20021027Adam HOULIHAN 1025

At the inaugural Richmond Hall of Fame night in 2002, an attempt was made to present a numbered tie to every former/current player (or descendant).  The number on the tie corresponded with what Player Debut Number they were from 1908 onwards.
(eg. Dick Condon was  Tie No. 1, as he was the playing coach of our first VFL side,  Charlie Pannam Tie No. 2 as he was captain, Jack Hardiman Tie No.3 as he was vice captain, and from their on alphabetical)
The research was led by Bill Meaklim then Richmond Historian, with assistance by Rhett Bartlett (then a member of Historical Committee). A total of 500+ hours was spent researching at the AFL's headquarters. 

Not long after the release of the research, Richmond Historical Committee member Trevor Ruddell uncovered evidence that Ern Hill had played 1 game for the club in 1909 which had not been recorded in any current day research.  As a result, the Tie numbering system was off by 1.  To compensate, the club "skipped" tie number 1100 - with the physical tie to be housed in the Museum.

In November 2018, Rhett Bartlett uncovered evidence that Walter Johnston had also played 1 game in 1908. The research was approved by the AFL , and RFC Historical Committee and as such the Tie numbering system was now off by 2 for those awarded Ties after No. 1100.

To compensate, the club "skipped" tie number 1176 (there was a delay in the info filtering down to relevant club personnel) at the start of the 2022 season.