Under 19s Best and Fairest

Under 19s Best and Fairest

The official competition was known as the 'Thirds' in 1946, and became the 'Under 19's from the 1960 season onwards.
The competition ended at the end of 1991 and replaced with the TAC Cup.

From 1950, first place received the Jack.J. Smith Memorial Cup; former Committeeman, Secretary and Treasurer who was 'a great advocate for the junior players of Richmond' (1950 Annual Report)

From 1982, runner up in the Best and Fairest is awarded the Les York Memorial Trophy. Les was timekeeper from 1967-1981, including 350 consecutive games.

In 1937 an Under 18s team was formed known as the Richmond Recruits. The press gave them the moniker ''Kittens. In subsequent years it was an Under 19s team. There was also an Under 17s version.
I've included in this list (pre 1946) the Best and Fairest results of the Richmond Recruits.

1936 1st J Davey (brother of Pat Davey). Richmond Districts ('now considered Richmond 3rd 18' 2nd 18 MB)
1940 1st Len Foster Richmond Recruits
1941 1st Frank Stamford Richmond Recruits. Listed in 1941-1979 Annual Meeting Minute Book
1942 1st Arthur Mooney Richmond Recruits.
1943 1st Jack Turner Richmond Recruits ?
1944 1st Eric Malone Richmond Recruits
1946 1st Jack Gray First recipient of the Richmond Thirds Best and Fairest
1947 1st Allan Cooke
1948 1st Norman Bloom
1949 1st R Windsor
1950 1st Alan Watson Brother of former player Clive + Ron
1951 1st William Collins
1952 1st Graeme Richmond Captain. Also played for Richmond Reserves this year
2nd Laurie Johnson
1953 1st Trevor Hart
1954 1st Bill Hall
1955 1st Ray Jordon
1956 1st Russell Hart
1957 1st Don Williams
3rd B. R Edmunds Cup
1958 1st Graeme Gahan
1959 1st Barry Peatling
1960 1st Andrey Kretsch
1961 1st Robert Brownhill
1962 1st D Murray
1963 1st Kevin Bartlett
1964 1st Maurie Deery
1965 1st Ray Shannon
1966 1st David Jacks
1967 1st Russell Tully
1968 1st Anthony Smith at least 16 games this season, and 29 goals
1969 1st David Droscher
1970 1st Russell Jenkinson
1971 1st Steven Hancock
2nd William Nalder
1972 1st Emmett Dunne
2nd Jeff Holdsworth
1973 1st Emmett Dunne
2nd Jeff Holdsworth
1974 1st Roger Gill
2nd David Miller
3rd Ken Stonehouse
1975 1st Roger Gill
2nd David Miller
1976 1st Craig Jamieson
2nd Mark Lee
1977 1st Greg Strachan
2nd Paul Keane younger brother of Mervyn Keane
1978 1st David Senior
2nd S Lennie
3rd D O'Laughlin
4th D Hine
5th F Bain
1979 1st Greg Halleur
2nd Michael Burmeister
3rd W Peach
4th Trevor Walder
5th Wayne Shand
1980 1st Matthew Beddoe
1981 1st John Manton
2nd Paul Dudley
1982 1st Michael Pickering
2nd Paul Dudley
1983 1st Phillip Scala 53 votes
2nd Paul Dudley 47 votes
1984 1st Stephen James
2nd Robert Skinner
=3rd Chris Pym, Paul Hogarth
1985 1st Allan McKellar
2nd Craig Smith
1986 1st Matt Donoghue
2nd Mark McLeod
3rd Darren Mathewson
1987 1st Craig Lambert
2nd Michael Clark
3rd Trent Nichols
1988 1st Justin Paul 41
2nd Barry Young 38
3rd Matthew Knights 29
4th Jason Young 24
=5th Anthony Battersby, Stephen Ryan 20
=7th Roger Prezens, Cory Young 18
9th Mark Mellody 17
10th Chris Allison 16
11th Craig Ingram 16
12th Robert Elliot 14
1989 1st Ty Esler 43.5
2nd Stephen Ryan 43
3rd Sean Bowden 42
4th Andrew Pickering 39
5th Robbie Elliott 31
6th Adam James 27
7th Brian Collery 25
8th Steven Cochrane 22.5
9th Matthew Francis 22
10th Glenn Thiele 21
1990 1st Paul Clohesy 118. at least 11 games this season
2nd Gavin Edwards 107
3rd Chris Wescombe 75
4th Duncan Kellaway 70
5th Andrew Pickering 65
6th Grant Firth 60
7th Ty Esler 55
8th Robert Elliott 47
9th Andrew Lindsay 43
10th Jason Wade 39
1991 1st Duncan Kellaway 128
2nd Matthew Clarke 93
3rd James Thiessen 84
4th Chris Curran 82
5th Gavin Edwards 80
6th Ashley Prescott 66
7th Danny Thomson 62
8th Simon Dennis 49
=9th Nathan Bower + Mark Pitura 42
=11th Stuart Edwards + Brett Hartin 38

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