Fourths Best and Fairest

Fourths Best and Fairest

The Fourth Eighteen was formed in 1951 and was to be used as a feeding ground to the 3rd XVIII (Richmond Thirds), a team to cater for lads who had recently left school and also a recruiting ground for boys from 14 years upwards who lived in unallotted territory. (Richmond Annual Report 1952)

Richmond are fielding a Fourth 18 this season, which will consist of young players just leaving school. It is an under 17 team which will play in the Melbourne Boys' League and will play all its games as curtain-raisers to the second 18 games.

NB: The Under 17 Grade played its matches during the 1969 season at Essex Heights Oval, Mount Waverley, and transferred from the Melbourne Boys' League to the South-East Suburban League.
As a result, the Richmond Fourths became Essex Heights Football Club Under 17.

First place received The Roy Woods Trophy

1952 1st Graham Fraser
2nd Lindsay Symons
=3rd Trevor Hart, Kevin Smith
1953 1st Lindsay Symons
1954 1st Peter Rice
1956 1st Ivan McKay
1959 1st Bob Gill
1962 1st Kevin Bartlett
1963 1st Maurie Parker
1964 1st Maurie Parker
1965 1st Mick Burns
1966 1st David Barclay
1967 1st Trevor Wilson 41 votes
2nd G Payne 40 vote
3rd I McNee 38 votes
1968 1st Ian Craig
1969 1st Ian Miles was also captain this year
1970 1st J Holdsworth
1971 1st R Carver
1972 1st C Hayes
1973 1st J Anderson
1974 1st Bill Wilson
1975 1st Bruce Tempany
1976 1st S Williams
1977 1st Derek Christoforou
1978 1st A Pearson
1979 1st W King
1980 1st Ben Harris Essex Heights Under 17

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