2015 Chronology

2015 Chronology

Wed. 21
Richmond unveil an 'electric yellow' training guernsey.

Fri 20
Shane Edwards plays for the Indigenous All Stars against West Coast at Leederville Oval.
Edwards kicks a goal.
Edwards missed Richmond's 2015 Team Photo, taken on February 17 as he is in Perth training with the Indigenous All Stars.

Fri 27
Richmond announce their clash guernsey will be a yellow jumper with a black sash. There is no sash on the back, just a black number.
It is 130 years and 1 day since Richmond announced their first ever guernsey, which was a blue guernsey with a yellow and black sash.

Sat 28

NAB Challenge Match at Western Oval at 4.30pm


Chris Knights (2), Matt Arnot (2), Shaun Grigg (1), Steven Morris (1), Ty Vickery (1), Nathan Gordon (1), Jayden Short (1), Sam Lloyd (supergoal).

Richmond captained by Steve Morris.
Richmond wearing black arm bands following the death of Madeleine Riewoldt
Sam Lloyd's warmup guernsey has his surname spelt wrong on the back - Llyod.

2. Dylan Grimes, 6. Shaun Grigg, 10. Shane Edwards, 11. Jake Batchelor, 13. Ricky Petterd, 15. Chris Knights, 16. Shaun Hampson, 22. Nathan Gordon, 26. Anthony Miles, 27. Sam Lloyd, 28. Taylor Hunt, 29. Ty Vickery, 31. Nick Vlastuin, 34. Liam McBean, 35. Ben Lennon, 36. Matt McDonough, 37. Connor Menadue, 38. Steve Morris, 39. Nathan Drummond, 40. Daniel Butler, 42. Reece McKenzie, 43. Todd Elton, 44. Matt Arnot, 45. Jayden Short, 46. Jason Castagna, 48. Kane Lambert.
OUT: 5. Brandon Ellis, 10. Shane Edwards, 12. David Astbury. 30. Reece Conca

Sat 14

NAB Challenge Match at Lavington Sports Ground, Albury at 4.30pm

Richmond ‚Äč0.6.2.(38) 1.8.5. (62) 1.11.9.(84) 1.14.10 (103)
Pt Adelaide 0.0.0. (0) 0.1.1. (7) 0.2.2. (14) 0.5.7 (37)

Crowd: 8,451
Goals: Lloyd 4, Edwards 2, Ellis, Hunt, Lennon, Lambert, Gordon, Riewoldt, Vickery, Batchelor

Brett Deledio captains the team
Team: Grimes, Chaplin, Houli, Lennon, Rance, Batchelor, Hunt, Deledio, Vlaustin, Grigg, Vickery, K. McIntosh, Morris, Riewoldt, Edwards, Maric, Ellis, Martin, Petterd, N.Gordon, A. Miles, S. Lloyd, R. Conca, K. Lambert, L.McBean, T. Elton

Tues 17
Alan 'Bull' Richardson, 1967 Premiership player, Life Member, Reserves Best and Fairest twice, dies aged 74.

Sat 21
NAB Challenge Match at Docklands

Richmond 1.2.2. (23) 2.6.8.(62) 2.9.12.(84) 2.12.16 (106)
Nth Melb 3.4.3.(54) 3.8.4.(79) 3.12.6.(105) 3.13.15 (120)

Goals: Riewoldt 3, Martin, Ellis, Edwards, McIntosh, Griffiths, Lambert, Morris, Lloyd
Crowd: 9,327

Jake Batchelor replaced Dylan Grimes at half-time; Sam Lloyd replaced Trent Cotchin at three-quarter time

Richmond VFL practice match at Geelong.
Richmond 5.7.37
Geelong 19.10.124

Wed 25
David Astbury is stung by a stingray on his left foot during a recovery session in the ocean.

Thurs 26
Richmond VFL practice match at Punt Road
Richmond: 2.3.15
Collingwood: 21.7.133

Thurs 2
Round 1 vs Carlton at MCG

Richmond 2.3 7.10 9.13 15.15.105
Carlton 4.7 6.9 6.12 11.12.78

Goals: Riewoldt 4, Lloyd 3, Griffiths 3, Grigg 2, Martin, McIntosh, Gordon
Crowd: 83,493

Richmond wear black arm bands in memory of Alan 'Bull' Richardson.
Debutants: Taylor Hunt, Kamdyn McIntosh
Kamdyn is the first McIntosh to kick a goal for Richmond since Norm McIntosh running goal in the 3rd quarter of Rd 16 1924.
He is also the first No. 33 to kick a goal in 9 years (Brent Hartigan).
Kamdyn receives the Round 1 Rising Star nomination.
Brett Deledio reported in the first two seconds of the game for a high bump. He is suspended for 1 match.

Sat 11
Round 2 v Western Bulldogs at MCG

Richmond 2.3 3.6 6.8 9.12.66
Footscray 3.5 5.8 10.13 12.13.85

Goals: Riewoldt 2.4, Lloyd 1.0, Gordon 1.1, Griffiths 1.1, Grimes 1.0, Martin 1.0, Newman 1.1, Petterd 1.1
Crowd: 49,945
Kane Lambert debuts. First Lambert to play for Richmond since Craig Lambert in Rd 22 1993.
Billy Barrot is the Richmond 'Homecoming Hero' before the game.

Sat 18
Round 3 v Brisbane Lions at GABBA

Richmond 4.4 8.5 13.7 21.11. 137
Brisbane 3.1 4.5 6.7 8.10. 58

Goals: Riewoldt 4.0, Grigg 2.1, Martin 2.1, Newman 2.1, Gordon 2, McIntosh 2.1, Griffiths 2.2, Morris 1.0, Cotchin 1.0, Knights 1.0, Lloyd 1.0, Edwards 1.1
Best: Cotchin, Houli, Riewoldt, Miles, Griffiths, Gordon
Crowd: 22,441
Chris Knights returns after an absence of almost 2 years, only to injure his hamstring.

Sat 24
Round 4 v Melbourne at MCG

Richmond 3.5 5.9 6.13 6.15.51
Melbourne 4.2 6.5 10.9 12.11.83

Goals: Edwards 2.1, Gordon 1.1, Arnot 1.0, Griffiths 1.2, Hunt 1.0
Jack Riewoldt kicks 0.4

Prior to the match, a torch is lit from the Shrine of Remembrance flame, and carried on horse back by the Creswick Light Horse Troop to the MCG. With the MCG lights turned off, the torch is passed to Ron Barassi who lights a cauldron in the MCG stands, while the players from both teams are lined up. The Last Post is played. The National Anthem is played. Spectators are given 'finger lights' to hold up during the service.
Some Richmond players are wearing black arm bands
Richmond and Melbourne run through a joint banner.

Nathan Drummond debuts. Michael Pickering presents Nathan Drummond with his debut guernsey.
Drummond suffers a year-ending knee injury.

5th highest crowd between Richmond and Melbourne.
Richmond's lowest score against Melbourne in 25 years.
Richmond's 11th lowest score against Melbourne.

A Richmond official sitting in the stands allegedly hears radio personality John Burns call Bachar Houli a terrorist. Burns would deny this in a statement and on radio.

Sat 2
Round 5 v Geelong at MCG. 45, 228

Richmond 0.5 2.6 6.8 11.10.76
Geelong 2.2 7.4 9.9 12.13.85

Goals: Riewoldt (3.0), Vickery (1.1), Edwards (1.0), Houli (1.0), Cotchin (1.2), Grigg (1.0), Ellis (1.1), Miles (1.1.), Astbury (1.0)

Andrew Kellaway is Richmond's homecoming hero.
Corey Ellis debuts.
Richmond goalless in successive first quarters against Geelong, for the first time since Rd 6 + Rd 13 1937.

Sat 9
Round 6 v Nth Melb at Blundstone Arena, Hobart. 17,544

Richmond 2.1 5.8 6.11 10.14.74
Nth Melb 3.2 6.8 13.10 16.13.109

Goals: Riewoldt (3.2), A Miles (2.0), I Maric (1.1.) , Martin (1.0), Edwards (1.0), Morris (1.0), Chaplin (1.0)

Richmond's first match in Hobart for Premiership points.
Smoke from a fire at the rear of one of the stands drifts across the ground.
The crowd is originally announced as 16,719. However it is discovered that there were issues with ticket scanners at several access points of the ground.
A revised figure was released on 20 May

Sat 16
Round 7 v Collingwood at MCG 16,131

Richmond 1.2 9.5 12.6 16.9 (105)
Collingwood 4.4 7.5 12.7 15.10 (100)

Goals: Riewoldt (4), Vickery (3), Grigg (2), Cotchin (2), Deledio (2), McIntosh (1), Morris (1), Maric (1)
Debuts: Connor Menadue, Liam McBean
Richmond's first victory over Collingwood since Rd 19 2007.

Sun 24
Round 8 v Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval

Richmond 3.4 7.5 7.5 11.10.76
Port Adelaide 0.3 3.6 4.10 5.13.43

Richmond wear a yellow guernsey with a black sash for the first time in the League. The last time they wore a guernsey with a black sash was September 26 1886.
Jack Batchelor kicks the first goal, thereby becoming the first Richmond player to kick a goal wearing a black sash since Charlie Stephens on September 26 1886.
Black arm bands are worn in memory of a close friend of Taylor Hunt.
Richmond are held scoreless in a quarter (the third) , but still win - the first such occurrence at the club since Rd 14 1952.

Sat 30
Round 9 v Essendon at MCG 83,804

Richmond 3.2 5.6 7.10 10.12.72
Essendon 1.4 3.7 6.8 8.11.59

Dreamtime at the G Match. Richmond wear their 2015 Indigenous guernsey, designed by 14-year-old artist Derek Summerfield, a distant cousin of Shane Edwards.
Dustin Fletcher's 400th game. The first player to 400 League games, Kevin Bartlett, is at the ground watching.
Derek Peardon returns to the MCG for the first time since 1972, as the 'Coming Home' hero.
Richmond wear black arm bands in memory of Allan Cations (1952-57, 59).
8th highest home and away crowd for a Richmond match.

Fri 5
1987 Richmond President Alan Bond dies aged 77.

Round 10 v Fremantle at Fremantle 38.019

Richmond 8.1 12.3 13.4 15.7 (97)
Fremantle 3.1 5.2 8.5 10.10 (70)

Richmond best opening quarter against Fremantle.
The best opening quarter ever by a Richmond team wearing a black sash, surpassing May 30th 1885 vs Melbourne

Fri 19
Round 12 v West Coast at MCG 45,178

Richmond 4.2 8.3 10.6 10.10 (70)
West Coast 4.3 7.6 12.8 13.12 (90)

Goals: Martin (3.1), Vickery (2.0), Griffiths (1.0), Miles (1.0), Cotchin (1.0), Deledio (1.1), Riewoldt (1.3)
Richmond wearing purple trim on their guernsey in support of Alannah and Madeline Foundation.
Largest crowd between Richmond and West Coast ever.

Sat 20
Alex Rance announces he has re-signed to the club for 4 years.

Fri 26
Round 13 v Sydney at SCG 37,579

Richmond 2.4 3.5 10.10 14.11.95
Sydney 3.4 8.7 10.8 11.11.77

Goals: Riewoldt (6), Newman (1), Cotchin (1), Deledio (1), Vickery (1), Ellis (1), Gordon (1), Maric (1), Miles (1)
Richmond come back from 32 points down to win.
Lance Franklin reported for rough conduct on Shane Edwards in the second quarter.
Kurt Tippett reported for rough conduct on Dylan grimes in the third quarter.
Richmond's first win at the SCG since 2004.

Fri 3
Adelaide coach Phil Walsh is murdered in his home. Walsh played for Richmond 1984-1986 for 40 games.

Sat 4
Round 14 v GWS at MCG 35,968

Richmond 1.4 3.7 5.12 10.18.78
GWS 2.3 4.6 8.9 10.9.69

Goals: Riewoldt (2.0), Cotchin (2.1), Edwards (2.1), Deledio (1.2), Martin (1.1), Gordon (1.1), Vickery (1.2)

Richmond wear black arm bands in memory of Phil Walsh. No pre-match halftime entertainment takes place. There is no banner for Richmond to run through. At the end of the game, players and coaches from both teams form a circle around the centre circle, arm in arm, in memory of Phil Walsh. No themesong is sung after the game.

Fri 10
Round 15 v Carlton at MCG 52,564

Richmond 2.2 4.5 8.7 10.11.71
Carlton 1.4 2.7 4.9 5.11.41

Goals: Riewoldt 3, Cotchin 2, Deledio, Edwards, Grigg, Vickery, Martin

Sat 11
Richmond's HomeComing event takes place. 4 new inductees into the Hall of Fame are announced. Vic Thorp is elevated to Immortal status. Retrospective Jack Dyer medals are presented to Neville Crowe, Bill Barrot, Kevin Bartlett, Francis Bourke, Kevin Sheedy, Kevin Morris, Royce Hart (absent)

Sun 19
Round 16 v StKilda at Docklands 45,722

Richmond 2.3 8.6 13.8 13.11.89
StKilda 2.5 3.8 4.10 10.13.73

Goals: Lennon 3, Deledio 3, Riewoldt 2, Vlastuin, Grigg, Newman, Lambert, Maric

'Maddie Match' played in honour of Maddie Riewoldt, and to raise funds for Maddie Riewoldt's Vision
Richmond wear their clash guernsey which has the Maddie Riewoldt Vision logo on it.
Richmond wear black arm bands for Kevin McEvey, 1989 Life Member and former boot studder. Jack Riewoldt wears two black arm bands (for Kevin McEvey, and Maddie Riewoldt)

Sat 25
Round 17 vs Fremantle at MCG 37,777

Richmond 1.4 5.8 8.14 10.18.78
Fremantle 1.4 5.6 8.9 12.10.82

Goals: Maric 2, Newman 2, Lennon 2, McIntosh, Riewoldt, Deledio, Lloyd

Sam Lloyd replaced Shaun Hampson at half-time
Richmond hit the post 7 times, equaling their record from Rd 4 1924 vs Fitzroy

Sat 31
Round 18 vs Hawthorn at MCG 66,305

Richmond 3.4 5.4 8.8 10.11 (71)
Hawthorn 0.3 5.6 5.8 7.11 (53)

Goals: Deledio 4, Riewoldt, McIntosh, Vickery, Houli, Lambert, Lloyd

Richmond wear their indigenous guernsey in support of Adam Goodes, who was not playing this week for Sydney due to persistent booing that he said was racist.
Richmond's banner read 'We Stand up for Reconciliation. No Bystanders. #Reconciliation'
Largest crowd to witness a Richmond v Hawthorn match
Richmond hold Hawthorn goalless in the first quarter for the first time since Rd 2 1957
Richmond hold Hawthorn goalless in 2 quarters for the first time since Rd 5 1932

Sat 7
Round 19 vs Adelaide at Adelaide 50.094

Richmond 3.1 5.2 6.2 8.4.52
Adelaide 2.6 5.8 8.16 11.22.88

Goals: Martin 3, Maric, Grigg, Ellis, Riewoldt, Vickery

Ivan Maric wins the toss for Richmond. (He is selected because it is Multicultural Round; he is not captaining Richmond in this game)

Thurs 13
Nathan Foley retires, effective immediately, after playing 154 games for Richmond

Sun 16
Round 20 vs Gold Coast at MCG 38,508

Richmond 6.1 8.2 14.5 22.6 (138)
Gold Coast 2.0 5.3 7.3 8.7 (55)

Goals: Vickery 4, Lloyd 3, Deledio 3, Martin 3, Lambert 2, Riewoldt 2, Grigg, Newman, Maric, Thomas, Ellis

Trent Cotchin's 150th game. (Cotchin wears a black arm band)
Ivan Maric's 150th game (Adel + Richmond)
Post game, Richmond begin their themesong singing by chanting 'Foley, Foley, Foley'.

Tues 18
Chris Newman announces his retirement from the game, at season's end.

Sat 22
Round 21 vs Collingwood at MCG 63,178

Richmond 7.3 10.6 14.9 23.9.147
Collingwood 3.3 3.10 6.13 7.14.56

Goals: Vickery 6, Lloyd 3, Deledio 3, Houli 2, Riewoldt 2, Lambert, Grigg, Lennon, Martin, Newman, Maric, Ellis

Lambert wears black arm band.
Dustin Martin fined a suspended $2000 sanction, for a gesture he made to the Collingwood cheer squad

Sat 29
Round 22 vs Essendon at MCG 37,864

Richmond 1.4 4.10 7.12 10.14.74
Essendon 2.0 5.0 6.2 7.5.47

Goals: Vickery 2, Deledio 2, Maric, Martin, Thomas, Grigg, Miles, Edwards
Lowest crowd between the teams since Rd 11 1994.
Ivan Maric is acting captain

Fri 4
Round 23 vs Nth Melbourne at MCG 40,461

Richmond 1.4 2.7 7.11 16.12 (108)
Nth Melbourne 2.3 4.5 6.6 10.7 (67)

Goals: Vickery 3, Martin 3, Lambert 2, Riewoldt 2, Ellis, Maric, Newman, Houli, Edwards, Deledio
Sam Lloyd replaced Ben Lennon in the final quarter
Richmond's last quarter of 55 points is the most by them against Nth Melbourne ever, surpassing the record held since Rd 2 1931 (Jack Dyer's debut).
Nth Melbourne dropped (rest/manage) 9 players for this match

Tues 8
Richmond's Matt Thomas finishes second in the J J Liston Trophy, 1 vote behind Nick Rippon.
Thomas had been leading by two votes going into the final round, where Rippon polled 3 votes.
Thomas played only 12 games in the VFL.

Sun 13
Elimination Final vs Nth Melbourne at MCG 90,186

Richmond 2.3 9.3 12.3 14.4.88
Nth Melb 1.6 6.8 11.13 15.15.105

Goals: Riewoldt 4, Newman 2, Vickery 2, Deledio, Miles, Edwards, McIntosh, Conca, Lambert

2nd largest crowd between the two teams ever (only 1974 GF bigger).
Riewoldt's 4 goals is most by a Richmond player in a final since David Cloke's 5 goals in 1982 Semi Final.

Tues 22
Alex Rance (full back), Jack Riewoldt (centre half forward), Brett Deledio (interchange) are named in the All Australian team

Mon 28
Nat Fyfe wins the 2015 Brownlow Medal with 31 votes.
Highest polling Richmond player is Dustin Martin with 21 votes, then Trent Cotchin 17, Anthony Miles 9.

Wed 30
Richmond Reserves coach Tim Clarke departs Tigerland to join Carlton's coaching panel.

Sat 3
Alex Rance finishes third in the Fox Footy 'Longest Kick Across the Yarra' with a distance of 49.8m.
Second place was Travis Cloke with 55.0m and first place was Drew Petrie with 60.4m

Tue 6
Alex Rance wins the 2015 Best and Fairest, held at Crown Casino.

Thur 15
Craig McRae is announced as 2016 Reserves coach. He had previously coached the Coburg-affiliated team in 2009

Fri 16
Jacob Townsend, GWS midfielder, is drafted to Richmond. The Tigers swapped their fourth-round pick 70, for Townsend and Giants' seventh-round selection

Thurs 22
Carlton's Chris Yarran, is drafted to Richmond, in exchange for pick 19 to Carlton

Wed 28
Richmond delist Matt Dea, 22 days after he wins the Reserve Best and Fairest.
Matt Thomas retires, Nathan Gordon is delisted.

Fri 6
Richmond sign Andrew Moore to a one-year contract. He is the younger brother of Kelvin Moore (2004-2012)

Wed 11
Shane Tuck's boxing debut ends by being knocked out in the 4th Round against Lucas Miller.
Tuck is stretched from the ring and placed in an ambulance.

Mon 23
John O'Rourke, founder and chairman of international property and infrastructure company Plenary Group, is appointed to the board filling the vacancy of Carl Walsh resignation in September.

Tues 24
Richmond recruit Daniel Rioli (Pick 15), Oleg Markov (Pick 50), Nathan Broad (Pick 67) in the 2015 National Draft.
Rioli's great-uncle was former Richmond player Maurice Rioli

Fri 27
Richmond recruit Callum Moore (Pick 12), Mabior Chol (Pick 30), and Adam Marcon (Pick 47) in the Rookie Draft.


Fri 4
Board members Maurice O'Shannassy (3876) and Rex Chadwick (3617) are re-elected to the board.
Joseph Russo (1153) and Jason Dowd (796) fail in their bids.

Sat 5
Dustin Martin is involved in an incident at a Japanese restaurant when he allegedly threatened to stab a female patron with chopsticks.

Wed 9
Richmond's AGM is held at the Richmond Football Club, at 6pm.
Life membership are awarded. CEO Brendon Gale officially joins the Richmond board, the first club CEO to do so.

Tues 22
Police investigation into Dustin Martin incident determine no criminal offence took place.

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