Change Log

October 2021
Eric Zschech, Billy Wilson bios updated
Charles Backhouse bio added
2021 captains and coach added to respective pages

December 2020
Jack Dyer's games changed from 312 to 311.
John Tait war history added to War page.

April 2020
Added significant number of first names for 1919-1930 Reserves player. Thanks to Rob from BigFooty

January 2020
Francis Bourke interview added
Jenny Foott interview added

October 2019
VFLW 2019 season data completed
Reserve Premiership team added
Senior Premiership team added
2019 coaching data added
2019 captain data added
2019 Best and Fairest added

August 2019
Large number of interviews added to interviews page
Coburg Tigers2001-2013 history added - affiliated with Richmond Reserves
New names added to War list - Ken Crawley, Albert Hatch, Percy Langdon, Les Langdon.

May 2019
Callum Coleman-Jones bio added
Womens Chronology updated
2019 VFL scores added
2019 VFLW match scores added

April 2019
Reserves match data added/ VFLW PM data added
Jack Ross bio added
1949 Treasuers to now read: Jack Smith til March 6, 1949 (illness); Martin Bolger from March 1 1949 - June 30 1949, William Quinn July 1 1949 onwards.
1920 Treasurers to read, as per AR: Jack Archer, and Abe Aarons (part season) (unsure reason why, or date range)
Havel Rowe bio updated
2019 Chronology updated
Bios created for Noah Balta, Tom Lynch, Maverick Weller

March 2019
Rd 1 2019 chronology added
2019 Reserves match data added
2019 VFLW match scores created and updated

January 2019
1958 Under 19 match details added
1960 Under 19s match details added
Reg Baker bio updated
Fred Burge bio updated
Kevin Gleeson bio updated
Sam Barrett bio updated
Percy Bice bio updated
Jim Deane bio extensively updated

December 2018
Ron Reiffel bio updated
Percy Maybury bio updated
1968 U19 players added
1966 Reserve players added

November 2018
New player found - Walter Johnston , also he is a War death
Organised VFLW players in debut order
1932 Reserves scores and teams added

October 2018
Tom Lynch signing added
Frank Drum death date added
Sourced correct VFA name of Horrie Lyons
Fixed Best and Fairest listings - spelling errors.
Goal of the year added
Captain page updated
Coach page updated
Fixed up 2018 chronology

September 2018
1919 Reserves season updated to include squads for all games
Inaugural Women's season data completed. Go to front page and scroll down to VFLW

August 2018
Richmond Womens games added
Richmond VFL games added

July 2018
VFL Rd 8-10 added
VFLW Rd 8-10 details added
Fred Swift, bio re-done
Doug Strang bio re-done

June 2018
1953 chronology added
Tribunal results added
Ryan Garthwaite bio added
1956 Reserves players added
1953 Reserves players added
1952 Reserves players added
1951 Reserves players added
1950 Reserves players added
1949 Reserves players added
1946 Reserves players added
1941 Reserves players added
VFLW Rd 2-4 details added
VFL Rd 8-10 details added
1930 Reserve team data added for first few rounds

May 2018
Missing 1912 Rd 11 captain added
VFL May matches added
VFLW May matches added
2018 VFLW squad added
2018 VFLW Captains page created

April 2018
3 VFLW names added to War page as they are members of Aust. Defence Force.
VFLW names added
Jack Higgins bio created
2018 Rd 1 reserves details added.

March 2018
1923 Guernsey number history added
1931 Reserve teams added
1930 Reserve teams added
VFLW match score pm result added
Added Round 1 match details
More VFLW player bios added
Added JLT match results.
Added reference to Wheelchair Football League
Added Reserves Practice Match teams

February 2018
Women Players' names added
Graeme Gahan and Don Hart's bios updated.
2018 Reserves page created
G Banbrook, and Apsinwall VFA first name possibly found
Frank House vfa - first name found
AFLX data added
Jimmy Dobson - VFA - dob dod found
William George Prince vfa name dob dod photo found
Herbert William Morton - VFA player dob dod details found
Bios of several VFLW players added
Mark Noble - long time trainer - dob and dod details found
Dr Willis full name dob dod added to Officials list
Arthur Griffiths 'Bolivar' Powell full name dob dod added to VFA list
J Sweeney VFA player full name discovered
Photo of Richard John Power (Reserves Player/War) sourced.
1893 Carter is now named as Tom Carter, from Footscray team
1894 Harry Windley dob dod found.
VFA list updated with full names of Bartholomew and Turnbull
Kate Dixon profile added to VFLW list
Johnny Campbell added to WW1 soldier list
Douglas George Tong added to WW1 soldier list
D.G.Tong vfa full name discovered
Bill James , Matt Connors, Gus Petzke bios updated
Life Membership list updated with details of presentation dates
AFLX page created

January 2018
2016 club Staff names added
Creating list of when EGMs/Special Member meetings were called in club history
1912 chronology updated
Bill Burns bio updated
Bill Scott bio updated
Updated Joe McKenzie bio
Updated Ray Ross bio. He no longer is the same R Ross who played for Essendon
Created VFLW staff page
1956 game by game behinds data discovered and added
1955 game by game behinds data discovered and added.
Ben Lennon and Ben Griffiths bios updated re: NFL
Women's Chronology expanded

December 2017
1938 Reserves match scores and players and goals added
Life Membership names added for 2017
1973 Under 19 game stats
1973 Reserves game stats
Updated full names dob dod of some Life Members
1922 Player guernsey numbers added
Sam Lonergan bio updated

November 2017
1975 U19 game by game added
1946 Reserves players added
1977 Reserves players added
1955 Reserves players added
1961 Reserves players added
1960 Reserve players added
1948 Reserves Grand Final side added
1973 Richmond Fourths premiership side added
Added Aust Rugby Team training at Punt Road in October
Added Ireland team training at Punt Road
Updated bios of Townsend, Miles, Castagna
Added details to VFA names of Hore

October 2017
Large update of player squad for Reserves 1940-1949
1950-1959 Under 19s squad added
1950 Under 19s squad added
1958 Under 19 squad added
1959 Reserves squad added
1951, 1952, 1953 Under 19 squads added
More War players added
Joel Bowden bio
Jack Riewoldt bio
Trent Cotchin bio
Jack Graham bio
Liam McBean bio
Mark Chaffey bio
Women's Chronology updated
Steven Morris bio updated
Taylor Hunt bio updated
Todd Elton bio updated
1931 Reserves Match scores added
1998 and 1999 Reserve Best and Fairest results added
Player bios updated with 2017 Premiership player references

September 2017
Life Members list updated with 2017 premiership names/ and deceased vfa premiership
Premiership success added to 2017 chronology
Reserve Premiership Team page updated with all players first names added
Preliminary Final results added to Chronology
Reserves Tribunal page created
Under 19s Tribunal page created
MVP Dustin Martin added to chronology
Richmond members of All Australian Team added
VFL Finals results added
2017 Reserves Rd 19, 20 , EF, SF results added
Added huge update to VFA first names.
Added Ernie Ruddock (Rudduck) to War list.

August 2017
Jack Graham bio added
Large update to Life Membership page (date of births/death)
Large update to Tribunal page
Kevin O'Neill added to Richmond captains (2 games 1939)
Rd 15 Reserves data added
Date of Births/Deaths for Officials added

July 2017
Large update to Gerry Beale bio, post Richmond. Correcting many mistakes
1938 Reserve playing lists added - include 3 brothers playing in the one game
1936 and 1937 Reserve playing lists added
Dick Raftis added as Reserve coach for some games in 1937
Reserves Goalkicking 1947-1956 added
Changed Tom Allen's Reserves Goals and Games. My tally, using AR, differs from Paul Hogan's book
Reserves Goalkicking table 1939- 1946 added
Fourths coaches complete!
2015 Staff names added
Added lots of info to the Watson players in VFA. (Incl confirm 2 were twins)
2017 Reserve Match scores added
2014 Staff names added
1960 Under 19 match scores added
Many first names , and player transfer details added to the VFA players list
1974 Tribunal list complete

June 2017
Changed Danny Guinane bio Murie Cup definition
Added charity match for maritime disaster 1892 chronology
1921 Guernsey numbers added
1929 Best and Fairest top 3 found , listed in the Annual Report.
Added many first names to Staff Officials page
Tom Brudenall added to Stawell Gift list
Dreamtime Senior added to Chronology
Mick Maguire bio updated
Chronology 1992-2005 updated
John Vincent Cahill added to War list courtesy of John Cahill.

May 2017
Dreamtime match results added
Jacob Ballard added to VFL Captain
2017 Reserves Rd 6 added
Re-organising Staff page alphabetically
Rd 9 2017 details added
Shai Bolton debut added
1959 Thirds score
Added Life Memberships for 2017 as per Board decision in May 2017
1920 Guernsey numbers added
1919 Guernsey numbers added
Senior captain, organised by number of games , added
Rd 7 2017 added
Tribunal page Rd 6 updated
2016 Reserves Rd 2 added
2016 Seniors Rd 6 added

April 2017
Tribunal updated with Rd 5 reports
VFL match scores added to 2017
Dave Moffatt added to War list
Added list of most goals by a Richmond player across all levels
1999 Reserves data added
Round 2 2017 chronology
Added Reserves Best and Fairest info
Added Reserves Goalkicking history

March 2017
Acting coaches of Reserves, 2017 Practice matches added
Titus 12 goals Reserves 1948 added (Tigers of Old said it was 1947)
VFL Reserves match scores Practice Matches uploaded
2017 Tribunal reports added
2017 Rd 1 match added
Womens TAC match aded to Punt Road chronology
2017 JLT matches added to chronology
PM Richmond VFL added
2017 Tribunal report added
Basil O'Rourke death added to chronology and bio.
Removed Vic Rep reference from Emmett Dunne bio as per his recommendation

February 2017
JLT series match vs Adelaide added
Ray Stokes passing added
W surnames added to Bios
1996 Reserve venues added
U17 1967 Best and Fairest top 3 votes added

January 2017
1982 Reserves Best and Fairest top 10 added
1983 Under 19s players added
1982 Under 19s players added
1981 Under 19s players added
1980 U19 players added
Darryl Sutton passing added
Jack Eames passing added
U surnames added- thanks Leon D
T surnames added - thanks Leon D
S surnames added - thanks Leon D
Rudi Webster interview added
Ken Albiston interview added
Ray Jordon interview added
Alex 'Joker' Hall added to War list.

December 2016
Hogg's quarter by quarter 10 goal breakdown added
AGM info added to Chronology
2017 Guernsey sponsors added
1958 Thirds match scores added
Trent Cotchin Brownlow 2012 medal added to chronology
Added Tony Jewell audio interview
Player Bios R added - Thanks Leon D.
2017 guernsey numbers added
1918 guernsey history added across all players
Bill Barrot audio interview uploaded.

November 2016
2016 chronology added with Draft info and Bill Barrot passing
Player Bios P added- Thanks Leon D
Player Bios O added - Thanks Leon D
Guernsey history of 1917 added
Played Bios N added - Thanks Leon D
Added Trent Cotchin Brownlow to the 2012 and 2016 chronologies
Player Bios M added - Thanks Leon D
Ray Stokes interview added
K bios added - Thanks Leon D
L bios added - Thanks Leon D

October 2016
Craig Gislingham interview added
Max Oppy interview added
1991 U19 teams for each round added
Added Deledio trade from Richmond
Added Prestia, Nankervis, Caddy trades to Richmond
Bruce Monteath interview added
Jim Jess interview added
Added 2016 Guernsey No 1 history
H bios now added - Thanks Leon Daphne
Missing 1926 venue for Reserve match found. Added
Brendon Gale interview added
Sid Dockendorff interview added
Billy Brown interview added

September 2016
Added events to the Punt Road Oval history page, including U18/U17 matches + steeplechase races in 1860
Added G player biographies. Thanks Leon Daphne.
1982 U19 data match results added
Added 2016 awards/honour received by players during the year.
Added 1982 U19 squad
Added E player biographies. Thanks Leon Daphne.
Added Little League rules for 1983
1957 Third place Richmond Thirds B+ F added
Added Interview page showcasing audio interviews by Rhett Bartlett
Added Best First Year 2016 winner
Reserve Best and Fairest 2016 results
2016 Best and Fairest result
2016 Membership tally added
Added 2016 Reserve goalkicking table
2016 board challenge added
D surname biographies added - Thanks Leon Daphne.
Added news of Neville Crowe's passing.

August 2016
All Australian squad names added
Reserves captain - Darley 2016 season added
Senior Captain - Cotchin 2016 season added
Chronology 2016 final round added + 5 assistant coaches not re-contracted
Reserves final round added 2016
C player surnames added. Thanks Leon Daphne.
Added Reserves Rd20+21 details
Under 19s captains for 1960-1962 added. Thanks for Geoff O'Halloran
B player surnames added to bios. Thanks Leon Daphne.
1926 Reserves match score added
Rd 22 Chronology added
1935 Reserve Goalkickers added
Added Richmond placings in Gardiner Medal
Added Daryl Vernon's disqualification of Morrish Medal win
1928 Reserve grade scores
1997 Reserve grade premiership team added
Added War death of Patrick O'Loughlin
Senior Rd 18-21 chronology added
Removed A Pearson as winner of 1981 U19 B+ F and replaced with John Manton (as per Annual Meeting book)
Richmond VFL Rd 17-Rd 19 added

July 2016
Rd 15 and Rd 16 VFL 2016 details added
2016 Chronology updates for Troy Chaplin, Judkins Brownlow, EJ Whitten match
Complete 1925 Reserves goals game details added
Rd 17 chronology added
1942 Reserve game venues and teams added
Added Noel May to War list (Prisoner of War)
Rd 14 2016 Reserve match details online
Rd 13 2016 Reserves match details online
1934 Reserve match scores added
1934 Reserves players added
Added Colin Deane to Reserve Coach (but resigned before coaching a game)
Added Kevin Bartlett acting captain of 1973 PF
1933 Reserve players added
Reserves Rd 12 data added

June 2016
Fourth Richmond 1882 - 1883 match scores added
Third Richmond 1878 match scores added
Added Benjamin James Goodwin - VFA player - first name. Thanks Roland.
Each player's 1916 guernsey history added
1933 Reserves Goalkicking list added
2015 Liam McBean total behinds kicked added
1932 Reserve goalkicking list added
1931 Reserve goalkicking list added
1932 Reserves players added
1932 Reserves Best 1st Year player added
1931 Reserves match score
1931 Reserves playing list
1930 Reserves playing list added
1930 Reserves Goalkicking list added
2016 Chronology update - Big Freeze at the G, and Richmond boycott of Triple M
Added Fred Burge 3rd place B+F award - a toaster
70 more player bios uploaded. - thanks Leon Daphne
Rd 12 2016 Seniors data online
Reserves 2016 Rd 9 and 10 data online
Player Bios - Surname A's, has been uploaded - tremendous work by Leon Daphne
1929 Reserve match scores added
1929 Reserves players added
1928 Reserve match scores added
1968 Tribunal data added
History of the phrase Tigers, relating to the club added
1991 Under 19 player names added
1990 Under 19 player names added
1989 U19 player names added
2011 Chronology begun
2009 Chronology begun
Added 10 new Player Bios - with thanks to Leon Daphne
Added Top 10 B+F for Reserves 2015
Added 1927 Tribunal data
Added 1935 Reserves Tribunal data
Added 1994 Reserves Players. Thanks Bill Meaklim.
Added 1991 Reserve Players. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added 1990 Reserve Players. (Missing number of games for M Rice. Photocopying issue. Thanks Bill Meaklim.
Added 1893 Leading Goalkicker standings for VFA season
Added Round 10 and 11 Senior result in chronology
Added Des McKenzie passing in chronology

May 2016
Round 8 Reserve data added
Added Kevin Bartlett statue info
Added partial update of 1989 Reserves players. Missing stat pages. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added 1988 Reserves players. Missing last name at bottom of list due to photocopying. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added 1987 Reserves players. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added partial update of 1986 Reserves players. Awaiting for clearer photocopy.Thanks Bill Meaklim.
Added 1985 Reserves players. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added 1984 Reserve players. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added 1983 Reserve players. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Richmond players who wore glasses in a game
Richmond players who wore a helmet in a game
Goal with first kick in League Football
Goal after siren to win match
Added 2016 sponsors
Added 1982 Reserve players. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added 1981 Reserve players. Thanks Bill Meaklim
Added Wes Barrot walking off ground during a match
Added Reserve and Under 19 tribunal results from 1978
1978 Reserve players added
Added Kevin Bartlett to captains list for his 400th game
Added Rd 8 2016 data, injury updates, Rd 6 Reserve
Added Round 7 2016 Senior data
Added Rd 5 Reserve team
Added Rd 4 and Rd 5 Reserve match scores
Added Youth Women's 2016 games to Punt Road History
Added Mike Sheahan's Top 50 to the Award section

April 2016
Rd 6 2016 Senior data added1980 Reserves players list added - thanks to Bill Meaklim
2016 Reserves coaches and staff added to Officials list
1979 Reserves players list added - thanks to Bill Meaklim
Melee tribunal reports added
Rd 3 2016 reserves match added
Alex Rance tribunal report added
Rd 5 2016 senior match added
Added William Fildes to War list
Herbert Ivar Martin, 1939 Reserves player, added to list of players who died in War
Jim Petrie, committeeman Reserves, added to War list
Number of games for each 1996 Reserve players added, thanks Bill Meaklim
Rd 2 2016 Reserves data added
List of all 1978 Reserve players added, supplied by Bill Meaklim
Missing Rd 12 and Rd 13 1918 acting captain found.
Significant number of missing acting captains found by Richmond Historian Bill Meaklim. Those entries have been denoted with an asterix in the table.
Added Troy Chaplin Rd 3 2016 report
Guernsey Numbers for 1915 season added
Rd 3 2016 added to Chronology
Guernsey Numbers for 1914 season added
Ian Hayden bio uploaded
Missing 1963 Rd 10 captain discovered - it was Tommy Simpson
Added missing 1994 Rd 20 acting captain Matthew Knights
Added the missing acting captains from the 1950s ! with thanks to Richmond Historian Bill Meaklim
Added Sam Darley as Reserves 2016 captain
Added Laurie Keyhoe to non-Senior playing list
First kick a goal in League Football page created
Complete list of all 1991 U19s players added
Complete list of all 1996 Reserve players added
Tribunal updated with Rd 2 2016 data
Reserve PM3 data added

March 2016
Added Rd 2 2016 Tribunal reports
Added Neil O'Halloran -Tom's younger brother - to Non-Senior players list
Added Charlie Priestley's games tally for his 1944 B+F Reserve season
Added R Stanley to War list
Added Kevin Curran's 12.8 for Reserve match
Guernsey number history for No.51-80 added
2016 Reserve captain added Tom Couch, Sam Darley
2016 Reserve PM2 stats added.
Richard Blackmore Craven added to War listed.
1912 Bill Burns and Charlie Bennie swap games played in Rd7
Missing 1921 Reserve score found
1919 Reserves missing goalkicker for Fitzroy August match found
John Bahen, VFA player, death date in 1924
New entry into Brothers who played for Richmond. John Bahen - VFA. He played in the 1893 with his brother Chris!.
Tribunal updated with Noel Mugavin 1982
1913 Guernsey history added across all numbers
1923 Reserves data complete
1920 Reserve data complete
1928 Reserve players added
2016 Reserves Match page created
1912 Guernsey numbers added
1923 Reserve season goalkickers and best players added
Added Best First Year player games
2016 NAB3 team lineup added in Chronology
1956 story of Brian Phipps
Jack Turner added as 1943 Richmond Recruit best and fairest
Harry Youlden war record added
Martin fine added to 2016 Tribunal
Added George Bolt to Non senior Players
NAB Cup 3 added + Tom Simpson passing added to 2016 Chronology
Added more guernsey numbers
Guernsey numbers from 1915 season added
2014 Reserves season complete
Starting to build 2007 and 2008 chronology
Guernsey Number 1 history now online
2016 Chronology updated with NAB cup
Creation of Guernsey Number history page
February 2016
1927 Reserves match scores and players added
Huge update to Tribunal
1980 Tribunal data added
1982 Tribunal data added
1989 Tribunal data added
Reserves and Under 19s reports added to Tribunal page
1984 Tribunal data added
1925 Reserve Goalkicking list added
Brendon Lade added as Richmond Coach
T Shore and G Shore information added in 1884
1925 Reserve scores and squad added
Royce Hart's 15 goals in practice match added
1969 and 1971 Chronology updated with matches vs Glenelg
Nick Vlastuin added to Richmond Captain list
Top 3 of 1950s Reserve Best and Fairest added
Huge Reserves Best and Fairest data uploaded
Huge update to Richmond Fourths Best and Fairest list
Huge update to Richmond Under 19s Best and Fairest list
1972 Best and Fairest Top 6 added
1962 Best and Fairest top 10 added
1961 Best and Fairest top 10 added
1960 Best and Fairest top 10 added
1958 Best and Fairest top 10 added
1957 Best and Fairest top 10 added
1956 Best and Fairest Top 10 added
1955 Best and Fairest Top 10 now added
Richmond 4th 18 Best and Fairest 1953 winner added
1952 Best and Fairest Top 10 now added
1951 Best and Fairest Top 10 now added
1949 Best and Fairest Top 10 now added
1948 Best and Fairest Top 10 now added
Information on who Frank Stamford - War death - was, has finally been found!
List of 1939 Reserves squad online
1923 Reserve match scores online
Jack Netherway added to War list
1923 Reserve goalkicking added
1924 Reserve squad added
1924 Reserve goalkicking added
K Bourke, D Cameron, D Conway, L Foster, D Harrower, A McCarthy, R McNally, E Porter, A Bayliss, H Carbon, W Maskiell ,J Ashby, C Cook, D D'Oliver, J D Dowling, added to war list

January 2016
1876 First Twenty match scores added for Second Richmond Team
1876 Second Twenty match scores added for Second Richmond Team
1875 Match Scores added for Second Richmond Team
1874 Match Scores added for Second Richmond Team
1873 Match Scores added for Second Richmond Team
J Stephens added to war service
Don Matson added to war service
Edward Purchase added to War service
Under 19 premiership teams
1946 Richmond Thirds data located for some matches
1951 Richmond Thirds squad added
1998 Reserve data complete
1984 Under 19 results online
1914 Rd 10 chronology added
1914 Rd 6-9 chronology added
Little League captain and vice captain info
Significant information added to 1914 Season
1985 Under 19s results online
Geoffrey House added to War service
Colin Strang added to War service
Doug Ring added to War service
Doug Dowling added to War service
Bill Hawley added to War service
Leonard Bolitho added to War service
Began adding 1992 chronology
Adding VFA date of births

December 2015
1986 Under 19s data online
Charlie Pannam bio added
Added Charles Taylor as Richmond coach in 1904
Changed F Youlden to J.E Youlden in VFA players
Added Norman as first name of N Pannam in VFA
Dick Condon bio added
Added Charlie Taylor as caretaker coach. Dick Condon dispensed with in 1909
1987 Under 19s stats online
Began adding 1947 Under 19s results (what is known)
1950 Under 19s results online.
1988 Under 19s results
1916- 1968 Tribunal online
1890- 1900 Tribunal online
1908 - 1915 Tribunal results online
1914 Chronology update with Schoolboy match
2015 Life Membership names added
Reserves Club Awards 1939-1946 added
1946 Reserves Best and Fairest placings added
Alby Pannam's 11 goals vs Hawthorn 1946 added to Reserve Goalkicking list
1939 Reserves Best and Fairest placings added - along with potential issue with winner's name
1996 Best First Year players added
1901 - 1905 Tribunal data added
1969 - 1973 Tribunal data added
1974 Tribunal data added
1975 Tribunal data added
1976 Tribunal data added
1977 Tribunal data added

November 2015
1978-1982 Tribunal data added
1983-1988 Tribunal data added
1989 - 1996 Tribunal data added
Tribunal 1997-1999 season added
List of Richmond players from 1882-1883 season
List of Richmond players from season 1878
1872 Matches uploaded
1871 Matches uploaded
Tribunal 2000 season added
Uploaded Tribunal results 2001 - 2015
1989 Under 19s stats uploaded
1990 Reserves stats uploaded
Added Andrew Moore signing to 2015 Chronology
New War entry. William Hendrie
Added huge list of club data about VFA players
Discovered first name of N. Harper VFA player and H Eldridge
Added 1893 VFA goalkicking stats

October 2015
1992 Reserve season data updated
1885 VFA Season data uploaded
1885 Chronology updated with Game 1,2,3 tidbits
Reserve 1994 Season data uploaded
Added names of possible VFA players at bottom page
Added Under 19s personnel
1986 Reserves Goalkicking top 4 added
History of Best First year Player award
Added Richmond Former Players and Official Life Members, thanks Ron R.
New War entry - Jack A Weston
1941 September match between Association and League for war funds
1948 Best and Fairest vote totals added
Reserve premiership team lineups added (excluding 1997)
First name of Cottrill - War player, found
Results of 1942 Oct match between Richmond and RAAF
Added result of December 1916 football match played by Arthur Danks at war
New War entry - Tom Watson
New War entry - Tom 'Sconny' Williams
New War entry - committeeman William Henry Sheppard.
First name of C. Layton 1885 player found. Charles. Harry's brother
Added an extra game to Bosco Stewart's VFA total
Added Craig McRae as 2016 Reserves coach
Added Joe Corfield, Thomas Heaney, Alan O'Donoghue to War list
Added 1914 Carnival information which Hughie James played in
Added Percy Bentley to Reserve coach for 1939
Membership Figures history added
1962 Night Premiership team added
1946 Best and Fairest top 10 results found and added
Added newspaper links showing Best and Fairest being awarded, or absence of award
2015 Best and Fairest results updated
2015 Reserves Best and Fairest results updated
Reserves Life Memberships list updated
1922 Reserves info added

September 2015
Added 1978 Chronology info
1888 Reserves scores added
Added all known VFA Seconds players
Significant update to Non Senior Players list. Thanks to Ron Reiffel
1887 Reserve scores added
1886 Reserve scores added
1957 Reserve scores added
1958 Reserve scores added
Added Reserve officials for 2015
Under 19 Best and Fairest winners added
Added 1997 acting captain information

August 2015
War Info updated with World War 1 passings.

July 2015
1996 Reserve Match scores added

25 Feb 2015
Added 1890 VFA Player data
Added player/official names to World War 2 service

24 Feb 2015
Added 1885-1888 VFA Player data.

22 Feb 2015
Added 1941, 1942, 1943 1944 and 1945 chronology
Started to added Pre-VFA data