Under 19s Overview

Prior to the creation of the League's 1946 Thirds competition (which became the U19s), the Richmond Football Club invested interest/time/money/resources/facillities in several junior side throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

In those decades there were a significant numbers of junior teams/Leagues in the Richmond District, that the club often referred to in their Annual Report. Richmond Districts, Kew Sub-Districts, Richmond Citizens Boys' League (under Stewart Hemmerde), Burnley CYMS, St Ignatius, Burnley (Eastern Suburban League ), the Opportunity Boys' Club, Richmond United, Richmond Rovers

In 1936, the Second Eighteen Annual Report lists that " Richmond Districts are now considered Richmond 3rd Eighteen, a move we trust will in the near future be for the benefit of football in Richmond"

In 1937 an Under 18s team was formed known as the Richmond Recruits. The press gave them the moniker ''Kittens"".
(In subsequent years it was an Under 19s team . There was also an Under 17s version)

Eight-one lads under 17 interviewed Mr G. Delaney in Yarra Park yesterday and sought inclusion in the junior side, which will play in the Melbourne Boys' League competition and which is to be fostered by the senior club. (The Argus April 14 1937 pg 20)

In 1939 the Richmond Football Club sponsored two teams, the Richmond Recruits (Melbourne Boys' League A grade) , and the Richmond Colts (Melbourne Boys' League B Grade). The Recruits played curtain raises to the Seniors. Each team had its own Committee and held its meetings in the RFC Pavilion.

In 1939 while trying to financially secure a coach, Jack Titus, then vice captain of senior team, agreed to coach the club on Tuesday and Thursday at training in the meantime.

"The well known 'Recruits' went out of existence this season, but in name only. The 2nd XVIII League, having formed a 3rd XVIII under age competition, Richmond entered a team which actually took the place of the Recruits. Vin Dyer is still doing an excellent job as manager, and although the team did not reach the final four, big improvements can be expected next season as the lads train with the 2nd XVIII and under the guidance of Alby Pannam, who takes great interest in the boys" (1946 Richmond Seconds Annual Report)

When the official VFL competition was created in 1946, the Richmond team was known as the "Richmond Thirds".
(The competition changed its name to the 'Under 19's from the 1960 season onwards. It ended at the end of 1991 and was replaced with the TAC Cup). "The Richmond Thirds was under the control of a Secretary, and the Second Eighteen Committee, and the majority of the players trained at Punt Road under Alby Pannam" (1946 RFC Annual Report)

In 1947, the Richmond Football Club formed an U18's competition - the only qualification being players must be under 18 and live in Richmond football district, of Richmond, Kew, Deepdene, Balwyn and small parts of Canterbury and Surrey Hill. Stewart Hemmerde appointed secretary of this competition

In 1950, the Richmond Junior League was disbanded due to lack of support from junior football clubs in the district.
A 4th 18 was then created under the name 'Richmond Junior F.C' and the 'managership of Stewart Hemmerde'.
This side was entered into the 3rd 18 League. As such there were 2 Richmond teams in the Thirds competition in 1950 - 'Richmond' and 'Richmond Junior F.C'

In 1968, H.A Haswell (Bert) received Life Member of the League , for having represented the Richmond Club as Third Eighteen Manager from 1957-1961 in which year he was appointed delegate on the Permit and Umpire Committee. He has served the League continuously for the past 12 years - VFL 2nds Annual Report 1968