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This list contains the name of Richmond players, officials who went to war/enlisted/are a member of the ADF.
(N.B They may have gone to war prior to their career at Richmond, or after their career at Richmond, or during their time at another club)

If you know of any Richmond player or official (from any club grade; Seniors, Reserves, Richmond Thirds etc, Trained with Richmond) who should be on the list below, please email me at rhettrospective at gmail.com

Those who gave their ultimate sacrifice to their country. (World War One and World War Two)

Years Played
War info
Bill Nolan 27 1914-1915 player Sergeant, 58th Battalion 23 July 1916
Patrick 'Toots' O'Loughlin 48 1887-1892 Private 24th Battalion 26 August 1916 b: 1868 in Richmond Looks like his enlistment papers has him as 42.
Alexander Salton 45 1887-1889 player 5th Divisional Base 10 Sept 1916
Arthur Owen 'Ginger' Quinn 39 1898 player. Born 1875 Private. 22nd Aust Infantry Battalion 15 Nov 1916
Artie Harrison24 1911 player Lance-Corporal 22nd Battalion 3 May 1917
Les Lee 22 1913 player Private 10th Machine Gun company 8 June 1917
Herbert Ivar Martin 23 1939 Reserves Corporal VX35665. Died at Bathurst Training Camp when Bren Gun Carrier crushed him 17 May 1941
John Oswald 'Ossie' Jennings 21 Richmond Seconds 1940 Probably John Jennings. Born in Hamilton (3 Oct 1920) . Played Hamilton United. Labourer. Farewell by club in 1941 Corporal. AIF Died 29 July 1942 in Egypt
Bill Cosgrove 24 1940 player Flight Sergeant 30 Squadron 11 Aug 1943 . Minute silence between Rich vs Haw
Bill Garvie 331934-1935 player Private 20 Field Bakery Platoon 27 June 1944
Frank Percy. Stamford 20 Born: 29 Apr 1923. 1941 Richmond Recruits B+F. Listed in 1953 Sporting Globe as former player. RFC Annual Report 1945. 29/46 Battalion. Private 7 Dec 1943 New Guinea KIA
Richard (Dick) John Power 20 Born: Feb 6 1923 in Barfold Vic formerly of Xavier College Richmond Seconds 1941/42. RAAF. Warrant Officer. 27 Jan 1944 Germany.' Air Operations'. Lancaster aircraft JB 637 crashed in Stuecken. All 7 crew members died. Buried in Berlin War Cemetery. Mentioned in Minute Book March 17 1942. Also his father wrote to club (28/8/1940 MB) 'stating that Hawthorn were desirous of signing his son, but his boy would like to have a try at Richmond'
Ralph James Ayers 23 Richmond Seconds 1939/1940. Born: 1 Aug 1920 in East Prahran Flight Sergeant RAAF Permit from Prahran 2nds and Melbourne to Richmond FC 10 May 1939 20 Dec 1943. Aircraft failed to return from 'minelaying operations'. Frisian Island. All 7 crew presumed lost in North Sea, Atlantic Ocean. Remembrance notice from family
Walter Johnston 62 1908 player Staff Sergeant WW2 v5088 Has Roll of Honour card meaning his death after end of WW2 is war related

Below is a list of Richmond players/officials who went to war and survived.

Boer War

Richmond association
War info
William Arnott 1893 player 4th Vic Imperial Bushmen in the Boer War
Daniel Charles 'Artillery' Collins 1892 player Victorian Artillery Regimental No.247 Boer War (joined 25-1-1902)
George Johnson 1901-1904 player Volunteer Mounted Infantry Unit
Alex Johnston 1908 player 2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse. Served in Boer War, WW1 and WW2
Clovis Mainon 1885 Treasurer Most likely fought on the Boer side
John "Jack" Tait 1899-1900 player Lieutenant, 'who served in South Africa with the Scottish Horse and also was one of the officers connected with the late Captain Benson's Lancers.' Herald 1902 MB. Tait received wounds from Boer bullets in both legs. Appeared at the Farewell to William Malone in 1902.

China 1900 - 1901 Boxer Rebellion

Richmond association
War info
Mark Pope 1899 player Abel Seaman. Victorian Naval Contingent July - Dec 1900

World War One

Richmond association
War info
Albert Anderson 1926 player Driver. 4th Division Ammunition Column
Jack Arbrew 1913 player Corporal. Air Mechanic 4th Squadron. Also served WW2
Horrie Bannister 1924 player Private. Depot Broadmeadows
David Warden Beck Born: 1875. Died: Aug 18 1939. Club Masseur Staff -Sergeant Army Medical Corps. Lost right eye. 1916-1918
Arthur Birtles 1922 player Private. 14th Battalion.
Leonard Bolitho Trainer 1939-1941 Pvt 2626 46th Battalion *Also served WW2
Arthur Brennan 1896-97, 1903-1904 Pvt 51513. Court Martialed
Jack Bristow 1913 player Lieutenant. 6th Battalion. Military Cross.
Norm Brooker 1911 Corporal. 2/5 Battallion
Jim Burchill 1918 player Private. Lab Assistant.
Johnny Campbell 1921 trained Noted Sth Fremantle player. Born 1st March 1894.
Ernest 'Mick' Carter 1910 player Sergeant. Metal Buyer.
Joe Corfield 1926 player Army 1329. Flying Corps
Richard Blackmore Craven 1919 Reserves Sgt 6th Battalion. Gallipoli More info And more info Capt of War footy team . Nickname 'Snowy'.
Arthur Danks 1912-1915 player Driver. 4th Field Artillery
Ted Derrick 1916 player Private. 23rd Battalion.
Alec Eason 1916 player Private. 5th Battalion. Possibly team photo
Percy Ellin 1910 player Private. 60th Battalion.
Claude Fell 1918 player Private. 90th Company. Depot Navy
William Ernest Fildes 1906-1907 player 12th Field Company. Gallant conduct. War record Conscription ad
Ted Fisher 1918 player Warrant Officer. 57th Battalion.
Arthur Fox 1917-1918 player Lance Corporal. 6th Battalion.
George Gibson 1907-1912 player Private. 6th Battalion. He wrote a letter whilst at war
Bruce Godfrey 1910 player Corporal. 23rd Battalion.
Dave Griffiths 1923 player Sapper. 13th Field Company.
Alex 'Joker' Hall 1910 coach DEPOT 62143 Home Service Langwarrin
Frank Harley 1915-17, 19-25 player Engine Room Artificer. Royal Aust Navy
Doug Hayes 1922-28 player Driver. 1 Division Signalling Company
William Tullock Hendrie 1905-1906 player. Born: 1884 in Richmond. Died: 1939 Sergeant 59th Battalion
Edmund Hood 1916-19 player 2nd Class Air Mechanic.
Charles Wyatt Hudd 1904 VFA player No. 227. Gunner.
Frank Huggard 1919-20, 22-25 13th Light Horse
Frank 'Checker' Hughes 1914-15, 19-23 player Sergeant. 57th Battalion.
Les Irwin 1911 player Sergeant. 13th Light Horse Regiment
Hugh James 1909-16, 1919-23 Lieutenant. 3rd Pioneer Battalion. Military Cross. 12th Field Company.
Jack James 1926 player Lieutenant. 3rd Pioneer Battalion.
Bert 'Dook' Jennings Trainer War referenced Possibly Herbert James Jennings 5628
Alex Johnston 1908 player 2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse. Served in Boer War WW1 and WW2
Ted Keggin 1912-1914, 1917 Navy. Also served WW2
Basil Kiernan 1916 player Private. No.1 Sea Transport.
Lyster Kirkpatrick 1909 player Sapper. 3rd Division Signals.
Dave Lynch 1912 player Driver. 1st Divisional Train.
John MacGregor 1911 player Staff Sergeant. 4th Motor Transport.
Dave Mahoney 1911 player Private. 5th Battalion.
Ernest Edward Main 1902 VFA player Occupation: Butcher. No. 940 Pvt. Awarded Military Medal for Bravery J1917. 39th Battalion
Bill Marshall 1915 player Private. 15th Machine Gun Company
Jim Maxfield 1924-1925 Private. 59th Battalion
George May 1911 2nd Lieutenant.
Harry Maynard 1914 player Lieutenant. 29th Battalion.
Bob McCaskill 1923-25 player Sergeant. 1st Division Artillery.
Jim McDonald 1915 player Private. 23rd Battalion.
Joe McKenzie 1910 player Corporal. 13th LIght Horseman.
George McLear 1914 player Bombardier. 36th heavy Artillery.
Hector Milne Committeeman / Past Player Lieutenant 7th Australian Light Horse 1914-1916
Dan Minogue 1920-25 player Bombardier. 3rd Divisional Ammunition.
Dave Moffatt 1912-1917, 1919-20 Home Defence Force
Vern Moore 1925 player Lance Corporal. 14th Field Company
Fred Morgan 1913-15 player Staff Sergeant. 10th Field Ambulance.
Mel Morris 1921-1926 player Gunner. 3rd Field Artillery
Alan O'Donoghue 1912 player Mentioned in The Argus and Punch
George Ogilvie 1920 player Lance Corporal 7th Battalion.
Percy Page Secretary RAAF Administrative branch. Flt Lieut.
George Parkinson 1919-1921 Lieutenant. 1st Division Trench Mortar.
Harry Pollock 1923-24, 26 Corporal. 36th Aust Heavy Artillery.
Dick Price 1912 player Corporal. 2/A Trench Mortar Battery.
Syd Price 1909-1910 Lieutenant.
Henry Archibald Richardson 1902-1904 player Served with USA in WW1 and WW2. FHL Roll No 1544261
Arch Robinson 1911 player Corporal. A Provost Corps.
George Ross 1923 player Air Mechanic. Australian Flying Corp.
Billy Rudd 1917-18 player Private. 6th Battalion
Ernie Rudduck 1904-1906 player Lance Corporal 57th Battalion. Served in WW2
Ted Ryan 1908 player Lieutenant. Naval Military.
Alex Salvado 1912 player Sapper. 13th Field Company
Bobby Scott 1910-1911 player Private. 10 Machine Gun Company
Jack Sheehan 1915,1917 player Sergeant. 5th Battalion.
William Henry “Bill” Sheppard 1913 - 1917 committeeman possible War record Referenced here and here and photo here , and here , 1914 info here
Hamilton Stokesbury 1915 player Private. 3rd Depot Regiment.
Wilfred Stott 1919-20 player Staff Sergeant. 7th Light Horse Regiment.
Dudley George Tong 1906 player 21st Battalion
Bill Thorpe 1914 player Private. Army.
George Threlfall 1919, 1923-24 player Private. 18th Reinforcements.
Francis Twomey 1913-1914 player Sergeant. 14th Battalion.
George Valentine 1924-26 player Air Mechanic. 7th Training Squadron.
Tom Watson 1897,1901, 03 VFA player Referenced here, and here
Bob Williams 1946 trained RAAF
Edward Hugh Williams 1892-94, 98-99 player Private 15/8/1916 - discharged 14/10/1918
Tom 'Sconny' Williams 1898-99, 04-06 VFA player Referenced here. Thomas James Williams - Munitions Worker, number 605.
Harry Weatherill 1919 player Private. 22nd Battalion
Horrie Weeks 1915 player Corporal. Anzac Corp
Stan Wootton 1923 player Lieutenant. 59th Battalion.
Joseph Edgar Youlden 1907 player Lance Corporal 3263 60th Battalion

World War Two

Years Played
War info
Ken Albiston 1946-51 player Aircraftman 1 RAAF
Ray Alexander 1942 Seconds player Awarded D.F.C for sinking submarine in Bay of Biscay
F. Anderson Richmond Recruits A.I.F (1942)
Les Anderson Air Force. Listed in RFC Annual Report 1945 and 1946
Jack Arbrew 1913 player Corporal. Air Mechanic 4th Squadron. Also served WWI
Jack Ashby 1944 Reserves player Air Force. Cleared from Richmond to Dandenong
Col Austen 1950-52 player Signalman. Australasian Heavy Wireless Section
Jack Baggot 1927-35 player Flight Lieutenant. RAAF
Reg Baker 1928 player Corporal. RAAF
Jack Barnett 1924-26 player Warrant Officer. RAAF
George Bates 1937-39 player Lance Corporal. Army.
Dave Baxter 1934-36 Private. Army.
Allan Bayliss 1940-41 Richmond Seconds (younger brother of George). W/2160 Royal Aust Navy. Discharged 18 Dec 1945
William Benton 1928-32 player Private. 2/28 Aust. Infantry Battalion
Percy J Bice 1944 player Warrant Officer. Army.
Jack Bisset 1928, 1931 player Gunner. Army.
Leonard Bolitho Trainer 1939-1941 Lieutenant. Army. V4415. Born 19 March 1894 in Bendigo. Died 1962 in Bendigo
Allan Bouch 1925 player Squadron Leader. RAAF Headquarters. Photo of him in RAAF team
Frank Bourke Snr 1943, 1946-47 player Flight Lieutenant. 54 Group
Kevin Bourke Army. (RFC Annual Report 1945)
Stan Brett 1938 player Private. 5 Battalion.
Jack Broadstock 1943-46 player Private. Army.
Percy Melville Brock 1943 Reserves player Army (RFC Annual Report 1945) (Magarey Medallist, Glenelg)
Alby Broman 1937-39 player Able Seaman. Royal Australian Navy.
Norm Brooker 1911 Corporal. 2/5 Battallion
Keith Brooks 1941 player Private. Corporal. New Guinea Force.
E. G Brown AMF
Len Brown AIF
Cyril Burke 1926 player Leading Aircraftman. 1 Personnel Depot.
John Vincent Cahill Signed by Richmond July 3 1944 Signalman S111809 Signalman SX19200 (2nd tour). Father of Jack Cahill (SA), and Brother of Laurie Cahill
Laurie Cahill 1943 player Corporal. RAAF
Bruce Cameron Trained in 1943 RAAF. (possibly Bruce Cameron and D Cameron are same)
Don Cameron 1944 Reserves player, rover From SA. 'A former champion SA soccer player' Army (RFC Annual Report 1945). Didn't play Aussie Rules until he joined the AIF
Henry Joseph Carbon 1943 Reserve player Navy (RFC Annual Report 1945). Possibly Harry Carbon South Fremantle
Ernest Carter 1910 player Captain. Army.
Stuart Cartwright 1945 player Corporal. 120 Australian General Transport.
George Clark 1922 player Private. Volunteer Defence Corps.
Bill Cockburn 1941 Seconds player Bombardier (also a Richmond Cricketer)
Ted Collinson 1932 player Private. 32 Batallion.
Kevin Colls 1942, 1946-47 player Lance Corporal. Northern Territory Force Postal Unit.
Matt Connors 1922-1923 player Captain. 7th Battalion.
Denis John 'Dinny' Conway 1944 Reserves W.A winger for East Fremantle Army. (RFC Annual Report 1945)
Cecil Cook 1945 trained. Listed in RFC Annual Report 1945. Air Force. Brother of Fred/Keith
Fred Cook 1944-49 player Leading Aircraftman
Keith Cook 1944-46 player Leading Aircraftman
Jack Cotter 1935-41 player Corporal. 2/2 Australian Pioneer Battalion
Vic Cottrill Signed 6 Oct 1942 . Trained 10 Apr 1943 w/club RAAF
Jack Crane 1937-42 player Private . 42 Aust. Field Ordnance Depot.
Fred Crapper 1936 player Sergeant. Central Sick Quarters.
Jack Currie 1939 player Private. Lance Sergeant
Max Currie 1947-51 player Leading Aircraftman. 17 Stores Depot
Douglas Raymond D'Oliver 1944 Reserves player Air Force. Mentioned in RFC Annual Report 1945.
H Daley Min Book 14 April 1942 says 'in camp'. 4 March 1941 Min Book says ' G Tanner: re player H Daley'. Unsure of Richmond connection
J. Darling 1943 recruit RAAF. Was cleared from Melbourne to Richmond
Pat Davey 1935-36, 42 player Leading Aircraftman.
Kevin Deagan 1944,46 player Leading Aircraftman.
Norman Dickson 1936-39 player Sergeant. 112 Aust, Light Anti Aircraft Regiment
Sid Dockendorff 1932-33 player Warrant Officer Unit Stores Accounts Section.
Noel Doherty 1943,45 player Leading Radio Mechanic, Royal Aust Navy
James "Bluey" Douglas Dowling 1943 Seconds player. Also played for Sth Melb 1946 RAAF Radio Development and Installation Unit.
D Downes prob Don Downes recruit 1941. Born 5 July 1923. Mentioned in Minute Book 17 March 1942 'Entered camp, also joined RAAF' Service No. 430486
Ray Dunn President 1964-1971 . With the American Services. (1943AR) Posted in USA (RFC Annual Report 1945)
Tom Dunne 1929-31 player Private. 2/3 Ordnance Stores Company
Ron Durham 1943-44, 46-48 player Private. 2 Cavalry Division.
Jack Eames 1946 player Sergeant. 126 Aust Brigade
Horrie Edmonds 1934-35 player Corporal. HQ 2 Australian Army.
Bert Edwards 1938-45 player Signalman. 2 Cavalry Division
Max Evans 1947-48 player Private. 2/2 Australian Port Operating Company.
Alan. John Everton 1942 Richmond Seconds/ Richmond Recruits 57th/60th Battalion
Horrie Farmer 1933 player Lance Corporal. 120 Aust. General Transport
Jack Fincher 1927-30 player Sergeant. 3 Reserve Personnel Pool
Leo Gerard Fitzgerald 1944-46 trained RAAF Instructor. Service Number: 410881. B: 25 June 1923. Recommended by Barney Herbert. From Ballan/Bacchus Marsh . We later cleared him to Bulleen May 15 1946 (MB). Served in US and Canada
Jim Fitzpatrick 1913 player Private. 13 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corp
Len Foster Trained in 1941. This article says he was 19th man for 1 game in 1941 Army (RFC Annual Report 1945)
Don Fraser 1945-52 player Private. Aust. Electrical + Mechanical Engineers Training
W. 'Fatty' Fyfe 1939 Reserves Sergeant
William Gerrand 1941 Reserves RAAF 53285 Leading Aircraftman
Jack Giles 1943 player Corporal . 112 Australia Light Anti Aircraft Regiment
L G Giles 1942 Team list Also was on 1943 list. Listed in RFC Annual Report 1945. Is it possible Jack Giles, and L G Giles are same person
Bob Gislingham 1933 player Private. Composite Training Regiment.
Bruce Godfrey 1910 player Private. 4 Battalion Volunteer Defence.
Fred Goding 1928 player Major. 1 Aust. Brigade Company
Geoff Grant 1936-38 player Corporal. Victorian Echelon and Records.
Graham Greene 1939 / 1941 seconds Private
Ed Hanley 1921 player Staff Sergeant.
James Harbinson (1933 Reserves) Formerly of Geelong F.C AASC6 Division Petrol Company
Don Harris 1926-30 player Private. 2/24th Infantry Battalion
Stan Harris 1929 player Leading Aircraftman. 1 Central Recovery Depot.
Donald Harrower 1942 Reserves player from Cohuna. Army
William. “Bill” Hawley Trainer 1938 - 1941, 1945 - 1949 RAAF. Possibly 50214 Minute Book Feb 17 1942
Bob Hay 1942 player Major. Captain. Army Reserve. Also Vietnam War
B Haysom 1945 trained Is it William Haysom This article has him from the Navy
Bill Hearn 1935 player Private. 2/23 Aust. Infantry Battalion
Jack Hill 1943 Reserves player (Australian test cricketer). RAAF.
Vic Hill 1947 player Private. Unallotted Reinforcement.
Joe Hinson 1942, 1944 player Private. 1 Aust Ordnance Port Detachment.
Gordon Hislop 1923-24 Sergeant. Volunteer Defence Corp.
Alby Hodges 1940 player Lance Corporal. 2/1 Guard Regiment.
Max Hood 1949 player Private. 24 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps
C. Hooper 1939 supplementary player 'Was in camp for 3 mths before April'
Geoffrey Gordon House 1940-1941 Seconds player Private. 65 Search Light Battery
Frank Howard 1943, 1948 player Leading Writer , Royal Aust Navy
Frank Hughes Jnr 1944 player Private. 15 Field Ambulance.
Ian Hull 1936-42, 45 player Warrant Officer 2. Lieutenant.
Ray Hunt 1943 player Leading Aircraftman
Bert James 1947 player Signalman. 15 Aust. Line Section
Alex Johnston 1908 player 2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse. Served in Boer War WW1 and WW2
Les Jones 1944, 46-49 player sapper 54 Aust. Field Park Company
Clarrie Jordan 1934-36 player Leading Aircraftman. 8 Squadron.
Stan Judkins 1928-36 player Sergeant. 2/12 Transport Platoon.
Ted Keggin 1912-14, 17 player Chief Shipwright. HMAS Cerberus. Also served WW1
Pat Kenney 1945 trained Played 1945 Reserves here RAAF .(Possibly 409797 : Date of birth - 27 Aug 1922 : Place of birth - ST LEONARDS NSW : Place of enlistment - MELBOURNE : Next of Kin - KENNEY VINCENT)
Frank Kight 1927-28 player Corporal. 2 Medical Rehabilitation Unit.
Dan Knott 1947 player Driver. Southern Command Car Company
Arthur Kemp 1943-46 player Sergeant. Army
Allen Lewis 1944 player Petty-Officer, Royal Aust Navy.
Jack Leyden 1940-42 Richmond Seconds RAAF. 630 Squadron.
Jim MacBeth 1938 player RAAF
Michael Maguire 1910-12 player Served with the British Army. Was also an Engineer Officer Batman
Des Martin 1942 player Private. Gunner.
Gordon Sydney Martin 1942/1944 player Lance Sergeant VX118401. Brother of Herbert Martin who died at war (see above).
Walter Kenneth Maskiell 1944 Reserves player Navy. (played with East Fremantle)
Don Matson Trained 10 Apr 1943 w/club Nephew of Phil Matson. RAAF Either him or him
Noel May recruited Richmond 27 May 1937. Noel Newton May from Queenscliffe VX25581]. Was Prisoner of War- audio of him talking at 14min 20sec mark
Harry Maynard 1914 player Flying Officer. Squadron.
A McCarthy (possible Andrew) 1944 Reserve players Army (RFC Annual Report 1945)
Bob McCaskill 1923-25 player Lieutenant
Basil McCormack 1925-36 player Staff Sergeant. Army
John McCormick 1923 player Flying Officer.
Alan McCrory 1938 player Aircraftman.
Alan McDonald 1939-41, 43 player Sergeant.
Tom McEwan 1909 player Private. Volunteer Defence Corps
Bob McIlveen 1943 player Corporal. Sergeant
William Russell "Rus" McIndoe 1942-1943 Reserves AIF Artillery served in Middle East and Alamein campaign
George McLear 1914 player Warrant Officer
Alan McQueen 1946 trained. From Launceston RAAF Leading Aircraftsman
Charles Milgate Richmond Seconds 1940 (cleared to Heatherton FC April 23 1946) Enlisted 18 June 1940. Prisoner of War in Japan. 27th Brigade Company. Played for Richmond Reserves again in 1946 VX33615
R McNally Committeeman 1938 Reserves Army
Les McNally 1941-1942 Bootstudder Probably Staff Sergeant VX113994
Peter Melville 1945 trained RAAF (Either Peter Gordon Melville, or Peter Vivian Melville)
Fred Morgan 1913-15 player Private. 18th Battalion
Bill Morris 1942, 44-51 player Gunner.
B Morrison 1945 Recruit RAAF
W. Muir 1940 Richmond list
George F 'Blue' Mumford 1934 Reserves Footy History AIF. War record Mentioned here, and POW VX6234 , and here and here. Golden Square legend
R Murnane Trained RFC May 1943 RAAF. Is it Raymond Michael Murnane 127427 (b: 31 July 1924)
Sel Murray 1945-46 player Private.
Phil Nagle 1941-46 player Private. Sapper.
George Nelson 1946 player Private.
Jack Netherway Trained in 1946 6 Service Flying Training School Mallala.
P Neville Trained 1945 RAAF
Cyril Nott 1921-22 player Flight Lieutenant.
Alan Nutter 1943 player Able Seaman, Royal Aust Navy
Cyril O'Brien 1936 player Staff Sergeant
Peter O'Bryan 1941 Richmond Seconds Air Force
Maurie O'Connell 1937,39-41 player Lieutenant
Kevin O'Neill 1930-41 player Aircraftman. Service record here
Len O'Rourke 1945 recruit AIF. This may be his service record
Alan Oakley 1928-31 player Bombardier
Stan Ogden 1930 player Gunner. 2/11 Field Regiment
George Ogilvie 1920 player Private.
Percy Page Secretary RAAF
Alby Pannam 1947 player Aircraftman
George Parkinson 1919-21 player Captain. Sea Transport
Mick Patton 1936-37 player VX1434 Army AIF. In 1940 he sent telegram to club. Born: William Les Patton. Reserves Min Book 3 June 1942 says M Patton has died.
Jack Perkins Private? RAAF? Brother of Bill 'Polly' Perkins. Trained with Richmond 1946 NX136731 might be him
Jim Petrie Reserves Treasurer, Committeeman 1941 Navy , was capt of footy team *see bottom of page
Stan Plowman Signed Sept 1944 Sgt RAAF 56120. Later inducted into Bendigo Hall of Fame
Harry Pollock 1923-24, 26 player Lance Corporal. Light Horse Regiment.
E. 'Ted' Porter 1944 Reserve player 6ft 4 from Stawell RFC Annual Report 1945. AIF
Richard Price 1912 player Captain. 15th Battalion
Edward John Purchase 1941-1942 Richmond Seconds secretary RAAF 119731. Corporal
Jack Quinn 1940-41 player Lance Bombardier
Roy Quinn 1940-41, 43-44 player Gunner
Keith Rae 1946 player Leading Seaman HMAS Lonsdale
Brian Randall 1941-45 player Aircraftman
R Reid 1945 recruit "of the Navy has a strained leg"
Neil Remington 1942 trained with club 21.7.1942 Air Force
Henry Archibald Richardson 1902-1904 player Served with USA in WW1 and WW2. FHL Roll No 1544261
Doug Ring Trained with Richmond 1941. Aust cricketer RAAF
Don Richards 1946 trained
Bill Ripper 1935 player Private.
Ken Roberts 1947-51 player Sapper.
Noel Ross 1945-47, 49 player Private.
Ray Ross 1922 player Sergeant
Ernie Rudduck 1904-1906 player Private. 10th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps. Aged 58. Served in WW1
George Rudolph 1922, 24-28 player Corporal
Wally Russell 1942-43, 45-48 player Corporal
Stan Ryan 1929 player Lance Corporal
Billy Schmidt 1908-11, 1921 player Private
Bob Scott 1910-11 player Private.
Ray Scriven 1935-38 player Private.
Peter Sherman 1947 player Telegrapher. HMS Penguin
Ken Sier 1948-50 player Gunner
George Smeaton 1935-42, 44-46 player Stoker, Royal Aust Navy
Charles Smith 1921-22 player Captain
J. F Smith Richmond Recruits AMF
Laird Smith 1939-41, 45 player Warrant Officer 1
George Stanley Spence Poss Stan Spence March 1941 recruit 2/23 Aust Infantry Battalion. Minute Book 14 April 1942 references a Spence joining AIF
James Frederick Spence Corporal. 5th Field Company Minute Book 14 April 1942 references a Spence joining AIF
Robert 'Bob' Stanley Trained 9 March 1945 RAAF, and is this him
Geoff Spring 1948-57 player Aircraftman.
Les Stainsby 1927 player Sapper. 2/10 Field Company
Fred Stammers 1943 player Private.
Ray Steele 1940-43 player Lieutenant. Captain.
J Stephens Trained 19 March 1942 From NSW (Eastern Suburbs). With RAAF
Bob Stewart 1922 player Sergeant
Allan Strang Trained w/ Richmond 16 April 1940. Fourth of the Strang brothers 'Military Training' Possible VX89882 'Alan Robert Strang' b 11 Oct 1920
Colin Henry Strang V104380. B 10 Aug 1910. Brother of Gordon, Doug. Trained with Richmond early 1933 Died Nov 11 1946 aged 36 Trooper. 3 Australian Ordnance Stores Company
Charles Street 1928, 30-31 player Staff Sergeant
Gordon Styles 1942-43, 45 player Corporal. Lance Corporal
Jack Sullivan 1941-43, 46 player Gunner
Jack Symons 1934-44 player Gunner
Laurie Taylor 1944, 47 player Corporal. Private
Stan Tomlins 1948 player Signalman
Stan Vandersluys 1953 player Aircraftman
Bernie Waldron 1940-45 player Sapper. 15 Field Company
Bob Walliker 1942 player Private. Corporal
(first name unknown) Walsh 1944 Practice match RAAF
Harold "Mick" Warne 1945 trained. From Sturt RAAF. Info here
Clive Watson 1948 player Leading Aircraftman
Neville Way Navy F4120 Practice Match April 1942 CHF from Boulder W.A 5ft 11, 13st. Later played StK 1942, Norwood 1944-50
Alby Western 1952 player Private.
Jack A Weston 1941-1942 Assistant secretary RAAF and here
Bill White 1941 player Lance Corporal 53 Australian Army Company
Keith White Trained 1947 from Stanhope. Navy
Reg Whitehead 1921 player Leading Aircraftman
Bob Wiggins 1944-51 player Leading Aircraftman
Doug Williams 1944 Seconds R.A.N.
Bob Wilson 1929 player Trooper
Stan Wootton 1923 player Captain
Stan Yates 1925 player Corporal
Harry Youlden 1942 Richmond Seconds player. Leading Aircraftman. Posted to Darwin 'where he was in the bombing'
Eric Zschech 1930-35 Sergeant.

Vietnam War

Years Played
War info
Bob Hay 1942 player Major General. Also WWII.

National Service

Years Played
War info
Ray Allsopp 1955-59 player RAAF
Mal Brown 1974 player RAN
Lance Cox 1954-55 Army
Neville Crowe 1957-67 Army
Brian Davie Army 15th National Service Battalion
Frank Dunin 1953, 55-59 Army
Lloyd French 1970-71 Army
Malcolm Greenslade 1971 Army
Royce Hart 1967-77 Army
Greg Hollick 1970-72 Army
Colin Holt 1958-59 Army
Rex Hunt 1968-74 Army
Stephen Hywood 1972 Army
Brenton Miels 1969-70 Army
Frank Munro 1956-57 Army
Alan Noonan 1977 Army
Michael Nunan 1971 Army
Ian Owen 1969-72 Army
John Perry 1964-69 Army
Doug Reynolds 1958-59 RAAF
John Robson 1955 Army
Kevin Sheedy 1967-79 Army
Kevin Shinners 1967-68 Army

Australian Defence Force Members

Years Played
War info
Kirra Grimes 2018 VFLW Signaller. 1st Intelligence Battalion.
Alice Edmonds 2018 VFLW Private.
Trish Muller 2018 VFLW Royal Australian Navy Petty Officer

Note to investigate further before adding to the list.

1. John Wright, VFA player, listed as 'leaving the permanent artillery and intended to go home to St James' in July 1901 Minute Book.

2. This article reference a long time supporter and worker of Richmond Football Club Frank Goldin at war. Yet to find his connection.

3. Tigers of Old book page 305 lists a M Wheeler as player who died in World War 2.
Yet to find any connection to Richmond. However, Max Wheeler, who played 1 game for Hawthorn in 1937, died in 1941 (yet to find his connection, if any, to Richmond)

CONFIRMED. ADDED Norm Brooker (RFC 1911 3 games) - grandson says he served in BOTH WARS with 25th AIF. He has donated his father's War medals to the Richmond Museum. Norm doesn't appear on official AFL list of players who went to war. Is VX5279 him ? Born in Warrgul Vic, enlisted Kerang, next of kin Norma. Only issue is the date of birth is 28 Sep 1905, where as grandson says Norm's dob is 28 Sep 1889. The grandson now tells me that Norm lied about his age so he could serve with his son.

--CONFIRMED. ADDED TO LIST ABOVE. Herbert Martin - cousin says he played with Reserves and was 'accidentally killed in Queensland during army training'
Possibly VX35665 dob 21 Jan 1918, enlisted 2 July 1940, dod 17 May 1941
Looks like he came to Richmond in 1939
This article says he was signed up by club in 1939. Middle initial is wrong. Should be I, not J. Though possible typo
Photo of him training at Richmond
Cleared to Richmond Districts in 1939
Had a brother who trained with Richmond
This article says he signed with Richmond, and gives correct initial
Injured ankle in practice match --

6. Francis Xavier Martin - grandson says he played in reserves and served in war.
V356468 is probably him. Francis Xavier Martin, born 19 May 1921 in Richmond (next of kin Patrick Martin). Grandson says thats him. However , I can't locate when he played for Richmond in Reserves yet. Francis is still alive, grandson to follow up. (Update: Francis passed away in July 2016) Update: There's a Martin (AIF) listed here in Pre-Season of 1946 , is that perhaps him? It couldn't be Des Martin, cause he left Richmond at end of 1942 and was coaching Berrigan at this stage.

7. Jim Petrie ? 1941 Reserves Annual Report says 'rejoined this Committee this year, was transferred to Darwin, and no time will be lost in signing him up again when he return, as Jim was a great worker for the Club'
Is it James Henderson Petrie Vt74843 born Horsham 9 Sep 1915?

8. Jack Keenan -1939 Annual Report says 'ex Cub on holidays from New Guinea, paid us visit during the season'
1936 article says he is a young player and this one says he was from was Diamond Creek . Played 1936 Reserves
Just need to connect that Jack with a war Jack
Is it Jack Kennan VX18646 b 10 Aug 1919, Lillydale?

--CONFIRMED ADD TO LIST ABOVE Noel May - recruited Richmond 27 May 1937.
Probably Noel Newton May from Queenscliffe VX25581. Was Prisoner of War- audio of him talking at 14min 20sec mark
However, if he was at Richmond in 1937, when did he head over to war + become prisoner of war.--

CONFIRMED. ADDED 10. Is Patrick 'Toots O'Loughlin who played for Richmond 1887-1892 , the same Patrick O'Loughlin the Richmond Burnley HSociety have listed a KIA in WW1? Private 24th Battalion 1915-1916. (Service No. 2419). This article say both he and his father had died by 1918

CONFIRMED. ADDED. Did Tom 'Sconny' Williams serve in war? This article suggest he may have, but Richmond Burnley H Society yet to find a record 1898-99, 04-06 VFA player | Referenced here. Family confirmed he did

Thomas Heaney | 1906-1913 player | Mentioned in The Argus
This article suggest he did, but Richmond Burnley H Society don't believe that is the case.
Thomas Heaney | 1906-1913 player | Mentioned in The Argus
This article says he did not , instead he went to Sth Australia for a bit and this article . This article in 1917 said he was rejected by Army doctors, therefore I'll remove him from the War list.--

13. Did an 'Andrews', or serve in WW2. This Sporting Globe article talks about an Army Football Match.
Also is the Cahill in the match report John Vincent Cahill, or Laurie Cahill ? (both who went to war)

14. May 25 1943 seniors minute book says "New Players: ..... A Pierce RAAF side. "
Who is that?

15. Dec 7 1943 seniors Minute Book : "Les Anderson (451 Fighter Squadron) Conveying Xmas Greetings."
Who is that?

16. 20 June 1944 Seniors Minute Book: "Flight Lieut Andrews : Forwarding London Paper with photo published of Mr E Saunders". Did Ernie Saunders serve in War ? Is Lieut Andrews a player/official. Any connection to point 13.

17. 20 June 1944 Seniors Minute Book " Mr F Galwey: Re:LIkely players LAC Lawlor and LAC Kay"
Did either of these men get signed by Richmond. LAC = Leading Aircraftsman

18. Did Bert Boromeo's son Bill (Richmond Fourths coach) serve in War? This article suggest a son called W Boromeo was in RAAF. A search on WW2 records brings up several Boromeos, but no Bill or William

19. 1918 Annual Report lists J Coles as enlisted. Jack Coles played for Richmond 1909 , 3 games and is listed as a serviceman. But I can't find which Service Record is his.

20. 1918 Annual Report lists M Cronin as enlisted. (Is is Maurice Anthony Cronin, that R+BS have listed. There is an M Cronin as vice president in 1915-1917. Is this war guy too young. He enlisted when 22? Possibly his father was VP of the club, while the son was the soldier. Therefore does this Richmond Annual Report list also include relatives of current committeeman, is that why he is on the list ?

21. 1918 Annual Report lists J French as enlisted. (R + BS don't list him What role did he have for Richmond)

22. 1918 Annual Report lists G Hogan as enlisted. (R + BS don't list a G Hogan. What role did he have for Richmond)

23. 1918 Annual Report lists J White as enlisted. John White played Richmond in 1910, 2 games. Is this him. Where is his service record ?

24. 1918 Annual Report lists J McNair as enlisted/ killed (R+BS has possible James McNair from Burnley State School. But what role did he have with Richmond)

25. 1918 Annual Report lists W McKeone as enlisted (R+BS has William McKeone, 24th Battalion 6857A. But what role did he have with Richmond ? Oh, he played for Beverley, local juniors in Richmond. ) Service Record

26. 1918 Annual Report lists W Quinn as killed. (Is that Arthur Owen Ginger Quinn, VFA player I have listed at top of page)

27. 1918 Annual Report lists E Ruddick as enlisted. (R+BS have none listed. But we did have Ernie Rudduck play from 1904-1906 for VFA) *Confirmed it is him. Ernie Rudduck (that's his birth name) ----

22. 1918 Annual Reports lists A Whitaker as enlisted. (There's a A Whittaker on General Committee 1911)
(R+BS has a Albert Walter Whitaker , enlisted 44ys 9 mtgs as a bombardier. Discharged 1918 as medically unfit. Richmond Guardian 27 Oct 1917 pg 2 says 'Nip' was one of the Richmond Football Club's best enthusiasts' He wrote a letter to his brother Herb Whitaker , age 30, that is published in the paper. )

23. 1918 Annual Report lists H Williams as enlisted. (Alby Irwin research from 2004 lists Edward Hugh Williams 15/8/1916 - discharged 14/10/1918 . Private. is it this person ? and if so it is Hugh Williams VFA player
Yes it is. Added

24. 1918 Annual Reports lists C Williams as enlisted.

24b: Not sure who this is. Sporting Globe scan is cut off, - name appears to read Cau???on. 1944 practice match. RAAF.
This article lists a Causen as playing in 1944 practice match. So probably him.
This article lists him as Doug Cawson , from Oakleigh
Of note we had a Causon, from Oakleigh, four years earlier train with us

25. 1918 Annual Reports lists T Collins as enlisted

26. --This article says a Norm Turnbull enlisted in WW1 (Turnbull was StKilda player and later Richmond player)
However there is no War record of Norm Turnbull. There is a gap of playing years from 1915-1918 which may indicate war service, but no reference found yet. Yet this article says his last few years of footy has improved, which would be difficult if he was away at war
Trying to identify his middle name may help us see if his War Record exists
Update: So here's what we think has happened.
1. We believe Norman Turnbull (who played for StKilda and Richmond ) is Norman Albert Victor Turnbull.
2. He also ran a pool hall, and was a successful trainer.
3. He was failed to attend compulsory drill training (this is before WW1 broke out) , as he had a previous conviction.
4. He then plays with StKilda in 1914
5. From 1915 - 1918 ... we don't know what he did. (Apart from that orig article saying he may enlisted)
However, StKilda did not play in 1916-1917 due to war, so quite simply he may not have had a club to play with.
6. From 1918- 1920 he played with StKilda again
7. From 1921- 1923 he played with Richmond
8.... then became a successful trainer .... etc etc--

So at the moment, we don't believe he went to War.

Is Jack Cathie who played for us Sylvester John "Jack" Cathie | VFA 1900-1903 | Private 6972 6th Btn. Discharged as medically unfit 16/3/1918 (Valvular diseased heart). His brother was George Cathie who played for Melbourne, and VFL delegate for Haw and Gee (and VFL Life Member)
We don't think he is (made contact with granddaughter, his photo partially resembles 1902 player )

Information pertaining to player war info is from Richmond Minute Book, Annual Report, Australian War Museum, 'Harder Than Football' book which documents every League player at war.
Trove newspaper 1944 ,and the Sporting Globe's weekly series of Sportsmen who have gone to war, and Sporting Globe 1953

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